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Church of England avoids endorsement of anti-gay Anglicans

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Reader comments

  1. Father Andrew Gentry FCSF 11 Feb 2010, 5:19pm

    The C of E once again proves the old adage “better a definite maybe than a difinite anything’. In trying to be all things to all people the Anglican Communion is fast becoming nothing to everyone. Is is not strange that the far right wing nutters have no problem stating their point of view but the moderates and “liberals” had rather swallow a camel than make a dogmatic statement or draw a line in the sand. Little wonder that the Church of England like the House of Lords looks pretty, smells nice,and can sing a hearty song but when it comes to doing anything you might as well play the national lottery!

  2. AMPisAnglican 11 Feb 2010, 5:29pm

    The revisionists have taken over the Church of England and successfully torpedoed the original motion. But they are taking over a sinking ship. Within 50 years the Church of England, The Episcopal Church USA, and the Anglican Church of Canada will be only a memory of how the revisionists destroy Churches. In the same time the Anglican Church in North America will continue to grow and spread, filling the vacuum left by the demise of these other once Faithful Churches.

  3. Thomas, FloriDuh, USA 11 Feb 2010, 8:19pm

    Shame. C of E should cut ties to the bigot American Anglican churches– churches formed only out of hatred. The American Anglican churches are chock full of right wing, torture supporting “Christians”. Who knew Jesus was a bigot?

  4. Conservative Anglicans should go back tot he Church of Rome if they feel that way and leave the more Liberal Anglicans to form a better and more understanding church!

  5. AMPisAnglican 12 Feb 2010, 2:51pm

    Hello Mike,
    Perhaps you haven’t heard. Many Conservative Anglicans are going to Rome. Many Conservative Anglicans are leaving the CoE, TEC, and ACoC, and forming a new Church, because the Liberal Anglicans are taking the Church away from God. The Liberal Anglicans, by forming a “more understanding church” have only succeded in destroying the church. It is now being reported in the mainstream news media (i.e. the Globe and Mail) that the Anglican Church of Canada could cease to exist within the next 50 years! Meanwhile the Conservative Anglican Church in North America is growing by leaps and bounds!

  6. Religion is dying in most developed countries. Perhaps you guys (conservative ones) should move to South America and Africa where you’ll feel right at home. Adieu…

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