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Gareth Thomas’ ex-wife has no regrets over marriage

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Reader comments

  1. This proves it. Being Gay does not stop Straight sex. No Sir.

  2. It also shows a generous and gracious lady. Good for her.

  3. If Gareth Thomas falls in love with a man, civil partners with him and lives happily ever after with him for thirty years his “ex-wife” will still have more social and cultural validity than his “civil partner”. His marriage to Jemma will always be seen as his only REAL marriage.

  4. I agree, Riondo. She seems admirably dignified and free of bitterness.

  5. Terri: You are talking out of your arse.
    Just because people have sex with a certain sex does not determine their sexuality. All it does is prove they can insert object(A) into orifice(B). TWAT.

  6. David Lambert 5 Feb 2010, 1:12am

    Terri: Attitudes like yours are the cause for ruined relationships in the first place.

    Best wished to Jemma and Gareth.

  7. I only wish my ex wife was as understanding as Jemma. What she has done has taken a lot of courage and I have nothing but respect for her. My ex knew I was bisexual before we married but (as I found out) never quite managed to come to terms with it.
    In my current relationship I have tried to be open from the start and make it clear. So far we’re doing great.
    Also, congrats to Gareth for ‘fessing up’ and telling her instead of going clandestine and living a lie. It would have been all too easy to keep up a pretence and hope none of the Sunday papers get a sneaky photo of you in Soho for your wife to discover over her bowl of cornflakes…

  8. Dionysian: I think your situation is somewhat different, as you “play for both teams” as it were. Many gay men, including myself have been living straight relationships for many reasons, sometimes they don’t really know, sometimes they are just too frightened. It can be seen as a loss of trust when you finally come out to friends and family, because they can view the situation as if you were lying to everyone. I was living with a girl for five years before the penny dropped. I see no reason at any time to go behind your wife’s/girlfriends back. It is simply a matter of drawing a line in the sand, and admitting what you are. It’s a tough decision, and my girlfriend took over two years to really come to terms with it, but then we remained the best of friends. Coming out to people may be the hardest thing you ever do in your entire life, but the alternative of living a lie is so much worse.

  9. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 6 Feb 2010, 3:28am


    * You find about your sexual orientation by who you have sex with.


    * You find about your sexual orientation inside you and your brain tells you, it has got NOTHING to do with how many times you have sexual relations with or what gender sex who you have it with!!!!!!!

    * Gay men only have gay sex or lesbian women only have lesbian sex.

    * Gay men can and do have straight sex, as do heterosexual men having gay sex (just look at BROKE STRAIGHT BOYS or the US Marines for example). Same applies for lesbian women as well.

    Society says within stereotypes that gay men are “promiciuous” and that we are “not fit for marriage” – this is incorrect because, gay men and lesbians come in ALL SHAPES, SIZES, SKILLS, PERSONALITIES and ATTITUDES. Gay men marry women because of pressure to conform to a “societies problem of marriage marketing recuitments” or being like everyone else, which causes problems, lies and deceptions-and plus how easy it is for divorces, relationship agreements or pre-nuptual agreements (no wonder why the divorce rate is sky high). Gay men should not feel pressured as well as heterosexual men to marry at all, it should be up to the “partners among themselves” – not society at all!!!!!!

    But then again how many heterosexual men whould avoid marriage in general and also say that “same sex marriage is a threat to society like 9/11”??????? – I REST MY CASE!!!!!

    – So please get your facts straight terri!!!!!!

  10. Speaking from personal experience, Gareth was a gay man living a lie, but the important thing is that everybody came through OK. Sounds like his wife had a great life with him and they both ‘discovered’ his sexuality together, and are still friends now. Leave the guy alone, all you haters! She hasn’t judged him, why the hell should any of us?? Read the headline!!

    Gay men, of course, can do straight sex, but it doesn’t mean they enjoy it or aren’t traumatised afterwards for doing something ‘wrong’. Equally, straight men could have sex with other men, and some do for various reasons. They wouldn’t feel good about it, and would feel very wrong after….. it wouldn’t ‘turn’ a straight man into a gay man!!

    So, it’s sad when homophobic or heterosexist people try to devalue homosexuality, just because of evidence of a physical act. To those I say: go forth and multiply, leave gay men and lesbians ALONE!

  11. yepitsme: Chill Winston! There was one troll and another nine supporters. You are preaching to the converted.

  12. Simon Murphy 7 Feb 2010, 1:52am

    Sex is at it’s most basic a physical act.

    Sexual orientation is more about identity and feelings and thoughts.

    I’ve had sex with women and it was quite nice. Not because I thought I was straight or bi. Just because I was curious. It’s only with guys however that I really connect with sexually.

  13. Being gay is something that goes on between the ears, not the legs.

  14. Robn, you’re an arse!!!! schoolmaster, know it all, want to tell us how it is and what we should and should not feel. …anker

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