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European Parliament says candidate countries must offer gays protection

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Reader comments

  1. Good news, now let us see it in action

  2. Like THAT’S going to happen. They can’t even enforce gay protection in member states like Lithuania, Estonia or Poland, so what chance of them convincing a predominantly Muslim country like Turkey?

    This is a complete joke.

  3. They can’t even do it in the UK.

    The UK being a major financial contributor to this EU disgrace.

    Harriet Harriden giving way to the religious NEED to discriminate, being a perfect example.

    Can I be born 200 years later than 1965, at least once these
    brainwashed religious idiots have died off..

    Nope. I’m stuck with it.

    And as things are going in 2010, the swines are coming back
    with their 2000 year old pickin an a choosin book crap.

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 13 Feb 2010, 4:42am

    The good news in 1547 in Britain was that the law was amended to end the practice of boiling criminals to death.

    The bad news was that the punishment was changed to burning them at the stake.

    And there was certainly someone around who said: “Yea, but we still boiled ’em.”

    Baby steps are like that.

  5. Hello

    In my opinion …

    To not get love confused with procreation is the mark of a clever society.

    To put love before gender, sexual orientation, and relationship status is the mark of a humanitarian society.

    To be positive, even when one does not see that love is the foundation, is the mark of a civilized society.

    Good Luck

  6. Of course its not going to happen because the EU commission isn’t foreceful enough. Just look what it did with marriage equality. It conveniently stated it would not interfere in the marriage laws of member states. It too needs to grow a pair of huge balls and get with the program. It needs a good collective boot up the arse and proclaim FULL equality in all member states or face immediate expulsion. After all, EU gays pay their fair share of taxes and if we don’t get full equality, then that’s nothing more than NO representation at all. Religious cults get away with paying next to no taxes at our expense, another issue that needs to be addressed before they start trying to wriggle out of compliance with equality laws in the UK and elsewhere.

  7. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum (uk) 13 Feb 2010, 3:41pm

    If it happens i will eat my hat. It cant even get existing EU states to offer “genuine protection” to gay people.
    It will only be ever achived if Europe had full Equality and rigts for everyone in the EU despite their sexual orientation as they should from the very start as a fundemental right, by being born Human.

  8. Robert, you forget about the principle of subsidiarity. The European Commission won’t act on marriage laws, because they can be effectively dealt with on a national level.

  9. but they fail to deal Lucius

  10. Lucius, maybe but I don’t trust national governments at best to do the right thing. Take the issue of allowing gays to serve openly in the military. The UK didn’t do it voluntarily but was forced to by order. Would not “subsidiarity” have applied to the UK on that one? Why should marriage equality be left to national governments when we all know some of them will NEVER legislate for it, countries such as Italy, Greece, the eastern Block member states. That’s why its imperative the EU takes a stand and reverses its policy. It needs to understand that this is about civil marriage equality and to hell with offending religious cults who have nothing to do with the issue, let alone civil marriage. National governments issue marriage licences, not religious cults.

  11. Robert, the UK has been forced to allow lgbt people to openly serve in the military by the ECtHR with its obligatory ruling. That has nothing to do with the European Union and the European Commission, but everything to do with the Council of Europe.

    The army issue was against the European Convention on Human Rights. The current (discriminatory) marriage laws across Europe are not.

  12. mbosaramba 15 Feb 2010, 1:40am

    There no protection for any homosexual in the world because all streets impossible to protect for any police force. That’s the opportunity for any opposing party to make even with gays at any time any where in the world! Take care, guys!

  13. Lucius, well then, its about bloody time the current discriminatory marriage laws across Europe should be treated the same way. This has more to do with offending religious cults than anything else, cults that have absolutely NOTHING to do with civil matters. Why should it be singled out for exemption as opposed to everything else?

  14. Mbosaramba 15 Feb 2010, 8:42pm

    “The good news in 1547 in Britain was that the law was amended to end the practice of boiling criminals to death.”

    What a phenomental background for the country which pretending to be most humanistic! No wonder why British gays are so hypocritical. Now I am seeing a perfect explanation for their worldwide hypocritical conduct… Terrible.

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Feb 2010, 9:01pm

    Mbosaramba = Monkeychops ???

  16. Mbosaramba: That was in 1547. I imagine in your country at that time, they were probably still eating one another.

  17. If you hit them in the pocketbooks, they will eventually listen

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