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Malawi minister says gays must ‘come out in the open’

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Reader comments

  1. And while you’re at it, walk over to that post and put this blindfold on.

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 10 Feb 2010, 4:35pm

    Indeed. What a stupid man!

    “They believe he and other gay rights activists in Malawi may be sponsored by international organisations.” I sincerely hope so! International organisations must support these people and put every pressure on this country to change its attitudes and outdated laws.

  3. Richard GS 10 Feb 2010, 4:52pm

    Psycho. Enough said.

  4. Johnnybgood 10 Feb 2010, 5:08pm

    Kingsley Namakhwa is a perfect example as to why certain countries in Africa are the political madhouses of the world. Another madmen who should be kept away from any form of government for the good of all of us. The American Fundamentalists behind this crew of loonies are themselves barking mad. We have to make our own politicians take note and protest.

  5. Maybe he’s hoping that nobody will come out and say they’re gay (for obvious reasons) and then he can claim that most Malawians aren’t gay – rather along the lines of that guy from Iran (“There are no gays in my country”).

    I hope someone tells him that normal adults aren’t concerned with other people’s sex lives…

  6. Arrogant prick that this guy is. I see he’s taking the well-trod backward line of “there’s no gay people in our country”, hardly pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes when who the hell would come out the closet to face the certainty of jail for 14 bloody years!

  7. It reminds me of the parent reprimanding his child: “Come here so I can give you what for!”

  8. What. A. Tool.

  9. Just when you think politicians can’t make greater fools of themselves or bring African governments into greater disrepute, along comes another one. What a truly bizarre, looking-glass world these people must inhabit.

  10. come out so you can be arrested and punished? Thats a new one I don’t think! (The Nazis asking the jews if they wouldn’t mind getting arrested and then gassed!) When will these african countries get in the real world and sort out their own corrupt politicians, fmaine and poverty and leave the gays alone!!!!

  11. Omar Kuddus Gay asylum (UK) 11 Feb 2010, 5:20pm

    Why should they?
    Chnge the law and make hoosexuality legal and ununishable and see the LGBT community rush out of the closet.
    It wont happen till then and the laws are changed and they know that they are “safe”.

  12. Omar Kuddus Gay asylum (UK) 11 Feb 2010, 5:34pm

    and be counted for what? imprisonment/ jail /tourchure. Hope again the British HO ispaying attention

  13. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Feb 2010, 6:28pm

    The State has no business in the bedrooms of the Nation.

    Are Uganda and Malawi attempting to set up theocracies or what?

    Gay rights are human rights, and every gay organization in the world will both affirm that and oppose such an ignorant minister of Malawi.

    I would like to hear what gays and parents of gays from Malawi have to say about this. What are the chances??

  14. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Feb 2010, 1:51am

    And do the values of the Commonwealth of Nations mean anything to anyone these days. If not, why not?

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