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Iris Robinson claimed £1,644 for a bed

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Reader comments

  1. Christine Rourke 4 Feb 2010, 12:34pm

    Well, I guess maybe she needed a large and very robust one, and they don’t come cheap, do they?

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Feb 2010, 12:39pm

    Oh Iris….!!

  3. So it seems being a bigot and a hypocrite comes with expensive taste these days eh? How on earth will she survive on her reduced earnings now? Imagine, she might have to get by on nothing more than full Sunday roasts and wine for each meal. She might even think this is worse than living on the streets!

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 4 Feb 2010, 12:48pm

    Thank you so much Chrissie. I was about to make the same point. I find it totally disgusting how Pink News continues to hound this poor sick woman over her exceptional youth outreach work!

    Where is the story here PN?

    Are you trying to say that this saintly servant of the people spent too MUCH on her bed?

    Get real. These things do not come cheap these days. It is obvious that she would need a 4-poster bed, otherwise there would be no-way to secure wayward youth to it!

    Leave this poor woman alone PN, she has suffered enough for her dedicated work for our Lord!


  5. £1,644 for a double bed? Look at the Argos catalogue, people. You can have a nice bed delivered for £300! That horny nympho just wanted something super-duper to fu*k her toy-boy on.

  6. Mihangel apYrs 4 Feb 2010, 2:00pm

    probably broke the old one so needed an extra re-inforced one!

  7. iris you made you bed now lie in it :)

    Oh she did with that young bloke

  8. I bet she brought something like this :D

  9. Lots of serious articles on PN today so please lets have a bit of fun with this one. Who can make the best joke about Iris’s bed by midnight tonight?

  10. OK, John F, I agree, let’s have some fun with Iris’s bed!

    I reckon our 59 year-old sex-hungry Iris-Granny wanted an enormous luxury baby-cot, the sort with strong high railings all around so the kid you trap inside just can’t get away from you . . . so that you can gobble away at all 19 years of him ALL NIGHT LONG, and wail and howl and beg for mercy as he might there’s simply no escaping!

  11. Maybe the bed was £600, £1000 for the toy boy, and £44.90p for condoms!!

    Her house sounds like a triumph of bad taste and money … her bad taste and OUR money!!! Oriental dining-rooms just aren’t either East Belfast or Strangford!

  12. When she brought the bed she knew she would be screwing her toy boy and the taxpayer at the same time.

    Why are we not repossessing these items now she is no longer a parliamentarian! Repossess everything we have paid for and sell them or give them to charity. That includes whatever property they brought in London or Northern Ireland at thee taxpayers expense.

    Give all of it back Iris

  13. Abi, you wrote: “When she brought the bed she knew she would be screwing her toy-boy and the taxpayer at the same time. Why are we not repossessing these items now she is no longer a parliamentarian!”

    So, Abi, you reckon we need to take possession of the toy-boy too, eh? (LOL) What do you propose we do with him?

    (Steady now, we’ve pilloried sex-hungry Iris for devouring a boy one third her age, so certainly I can’t be entertaining ideas of using him the same way Iris did! But maybe you’re a great deal younger than me, Abi, so perhaps you could! On the other hand, do you think you could face it, hunk though he is?)

  14. AndyAS, good suggestions! Though somehow I doubt if Granny-Iris thought condoms were necessary with so fresh and green a young boy. Remember she’d had her eye on him since he was a lad, in and out of his father’s shop. No, somehow I reckon, old Iris declared, “No, I’m gonna have YOU raw, sonny boy!” LOL.

  15. Greedy old pig.

  16. ‘Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson’

    I dare the author of this article to call him that to his face!

    A little research goes a long way, can’t believe any journalist could make that sort of basic error.

  17. Lockkeeper’s Cottages Cafe – £50k
    Kickback – £5,000
    Service Charge – £1,429
    Sausage sandwich – £4.50
    Deluxe four poster bed with heart shaped cushions that looks like something out of a trashy Barbara Cartland novel – £1,644
    “Flexible friend” to tie to the bed while husband is out… priceless.

    There are some things money can’t buy, but for everything else there’s the British taxpayer!

  18. Mumbo Jumbo 4 Feb 2010, 8:40pm

    Did they bill us for having the stains removed?

  19. Sister Mary clarence 4 Feb 2010, 9:19pm

    Well I’m still sitting here outside the city gates in the Winnebago with two hundredweight of stones.

    Anyone know if the Babylonian whore has left home yet cos this pay and display is crippling me

  20. “Sister Mary Clarence”, the above is very funny! Thank you.

  21. OMG

    Big Bed – Big sex drive – Big Hypocrit

    Whats new!

  22. theotherone 5 Feb 2010, 1:32am

    every room was decorated in a different theme? How tacky.

  23. theotherone 5 Feb 2010, 1:35am

    obviously she would need something special. A gothic four poster? Not this I hope…

    room for all the young men she hopes to help (ahem) come to Christ.

  24. Simon Murphy 5 Feb 2010, 1:50am

    You can get a very large bed for 1644 quid.

    Room for a barbecue even! Specially for those extra meaty McCambley pork sausages.

    And Iris will try the live McCambley sausage once she’s sated her good hunger.

    What a beast! Eh?

  25. £600,000 a year in salary and expenses – isn’t that just taking the piss?

    Surely an honrouable person, doing her job for the RIGHT reasons, would not be in it for the money whereas clearly this vile woman and her husband were (if he had any integrity he would have curtailed her lavish lifestyle!)

  26. At the end of this Parliament she will get a £65,000 resettlement grant for her employment ending. The grant was 30K but they seem to of more than doubled it! Strange how they found the parliamentary time to do that but not enough to debate the equality bill properly and vote on all the proposed amendments.

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