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Archbishop of Canterbury ‘profoundly sorry’ for comments on homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Williams will only be sorry when the state wakes up and starts burning these churches and other religious buildings down and starts treating people for the mental illness of religion.

  2. andrew flynn 9 Feb 2010, 8:56pm

    More weasel words from Mr Williams. Discrimination is discrimination no matter how delicately you care to put it. If the church doesnt like treating all humans equally then why doesnt it disestablish itself so it can say and do what it likes and with any luck speed up its own demise

  3. Interesting that two stories are side by side here.
    The Archbishop at least has the decency to admit when he’s wrong and try to make amends. Meanwhile the Pope arrogantly still tries to admit to any wrongdoing by his people and carries on not giving a tinker’s.

    Maybe there’s something we overlooked about Henry VIII. Maybe he had a point when he started the reformation. Maybe we should do the same again, and this time they can take the bloody Muslims with them.

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 9 Feb 2010, 10:02pm

    “…whether government had the right to tell religious bodies which of the tasks for which they might employ people required and which did not require some level of compliance with the public teaching of the church about behaviour.”

    I trying to figure out how this applies to the situation in Uganda…which is precisely what mr. williams is trying to avoid talking about, and which he SHOULD be talking about.

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 9 Feb 2010, 10:06pm

    I agree with the above. In this day and age, churches should have no place in the state, or it´s legislation processes. Let them be free to say and do what they like, but they have no place dictating to me how I must live my life… Based on something that, although a ripping good yarn, is a complete work of fiction. The bible.

  6. I have three words . . .

    It is curious, interesting and very telling how heterosexuality in the Anglican Church appears beyond scrutiny, beyond question, beyond reproach. Yet homosexuality is highlighted, interrogated and denigrated; whilst polygamy in the African churches is common place and normalised.

    Curiously the Ten Commandments does not mention homosexuality, but how could it; homosexuality as a term does not come into exists until around 1890. What the Ten Commandments mentions very clearly is adultery.

    Why does the Church continue to projection the sexual excesses of heterosexuality on to homosexuals, and have the nerve to think we do not see the hypocrisy at the heart of some heterosexual practice; particularly those heterosexual practices in the African churches within the Anglican Communion.

  7. I like Tony Benn’s comment about MPs – that some are weathercocks (they swing around to whichever way the wind of public opinion is blowing) and others signposts ( who point the direction for everyone to follow – leaders)..Williams has been a confused weathercock.The Anglican Church currently is infatuated with Black Africa hence the importance attached to adopting the hideous homophobia of BongoBongoLand and ignoring corruption,polygamy and the other excesses of essentially primitive societies.The Yanks have had enough and so have I.I have quit the Church of England and worship elswhere in the totally LGBT environment of the Metropolitan Community Church.

  8. The main problem I have with all this, is that most people in western societies today have no issues with us gay people, nor have they for a long time now. These religious groups and leaders that do, are now just so far behind the rest of society and continue to fall farther behind. The gap will become unpassble very soon at this rate. The world moves on, evolves, and those who stubbornly cling to the ways of the world when they were knee-high to a grasshopper are left flapping in the wind.

  9. Brian Burton 9 Feb 2010, 11:19pm

    It seems to me that Rowan Williams is comming to his sences at last with his latest speach.

  10. Too damn little too damn late. It’s not even an apology. He didn’t give the “impression” he and his hate organisation have been one of the most – if not the most – powerful force against us. This doesn’t come close to countering what he has done

  11. Mihangel apYrs 10 Feb 2010, 8:32am

    in th esame synod, the archbishop of Uganda spouted his usual hideous nonsense. Why was the creep allowed in as he preaches and stirs up homophobic hatred? Perhaps Tatchell and Outrage! ought to arrest him!

  12. When will the C of E just split from the other so called anglicans ie those homophobes in africa who support killing gay people! Time for the New Reformation! Go on Rowan you now you want too!!!!

  13. my first response was a the ‘w’ word as Rowan knew what he was doing when he sold gays, lesbians and bisexuals down the river to keep the church united
    now this apology seems like another way to keep unity
    he used to claim to be for equality but his actions and words shows how he really thinks so if he wants to make amends then more then words will be needed but I don’t believe he’s genuine any more

  14. If this is a true account of what he said, the fug of warm words contains nothing but an apology for being careless. Classic Williams.

  15. As others on this site have said, the whole agenda of the Church of England is being driven by a poisonous alliance of ignorant and narrow minded African and Red Neck US American evangelical christian churches which share the same vitriolic and hateful miopia as their Moslem bedfellows.

    It IS time for a schism – time for a liberal, inclusive Anglican Church in the UK, North America and elsewhere to distance itself from the backward Voodoo-Christians of West Africa in particular (there are some truly inspirational christians elsewhere in Africa such as the wonderful Archbishop Desmond Tutu) and be true to decent, loving 21st Century christian values which enshrine the principle of gay people being just another valued facet of the rich tapestry of human-kind.

  16. and such terrible eye brows too!

  17. Rowan Williams sacrificed his liberal christian views on the altar of church unity – with disastrous results. If he had stuck to his liberals views from the outset instead of abandoning them for the sake of expediency, his church would not be on the brink of multiple schisms. However it now appears he is beginning to see the light, but it is way way too late.

  18. theotherone 10 Feb 2010, 1:06pm

    ‘look it wasn’t meant that way right. LOOK I’M NOT HOMOPHOBIC YOU’RE JUST OVERSENSITIVE!’

    Way to go Dr. williams…

    Next up you’ll rant about ‘all the bloody Darkies you see in London’ and then get all defensive about that to.

  19. also he still hints that sexuality is about behaviour only by saying “which did not require some level of compliance with the public teaching of the church about behaviour.”

  20. Thomas@15; you got it exactly right; my thoughts too!!!

  21. Don’t you just love it when idiots such as Williams always describe our orientation as a “lifestyle”, as if its something we freely choose? You never hear a hetero orientation ever described as such. The C of E cult exists at the pleasure of the people and the government which has every right to tell it what it can and cannot do in regard to equality. Its time to disestablish this parasitical cult once and for all. Let them go out and find real jobs instead of sponging off the state and the taxpayers, something the Tories should be addressing since they believe that everyone should take full responsibility for their actions and if they can’t, tough titty, you’re on your own, to hell with you.

  22. Wonder if he could have word in his mate’s ear-‘ole, Ratzi’s.?
    I won’t hold me breff..

  23. Please use a different photo of the daft old buzzard.
    Every time I see that one, I am taken back 60 years to school dinners and all the lumps in the (cold) custard and the stodge which the nuns slopped on to bowl as ‘spu-u-unge’
    Spunge and Cus-turd…! blurghrghrghkkk..!
    And it tasted like it too ‘cus-TURD’.

    Please, Mr Cohen, Sir, pleeez find another pic…
    I’ll sign ANYTHING…



  24. Pinknews please stop making poor Keith sick and find another fancier and less custard like frocked pic of the Archwoose please….:-)

  25. #25.
    Oh Mike..!
    How can I ever thank you enough for your SUPPORT.
    I thought I was a lone voice crying in the wildebeest.
    I said on an earlier thread, sometime last year, that the old duffer looked like an explosion at Bird’s Factory.

    But that nice Mr. Editor man keeps re-hashing it.

    Maybe that nice Mr. Editor man has heard what a sinner I am and wants me to start my Purgatory early…?

    Anyway, I won’t not sin, not no more, Mr NICE EDITOR MAN and I will sign anything you put in front of me…just pahleeez….don’t show that custardy get-up again.

    (On de uvver hand, I might…. just send in ….da boyz…..!)



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