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Parents complain after children directed to gay fetish site

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Reader comments

  1. clearly it could have also been a straight fetish site. The fact it was gay is imaterial; it was porn and the kiddies should not have seen it!

  2. Egg on faces all round…

    It reminds me of the fuss caused when Powergen launched its Italian website – when you write Powergen Italia as one word, it had a totally new meaning. They went for months without spotting it :-)

  3. Hmmmm mildly amusing!! Just goes to prove that children should be supervised when using the computer!! especially those as young as 5 yrs old.
    Anyway, there may have been an apology but what are they actually going to do about it, there hasn’t been a change yet and now its been publicised all inquisative school kids will be seeking out Buster’s world!

  4. The Grinch 9 Feb 2010, 3:49pm

    I am absolutely appalled! There I was in front of my Dell with several balloons twisted into the shape of Hugh Jackman, lubed up and ready for action only to end up on a site featuring an animated lame ass dog and a bunch of flower pot men. I shall be consulting my local primary school as to the correct way to find some man on balloon action tout suite…

  5. Canute couldn’t order back the waves, and they won’t stop the kids going back to look for the site. They usually use the Net much more competently than the rest of us.

  6. The supplier should be fired for this lack of review. There are thousands of straight (and gay/fetish/etc.) sites on the net, along with millions of sites inappropriate for children, such as right wing christian sites and horror movie links, and the developers should have cross-referenced their site name on google with any other potential hits.

    This has nothing to do with the specific web site, and I completely agree that children should be supervised: on the net, watching television, playing outside of the house, walking to school, eating food, doing their homework; in fact, at all times! They’re children, for goodness sake!

  7. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time…

  8. Oops!

  9. Reminds me of the theatre across the road from my old art college, which was showing Childrens Cinema club matinees. They thought they’d ordered “Rainbow” a low budget kid-friendly movie with Bob Hoskins as a wizard.
    What actually ended up being screened in front of a group of 5-11 year olds was “D H Lawrence’s THE RAINBOW”. The projectionist finally twigged that something wasn’t right during the hot and steamy lesbian orgy!
    In both cases, you could still loosely classify the content as educational, though maybe not age specific.

  10. This is too funny! Really though, if parents/schools aren’t going to install filters, children could just as easily google ‘fart’ or ‘poo’ and see much nastier stuff.

  11. Priests have been accidentally logging onto paedophilia sites for years!

    Well that’s what they tell the judge

  12. BrazilBoysBlog 9 Feb 2010, 9:30pm

    Clearly the fault of those employed to cross check such things. This is not the fault of the website which, I presume, pre-dated this cartoon dog site. I agree that childrens use of the internet should be monitored, rather than attempting to control what adults can view.

    Must admit that I am very jealous of all the extra free publicity that this site is getting, at the expense of my own ´101Things2DoWithBalloons.Com´ :-)

  13. Pumpkin Pie 9 Feb 2010, 10:13pm

    Similar problems occur for a “clumsy” friend of mine who keeps trying to check his email over at Hotmale.

  14. theotherone 10 Feb 2010, 11:57am

    I can guess what number 46 in ‘101thingstodowithballoons com’ is and it’s not making sausage dogs. Sausages perhaps but not sausage dogs…

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