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Gavin and Stacey actor to appear in Boy George biopic

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Reader comments

  1. The Halcyon 5 Feb 2010, 11:22pm

    So who gets the role of “Marilyn”?

  2. So the BBC couldn’t come up with anyone with talent for this?

  3. I’d be keen to see this, because like him or not, Boy George & Culture Club were a big part of 80s culture. Certainly for me at least as I was a kid throughout the 80s and fondly remember watching him on TV shows, including Saturday morning kids TV.

    Only thing, is if they are making a biopic of his life, then I really think they should include at least some story about his life since the 80s. Otherwise it will finish on an upbeat note, which hasn’t been the story of his life at all.

  4. While I agree Boy George was a huge part of the 80’s culture and blurred the lines between gender, sex and sexual orientation – I can’t help wondering what the focus of this ‘biopic’ is going to be. I suspect it will be an angst-filled, drug-fuelled Drama once again showing a handfull of people as representing the entire LGBT community. I do so wish we could have a broad range of ‘role models’ on TV…..

  5. Simon Murphy 7 Feb 2010, 1:31am

    I read George’s autobigraphy ‘Take it like a man’. It is an excellent book which vividly evokes his life and the atmosphere of the time.

    I’m looking forward to this film.

  6. “I suspect it will be an angst-filled, drug-fuelled Drama once again showing a handful of people as representing the entire LGBT community.”

    Huh!? for one, I don’t remember any like that, and secondly, art imitates life. Who want’s to see a drama about a boring person, gay or otherwise?

    So they got that bloke from ‘Gavin & Stacey’? I never knew George was THAT fat. ;)

  7. Jon Moss was an attractive man. Matthew Horne is not. Couldn’t they have found someone more suitable?

  8. Oh Really 8 Feb 2010, 1:15am

    Who will play the Swedish escort, and the torture scene?

  9. Very nice.

  10. crikey, pete, Boy George is great fun, with a great story and I, for one will be looking forward to seeing this … more than a tale about some strsight pop-star …

    and as a role model BG had the bottle to be himself in the 80s in a fabulous way, so what’s wrong with that? A documaentary about me, say and my job in school and cosy CP with a lovely wife and our middle-class gardens isn’t really going to hold an audience, is it?

  11. re Matt Horne’s looks,I bet you they can make him look a good ringer for Jon Moss … he doesn’t have to have his hair done in a Gavin bucket all the time!

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