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Watch the FA’s anti-homophobia video

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Reader comments

  1. I think the problem with it is that the guy is such a moron gratuitously attacking people that no one concerned will identify with him and therefore the message will be ignored.

  2. Also, it’s not the homophobic words that are shocking but the guy’s levels of aggession/anger which are unexplained and don’t feel verysimilar.

  3. Zefrog, the point is that is how people act on the terraces every game. The message is you wouldn’t do outside or at work why do it on the terraces. If they don’t recognise themselves in the video then we have an even bigger issue. It could go further and add stronger language in between each statement. But then it couldn’t be shown at schools or before the watershed.

  4. I would of put the football kit on him as he uses the homophobic language so the viewer gets the point.

  5. On it’s own this is a pretty weak piece. It makes a (single) point but it portrays the recipients of this abuse as submissive and negative. I can’t see how this will make any difference whatsoever to homophobia in football. Maybe the FA did the right thing not releasing this. Certainly the attention it’s receiving by NOT being released is pretty impressive.

  6. I think this is totally ineffective. I couldn’t help but laugh, it is just so outrageous and didn’t seem real – although I have been called many of the words he uses. The last bit is especially shocking. I think most homophobic people will just laugh at this. Back to the drawing board me thinks.

  7. Very Stonewall, on a par with the awful “I’m queer, get over it” travesty.

  8. It’s really bad. Unsalvageable, really. Shame, that. They need to rethink and start again from scratch. This isn’t going to do a bit of good. Could actually do harm.

  9. FA hold off on anti-homophobia ad campaign – Newsnight’s coverage of the debate:-

  10. From what fleeting contact I have had with FA, I cannot take them seriously. I don’t sense any real commitment. In my opinion they are entering this campaign half heartedly simply because it is politically correct and they are expected to be doing something. John Amaechi was correct. What are they doing inside the game, amongst board members, amongst managers, amongst players? I believe they see the punters as the only problem. Do those making the money in the game see a need to change? Not on your nellie!

  11. It’s obvious no money was spent on the ad, it looks like a bunch of admin people got together and devised an advert one evening before the pub.

    They need to spend millions if it’s going to have any effect, which would bring it into the government’s remit.

    At least they tried.

  12. jckfmsincty 11 Feb 2010, 8:47am

    The banning of the film, itself, stinks of homophobia.

  13. The trouble with football is that as well as the players, a lot of the supporters are ignorant, rude and uneducated. Watching a recent crowd in a pub watching a match all you could hear were ancient anglo saxon words out of context(! you know the four letter kind) Poor Graeme La Saux recently spoke of how homophobia nearly ruined his life and career even though he was not gayIf you go to a rugger match or a cricket match, the atmosphere is not one of potential rioting (and the players are nearly always considerably better looking too!) In a former life as a member of HM Constabulary, I had the misfortune of policing football matches; nuff said!

  14. I would doubt very much this video would have been effective. The guy is such an anti-social moron in it, that it just loses the point along the way.

    1 star – Could do much better.

  15. What a total piece of rubbish this film is.

    This is the best the FA was able to produce? Alarm bells should have been sounded every early on the project was doomed.

    The FA (who I will contact) may wish to contact the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. In 2009 their theme was hatred. HMD commission a set a short animated films (which were shown in many schools) looking at real incidents such as homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism.

    The homophobia animation can be viewed here:

  16. I also think this video missed the opportunity to show the moron being challenged for his outbursts, perhaps something along the lines of him saying homophobic statements, and his friends shunning him, his workplace reprimanding him etc. Something to show that there are consequences for such bigotry.

    Alternatively, the FA must surely have lots of CCTV footage of homophobia on the terraces, this would have a more effective shock-value because it would be real footage, not drama.

    There are just so many ideas they could have used, but didn’t. I honestly know for sure that teenagers could come up with better ideas and make better videos for this, because I work with teenagers every day and some of them have discussed this with me this morning already, they think “its total shite”.

  17. Sister Mary clarence 11 Feb 2010, 10:41am

    Disappointingly weak

  18. Simon Murphy 11 Feb 2010, 11:37am

    The woman from the FA who was on Newsnight didn’t strike me as a person very committed to stamping out homophobia.

    She made the comment that it was not the FA’s job to help people come out. John Amechi’s response to her was that it was the FA’s job to ensure an equitable working environment for all players. But that the entire culture in the FA is for old, homophobic men.

    The FA couldn’t give a toss about homophobia.

    That excuse for an ‘equality’ spokesperson on Newsnight displayed that quite clearly.

  19. So if an anti-racism advert had someone screaming racist abuse, that would be ok? I don’t think so. I think there would be national outrage. But because it’s gay people, that’s fine.

    This advert just shows how ignorant and homophobic the fa are and I think a lot of people will relate to the moron in the advert and wonder what all the fuss is about

  20. I think this video makes it look okay to be abusive at a football match. Sure, don’t be loud and abusive in the office, you’ll make a fool of yourself. But if you do that in the stands no one will care! The people who act that way at a match wouldn’t do that in the office anyway, they save it for a place where its socially acceptable and this video doesn’t challenge that as far as I’m concerned.

  21. some gay guys should have killed him at the end – then it cuts to a slogan – dont die of ignorance.

  22. I agree it isn’t effective. They should have had him in his football kit all the way through to make a point, and added labels like “On the pitch?”…”At work?” to make the viewer think. The victims should have looked shocked, as should of their work colleagues, to emphasise how strange it is in a non-football environment.

  23. Perhaps because i waited until now to view the video, it was better than i thought it would be. I think the central message is: if people can control their homophobia in everyday life, they should be able to do it at the football ground. I say give the video a chance.

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