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Gay referee Nigel Owens to discuss coming out

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Reader comments

  1. A programme not to be missed. There’s nothing more virile than a load of Welsh men out there on wet winter’s afternoon slipping around in the mud playing rugby!

  2. John(Derbyshire) 4 Feb 2010, 9:18pm

    If you have satellite TV-either Freesat or Sky-you will be able to see this programme at 8.25pm Friday 5th.February. Although it is in welsh-you can turn on English subtitles for S4C. The following programme “Jonathan” with Johnathan Davies chat show-it also has Nigel on it. May I just add-that I saw a picture of Nigel at a booksigning in December-and believe me-HE IS HOT!!

  3. Thanks for getting me even more excited, John!

  4. Eddy its more fun later in the showers…..(!) :-)

  5. Wow, what a great documentary this was. Pity it was all in Welsh, otherwise surely it should be shown on Channel 4 so that other parts of the UK might enjoy it and benefit from it too. (The subtitling was well-done.)

    The whole documentary was clearly focused around the fact that Nigel Owens is a highly successful international referee who is gay, so it was quite a rare thing to watch. And I kept pinching myself, because he’s so wonderfully butch! Especially when he’s out there on the field with all these towering rugger-buggers on both sides of him, all steamed up and aggressive, desperate to win the game, and Nigel has to be totally in control and TELL THEM, fair and square, how things are going to be. And he does, and he’s fair and they respect him. So it was an inspiring documentary to watch.

    He was also very honest in the one-to-one interviews before the camera, detailing his first awareness of being gay in his late teens and then how eventually he actually tried to commit suicide through shame. He told how the failure of that suicide attempt and his realisation of the great pain that he had caused his parents by attempting it made him determine to come out and deal with whatever consequences.

    Immediately following the programme, roughly an hour long, was the weekly Welsh programme “Jonathan”, a light sort of jokey affair, where there’s a studio audience and four presenters who lark about and the topic of conversation goes all over the place though it often revolves around Welsh football. Nigel Owens is one of the presenters. So I watched this too in order to see how Nigel fares on this programme as a gay man. I have to say it all seemed slightly uncomfortable, but the fact is he is there, as a part of this red-blooded blokish comedy setup, despite everyone knowing he’s gay. There were a few gibes sent in his direction which made me squirm a little, and at the same time as Nigel is so clearly a part of the programme the female presenter, a young Welsh beauty with lots of tit and teeth on display, came out with phrases (to one of the movie-star guests) like, “I’m sure a lot of the LADIES who are watching this programme will want to know a bit about your interaction with Matt Damon! What can you tell us about HIM?” Now, hold on! You’re working alongside an out gay man, and you occasionally refer, directly or indirectly, to his gayness during the course of the programme, so why are you excluding all us MEN who might like to hear a few juicy details about the hunky Matt Damon? There’s something slightly incongruent and hypocritical going on, as if Nigel’s co-presenters haven’t really thought the inclusion of gay men through.

    But, as I say, it is great that Nigel is part of this programme. He’s out there and up there, being a role-model for all young Welshmen who suspect or know they are gay . . . and that’s just fantastic.

    Thanks a lot, Nigel.

  6. John(Derbyshire) 7 Feb 2010, 11:54am

    Totally agree with all you say Eddy-glad you enjoyed the programme

  7. Glad you obviously enjoyed it too, John! And isn’t it a bit sad that along comes such a gay role-model and hero . . . and so far it looks like you and me are the only ones here who appreciate it!

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