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FA’s homophobia in football video premiere cancelled

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Reader comments

  1. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 5 Feb 2010, 2:33pm

    This is not the first time Kick It Out has canceled a Challenging Homophobia event. They need to set it as a priority, they need to address this issue, they need to start providing suitable answers. Totally unacceptable.

  2. Simon Murphy 5 Feb 2010, 2:48pm

    Well Stonewall approved the ‘expletive laden rant’?

    But why were they even consulted on it?

    I hardly think it is appropriate to seek advice on stamping out homophobia from a group opposed to LGBT legal equality.

  3. What a farce! Any video due for production goes through the due process of planning, scripting, pre production, story boards, etc etc. So how can they get the final version so wrong!? Those who commissioned this video must have known what the general outcome of the video was going to be. It seems the wrong people were not involved in the planning process, and we end up with what? If Amaechi and Tatchell were involved in the video, then how did we end up with this ” expletive-laden rant”, as I assume thats NOT what they wanted!

  4. Simon = Yawn!

    Even P. Tatchell said did not mind the homophobic language in the film, as it was designed to make homophobia look “ugly” and “generate reaction and a debate”.

    You clearly feel the need to swipe at Stonewall the minute you see the name. You seem to be someone who prefers nothing to get done unless it’s your way.

    If it’s a choice between some rights leading to full rights OR no rights at all, I know what I’d prefer. Yes it ain’t perfect but at least it’s (hopefully) going the right way.

    As for this film lets hope that between Stonewall and P. Tatchell they can push the FA to stop acting pathetic and stamping out homophobia within the sport.

  5. 5 Feb 2010, 3:07pm

    Depicting explicit and graphic homophobia in action is always going to be a dodgy tactic. Some people will side with it and be impervious to the idea that it’s not acceptable. However the video came about, they were probably right to re-think. But it makes you wonder whether the FA is genuinely committed to kicking homophobia out.

  6. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 5 Feb 2010, 3:35pm

    Right – I’ve just been informed that while Kick It Out have been organising this it is all down to The FA. It seems as though Kick It Out are being kicked hard.

    The FA need to provide answers – going to see if I can speak to them for an FYi RADiO interview. Kick It Out are going to speak to me.

    Also – apologies, it seems the event I was invited to was not canceled, they did a “scaled down version” instead.

  7. Gay charity Stonewall were also consulted over the project

    well that was a waste of time then

  8. Mr Amaechi described it as an “expletive-laden rant”.

    In my view the video needs to be suitable to show in schools. Therefore it would be best to take this into account and remove the swearing. Also they need to get top team players to speak out.

    dave – not the same dave as above

  9. John(Derbyshire) 5 Feb 2010, 7:24pm

    WELL-WHERE CAN WE ALL SEE THIS VIDEO? is it on you tube yet?

  10. Mr Amaechi described it as an “expletive-laden rant”.

    Well, the sport is aimed at the lower classes, so I can’t honestly say I’m surprised.

  11. It’s an absolute disgrace the FA have made such a cock up. They never made a cock up when they decided to deal with racism within football and acted far quicker than they have with regards to homophobia.
    I’m fed up with LGBT people always being offered second best. Its taken the FA two years to produced a 90 second film that as not received a positive responds.

  12. With Rio Ferdinand as the new England captain, he should be asked to talk out against homophobia for a new DVD. Remember Rio once used a homophobic term on Radio 1, but apologised and said he wasn’t homophobic. Well now he has a chance to prove it. The FA should ask him and his teammates to speak out against homophobia. Rio has, of course, worked strenuously in the fight against racism in football.

  13. They could run this video alongside a John Terry video on “The perils of heterosexuality in soccer.”

  14. jckfmsincty 6 Feb 2010, 6:28am

    Aren’t most football players gay?

  15. What’s ironic about this is the fact that Stonewall FC (the gay football team) actually won the gay football world cup two years ago. Now when was the last time England (the so called straight team)won it?

  16. It seems from the Pink News story that no professional footballers were willing to help out with the DVD project. This is an email which I sent to the FA last year. I also sent copies to the people responsible for diversity in the Professional Footballers’ Association. The FA replied, but I never even got an acknowledgement from the PFA, so I will write again.

  17. I go with Dave. Swearing and expletives is going to restrict the film’s distribution to an older crowd, and also alienate a lot of people that even if they weren’t put off by the homosexuality, might be by all the bad language.

  18. Sister Mary clarence 8 Feb 2010, 11:16am

    “But why were they even consulted on it?”

    I take it you would rather they had consulted you then Simon – no surprise I guess that you would think you would have the right to veto any decisions the FA would make on who to consult with.

    I have to say though that after I made a complaint to Kick It Out about a site making homophobic comments following the death of Stephen Gately, the comments were removed within hours, so can’t say my experience has been negative.

  19. I can’t see how this video would have made any difference anyway, it would have most likely been jeered at and caused homophobic behavior at the match. The FA needs to start fining clubs for racial and homophobic taunts etc and the clubs need to crackdown on it.

    Releasing a video with top players and football legends condenming Homophobic behavoir would be a better plan.

  20. This is another example of the FA climbing down on their commitments. My friends asked me where I thought the pressure came from. sadly I think this was a case of the old boys in the FA not liking what came out (a little too challenging).

    If you are interested in reading more, check out:

  21. @ Sister Mary clarence,

    The problme, is what premiership footballer is going to stand up and support “the gays” after the way other players have been treated?

    They take being the supporters favourite very seriously. It would be a very brave player to make such a video.

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