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Vodafone urges gay community, ‘Please keep your faith in us’

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Reader comments

  1. More mysoginist than homophobic I would have thought. Although on the whole just plain stupid.

  2. The Halcyon 8 Feb 2010, 6:02pm

    Just goes to show the power of the Pink Pound though.

  3. Interesting that although they apologise, call it a breach of the rules and ask gay people to keep the faith, there’s nothing in Pink News’s quotes from the Vodafone press release which says the guy’s words were incorrect. :-| I would certainly have expected to read such a recant.

  4. Oh Really 8 Feb 2010, 6:51pm

    If anyone from Vodafone is reading, perhaps they can explain why voicemails and TXTs take up to 3 days to reach me if sent when my phone is off or out of range.

  5. Carl Whitehouse 8 Feb 2010, 6:53pm

    Having worked for Vodafone for over 10 years I have to say they are a corporate homophobe. There is no engagement of gay staff yet they continuously, cynically target the pink pound. I have no doubt they will fail to make Stonewall’s top 100 employers for many years to come! Ever seen Vodafone at a pride or sponsor an event? Exactly!

  6. I’m not going to begin to put any faith in a company whose staff can’t pluralise properly. Apostrophes are either possessive (“the cat’s pyjamas”) or a contraction (“the cat’s in his pyjamas”). That member of staff probably makes (or made, such as the case may be) several times more than I do and they can’t even get basic stuff like that right. Just as well I wasn’t with them in the first place.

  7. I’ve never been with vodafone, nor do I plan to do so. However, I guess they at least deserve kudos for immediately admitting it was a member of their staff (who I presume has been sacked already?).

    It does leave the broader question of why a member of their staff thought they could possibly get away with such an action. It makes me question the culture within their company, and that this is something they should have been addressing for a long time by now.

  8. Hmmn. Not really a homophobic rant at all. People need to calm down a bit more.

  9. This is further evidence, if anyone is so blind they need it, that homophobia thrives below the surface here in the UK despite all the advances that have been made.

    The comment from the Vodafone employee above that openly gay staff are not employed by Vodafone needs taking seriously!!! No, we don’t want Vodafone to fund a float for Gay Pride. We want hard evidence that Vodafone is ACTIVELY RECRUITING gay and lesbian employees!

  10. From the sounds of Carl’s post, it seems like a corporate culture of casual homophobia.
    It’s easy to speculate that the perpetrator has been sacked, but can anyone confirm whether that is the case? And sacked or not, I’m certainly not going to shift my custom to Vodaphone on that evidence.
    Time for Vodaphone to put its money where its mouth is on homophobia [and teach its staff how to use an apostrophe properly!]

  11. Sister Mary clarence 8 Feb 2010, 9:47pm

    I bet he (or she) gets effing crucified!!!

  12. Pumpkin Pie 8 Feb 2010, 10:13pm

    Wow. Looks like somebody never wants to be employed again, at least not in the telecommunications industry. Even if Vodafone does tolerate homophobia in its ranks, no company would tolerate what this chump just did to their public image. Yep, this person’s in for some payback that’s almost too severe for schadenfreude. Almost. ;)

  13. Rachel Titley 9 Feb 2010, 12:56am

    Actually, the apostrophe is technically correct, as it’s an abbreviation (definitely dodgy grounds grammatically though). And it sounds like a tweet from someone who already knew that it was their last day in the office.
    A retraction? I wouldn’t want to see one from the company – they have rules in place to prevent stuff like this happening and someone broke the rules, and it’s impossible to legislate against thought. The blame lies on one person alone. I’ve never worked for them, but I’ve been a Vodaphone customer for about 9 years now and won’t be leaving them on the gorunds of one tweet sent by an idiot.

  14. Oops. Looks like someone got sacked and decided to leave something behind for their ex-employers.

    And since when was it homophobic to call someone a homo? If you are straight, they got it wrong, if you are gay, they are just underlining the fact. Get a life.

  15. RobN, who believes ALL gay people are selfish and hopeless, pipes up again. Actually he hates himself and that’s why he apparently doesn’t mind being derided as a “homo”. Just a few days ago RobN proclaimed on these threads that gay can organize nothing when in fact most of the world’s greatest massive theatrical productions, from pop right through to opera, are organized and coordinated by extraordinarily talented gay men, and some gay women as well.

    Rachel Titley, I don’t know where the hell you got your grammatical education but no, to use an apostrophe to indicate the plural of homo is not correct, as in “VodafoneUK is fed up with dirty homo’s (sic) and is going after beaver.” The apostrophe was inserted by the writer simply because “homos” looked odd to him, as indeed “homos” is. No doubt he considered for a moment using the word “homosexuals” but that, for him, most probably lacked the pejorative and derisory sting he intended to inflict.

    Only dirty homo’s buy CD’s.
    Nice sparkling clean homos always buy CDs.


  16. Rachel Titley 9 Feb 2010, 12:38pm

    I wasn’t suggesting that it was a pluralisation, but the abberviation of homosexuals – presumably cut down to fit into 140 characters. Like I said, dodgy grammatical ground, and the contraction was utterly unneccesary. I would have stretched it out to make it a twoosh myself.

  17. Eddy, right on! Homophobia is one of the reasons why we don’t have full marriage equality too!

  18. Well said Eddy! Very good.

  19. I’m less concerned about homos (or homo’s) and more concerned about the dirty concept. I would also be fed up with dirty homos and would prefer that they get the opportunity to be clean.

    Of course, dirty homos are few and far between in first world countries and predominantly are located in third world locations. They have been beaten, raped and imprisoned because of their identities. Perhaps we can take this rant to it’s logical conclusion and ask that Vodafone contribute to the international condemnation of anti-gay legistlation in the world?

  20. As usual, Eddy completely sidetracks the argument by trying to denigrate me. Are you, or are you not, a homo?

    If people can really get upset by the concatenation of a word, they really need to get out more. (Like Pakistani is acceptable, but for some reason ‘Paki’, isn’t.)

    I never said gay men weren’t good in creative roles, but they are crap when it comes to management, particularly when it needs hard-headed business and financial astuteness. I’d employ a gay man any day to run a show, but NEVER to manage one.

  21. “Are you, or are you not, a homo?”

    No, I’m not. I’m gay. Maybe you like being called words like “homo” and “faggot” as it no doubt reflects the mentally imbalanced teenage-styled angst you endure daily, and for some reason, deem it necessary for us to ensure it too.

    “but they are crap when it comes to management, particularly when it needs hard-headed business and financial astuteness”

    Another of your idiot statements. Never a shortage of them, are there. I’m a senior manager in a telcos multinational, I control budget of over €50m a year, and manage 50 people. And I’m a damn good one too. The benefits of real education, Rob, but I suppose it must be easier for you to rational that statement of yours given that all you’ve amounted to is a dysfunctional second rate web designer. Well done.

  22. Will, just as Eddy, has to resort to trying to kick people in the nuts to win a fight. I don’t have to list my CV on here in order to justify my actions, but I can assure you I have managed large teams of people professionally. Equally, I’d rather be labelled “dysfunctional” by a Marxist immigrant such as yourself, than have to suffer the wailings of all you hard-done by queens.

    As for “Homo” – it is the abbreviation of “homosexual”, but no doubt you know this, having had ‘the benefit of a real education’.
    Like I said, if people can get so worked up about shortening an actual scientific term for us, then you really need to get out of that damned office a bit more.

  23. “Equally, I’d rather be labelled “dysfunctional” by a Marxist immigrant such as yourself, than have to suffer the wailings of all you hard-done by queens.”

    LOL! Ohhhh…. how erudite of you to say, Rob. Delightfully intelligent statement, up to your usual standards. Bash your face on a keyboard to get that utter tripe out, did you?

    You never have anything of substance or intelligence to say on this site other then bitchy little snips and racist generalisation…. generalisation you can never back up.

    What a prize buffoon you are. I’m regularly embarrassed for you.

  24. Tony Lambert 9 Feb 2010, 8:19pm

    “but for some reason ‘Paki’, isn’t”??? – well then, logically I suppose “nigger” is an acceptable reference to black people then? You seem to relish in your bigotry, one can only wonder why. I’m glad you are given the appropriate level of respect in this site by others who seem far more accustomed to your bile than I. I share Will’s sentiment, you are indeed an embarrassment, one more used to being pitied than acknowledged in life, I’d say.

  25. Tony Lambert: I’m not sure if you are just being intentionally obtuse, or you really are that bloody stupid. What I was trying to point out is that by removing letters from a perfectly acceptable word somehow turns them into an unacceptable one. ie: ‘Paki’ from ‘Pakistani’, and ‘homo’ from ‘homosexual’.

    Jesus. It’s like trying to milk a f_cking gnat in this place.

  26. Tony Lambert 9 Feb 2010, 11:36pm

    “Jesus. It’s like trying to milk a f_cking gnat in this place.”

    Then might I suggest you take your vile little comments to a place were like minded degenerates can converse with you and perhaps think something more of you than the bottom feeder we all know you are, maybe like a BNP chat room perhaps? Or some other racist Neanderthal site. There’s a good man.

    Personally, I find your livid tirades tiresome. Obviously, I’m not alone.

  27. No, Tony, you’re not alone there. There are things lying under rocks on their backs that have more decency and humanity than this odious and benighted racist.

  28. Good on you both, Tony and Will. Well put!

  29. Not a homophobic rant. Kid’s stuff. More like a line from a guy who now gets to have a lie in due to the dole office opening later.

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