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Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell ‘disappointed’ with FA decision

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Reader comments

  1. ChutneyBear 9 Feb 2010, 4:10pm

    so its delayed, so bloody what…cue the toys out of the pram!

  2. Saw the advert on Newsnight and it was crap. 1 year working on it and that’s the best they came up with?

  3. blah blah blah, yawn. What took him so long?

  4. 10 Feb 2010, 12:18pm

    The “Kick It Out” report on homophobia in football is at: .

    It’s a good decent well-intentioned piece of work. The recommendations are worth reading. I’d be interested to know exactly what has been done to put them into practice, or what structures have been created to enable them to be implemented.

    As I see it, the problem with the film (which was shown on Newsnight and can still be viewed on BBC iPlayer) is that it’s not generally a good principle to illustrate graphically what you want to stamp out – there’s the risk that the depiction will validate it instead. Some people will be impervious to the punchline.

    There are good subtle low-key anti-homophobia videos around: is an example.

    Here’s an example of an anti-racism video that is subtle and witty: . It can be done for racism. Why can’t it be done for homophobia?

    The FA needs to think carefully about a couple of things: its legal obligations as an EO employer, and the example it sets; the legal obligations of the clubs and managers; and the job of drawing up a comprehensive media action-plan.

    This video that has just been pulled appears to be the sum-total of the FA’s strategy. If this is indeed so, then the FA need to go back and do some more consultation and theoretical work about how to plan a campaign. That’s if they really, really mean it.

  5. Brian Burton 10 Feb 2010, 1:07pm

    Well at least someone is interested as you are Kitty. The other commenters are so negative…. Thank you Peter Tatchel for all you do for the un-deserving!

  6. Nick Kirby 10 Feb 2010, 5:51pm

    My my, Peter Tatchell has an opinion on something. What a fracking surprise.

  7. Brian Burton 10 Feb 2010, 8:29pm

    Nick Kirby….Ignorant Arsehole!

  8. Cheers Nick Kirby, that gave me a good laugh this morning!! :o)

    Brian Burton = typical! I bet your a Labour supporter, they too turn to being offensive language when someone doesn’t share their opinion

  9. Brian Burton 11 Feb 2010, 9:10pm

    Squidgy, Your pea-size brain is squidgy too!

  10. I rest my case!

  11. Brian Burton 14 Feb 2010, 2:27pm

    Squidgy….Up yours too dear!

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