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No gay marriage for Albania

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Reader comments

  1. It took much longer in the UK to get from decriminalisation to anti-discrimination, so I think one step at a time. It’great that they’ve got this law. Marriage will come (interesting to note though that once again it’s the zealot who are blocking progress).

  2. Juris Lavrikovs 5 Feb 2010, 5:36pm

    Dear friends, this is a great development in Albania which is a cause of celebration and praise. This country not only introduced one of the most comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation, but is one of a very few countries in Europe which explicitly refers to gender identity as a banned ground of discrimination. A few EU member states should take a note of Albania and improve their anti-discrimination legislation following Albanian law.

    Disspointing that Pink News link this fantastic development to marriage. Marriage law has nothing to do with anti-discrimination legislation and while indeed Albanian leader expressed support for same-sex marriage, the draft bill was never launched or debated. However new anti-discrimination legislation which is one of the best in Europe is a great step towards improving the situation for LGBT communities in Albania and should be celebrated.

  3. I guess the news last year that Albania was going to legalise gay marriage was almost too good to be true. I admit I was sceptical but it’s disappointing none the less.

    However I agree that this law is a very positive development, LGBT groups in the US are still struggling to try and get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed (the gender identity provision is what’s making a few senators shaky) so for Albania to pass a bill which bans discrimination in all areas on the grounds of both sexual orientation and gender identity is very progressive.

  4. Omar Kuddus GayAsylum UK 5 Feb 2010, 8:04pm

    Why cannot europe just have the same rights all accross and stop being Homophobic/dicriminatory and treat all its citizens equally.
    For that was the main principl of Article1 of the European Human Rights.

  5. A very positive step in the direction for full equality in Albania.

  6. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 6 Feb 2010, 2:53am

    I knew that the reporting on same sex marriage in Albania was a hoax – but Albanian gays have some sort of legal security now from discrimination, which is an horable step in the right direction.

    Albania gay rights timeline:

    * 1994 gay sex made legal
    * 2001 age of consent equalised to 14 for everyone
    * 2010 discrimination statutes/laws

    PART A and B:
    * First it always starts of with legalising gay sex, then equalising the age of consent so that it is equal for everyone.

    PART C and D:
    * The next very important steps is implementing discrimination laws/statutes (regarding civil rights in employment, housing, insurance, banking, goods and services, etc). Also not forgetting to implement hate crime statutes/laws to protect individuals or groups from nasty hate crime.

    PART E and F:
    * After the civil rights laws, what is needed is then some sort of “relationship recognition” in the form of civil unions, unregistered cohabitation or registered partnership – then finally full equality in marriage, IVF and adoption rights.

  7. Well, It is certainly a big step, considering that so called “developed contries” like Austria or Italy don’t any any form of anti-discrimination laws regarding to gay people

  8. So this is an oxymoron?

  9. ummm no gay marriage IS homophobic discrimination…

  10. @xaria – yes it is, but there are more positive steps being taken in Albania than in Poland or Austria or italy or even England. Human nature takes time to change and if you look at the time line given by @Gay activist Paul Mitchell you will see that change takes place slowly so that people learn to accept, and get used to the change. The Albanians seem to be a wise people certainly when it comes to human rights and keeping their citizerns happy and of course falling into the correct EU critiria for membership. Islamic yes but, I think, a far cry from the backward Islamic states of the Middle East and other Islamic areas of the world. England will soon wake up and there will be full rights for gays, however, when, is the next question.

  11. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 8 Feb 2010, 10:41am

    Actually LOLA – Austria does actually have anti-discrimination laws in place.

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