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US science professor ‘told students homosexuality is a mental illness’

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  1. 10 Feb 2010, 3:54pm

    I can’t believe that these cretins, wherever they are, don’t know that if they do something like this it will be round the world in an instant.

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 10 Feb 2010, 4:40pm

    Keep religous bias and hate out of the classroom. Dismiss him.. Simple!

  3. How do people like this get their qualifications with such closed minds.

  4. Simon Murphy 10 Feb 2010, 5:18pm

    ‘Professor’ Bradley Lopez’ email address is

  5. Sack him. It’s scary that someone like that ever got a job as a teacher, in my opinion.

  6. Simon Murphy 10 Feb 2010, 5:22pm

    His president of Fresno City College is called Cynthia Azari. Her email is is

    Her secretary is called Lydia Whisenhunt and her email is

    ‘Professor’ Bradley Lopez’s email is

  7. I’m actually happy that there is such a quick fix for this one. His ass will be fired shortly. (It does take a while to fire someone, especially if i has tenure – not sure if he does. But based on this, I’m sure he will get fired within a year.)

  8. if * he * has tenure…. sorry

  9. According to the American Psychiatric Association, homosexuality was struck down as a mental disorder as far back as 1973. So, if Bradley has overhwelming evidence to counter the APA’s, then lets see it. The bible also allows killing one’s wife for adultery or one’s children for insubordination. Obviously he’d agree with that if he’s using the bible to justify homophobia and discrimination.

  10. 10 Feb 2010, 5:46pm

    Did you all post those email addresses because you noticed that the Prof’s had been deleted from my original posting timed 15.54? I’m well chuffed!

  11. Did he really think he could get away with this? He was speaking to classes of young adults who are more than capable of thinking for themselves. He was naive in the extreme to think they would lap up his hate speeches and even more so to think they wouldn’t report him for it. Still, at least I get the impression he’ll be duly sacked. Some schools in the US bible-belt actually support teachers telling students things such as “creationism is an equally valid theory to evolution” (umm, except that evolution is based on hard evidence & proof, creationism is not).

  12. Unfortunately still quite a common belief. Those who believe that are the ones with the mental problem!!!

    A “frend” of mine recently told me exactly the same thing when i was telling her that my son is gay and struggling with a drink problem. She’s also a GP… oh… and…. wait for it…. an evangelical christian. Whats the matter with them? they are so outspoken and so WRONG.

  13. Fresno isn’t exactly the place you’d normally associate with well-traveled Californian intelligent thinking. The vast majority of these gullible ‘Valley People’ are good Catholics and continue to dumbly ‘go forth & multiply’. Though it’s heartening to see they are now being challenged for their ignorance, it’s not surprising religiious right wing bigots continue to thrive here.

  14. A health science professor using the Bible to teach his students ‘facts’ about homosexuality…. is a contradiction in terms, this cretin is not a scientist. If he was, he’s know that using the bible as proof of anything breaches the very basics tenants of scientific methods, which consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. The bible fails all of these.

    He must have gained his “professorship” on the internet for $4.99.

  15. Er…How did he actually get to teach SCIENCE? Unless the term in this context is as fluffy and light as the old ‘domestic science’. These types don’t usually keep what they believe close to their chests.

  16. Mumbo Jumbo 10 Feb 2010, 7:09pm

    It is astonishing that anyone who considers the bible to be “empirical” evidence for anything could get a GCSE in science, never mind a professorship.

  17. Has nobody heard of “Christian Scientists” on here? ;)

  18. RobN – Of course. They are nut-jobs.

  19. No, he shouldn’t be saying these things in a Health class. Right views; wrong place.

  20. An Cat Dubh 11 Feb 2010, 12:53am

    It’s really idiotic. He probably never read the Bible, otherwise he would’ve known that mental illnesses were believed to originate from demonic possessions, while gayness is a result of lack of sufficient belief in God.
    On the other hand, if he didn’t read the Bible, it can explain why he’s Christian…

  21. Forget the homophobic part its just bad science to use uncorroborated text as scientific evidence. Professor Lopez might as well of taught students that the world is flat and the universe revolves around the earth as they are equally delusional unsupported claims from the past.

    Fresno City College need to get rid of this liability of a ‘science’ professor fast.

  22. When the bible was written, did they know about how conception happened in the first place? After all, Adam was made out of dust and Eve was made out of his spare rib. Then there was that incident with the talking snake and that flippin forbidden fruit and now look at the mess we are in!!!! Snakes and apples are the real problem not gay people ;-)

  23. Perhaps he belongs to that Rapture cult, seeing how he talks about an apocalypse. That really wouldn’t surprise me, as they are the most zealous in converting other people. Even the classrooms aren’t sacred for them.

  24. @simon Murphy thank you once again for your quick response with emails and addresses, you are a honey.

  25. Again . . . Yes thanks to Simon for the e-mail addresses, lets get mailing that “Nutty Professor” and associates and cause a stir. They only say these things because they think they get away with it.

    Lets bring the Nutty Professors “Ivory tower” crashing down.

  26. No doubt he is also teaching his students about the origins of the universe from Genesis.

  27. Why should anyone worry? Kids form their prejudices by the time they get to college.

  28. A state school that uses state money is subject to state laws regarding discrimination. This jerk should either publicly apologize or be FIRED.

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