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Gay animal rights group ‘denied place in Sydney Mardi Gras’

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Reader comments

  1. BrazilBoysBlog 3 Feb 2010, 10:08pm

    It does not seem right I must admit. This group has marched with mardi gras for years, yet is now excluded?

    “New Mardi Gras co-chair Steph Sands declined to comment.” Not accountable? Not good enough!

  2. A lot of these animal rights groups have links to terrorism- just take a look at Peta, the biggest one. Their aim is to make pets and livestock extinct. Too many gay people are pet lovers. Animal welfare organisations are good; animal rights bad.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 3 Feb 2010, 11:19pm

    @2 Well, my point is, if this group has marched in the parade for years, have they only JUST gone ´bad´?

  4. Katrina Fox 4 Feb 2010, 1:02am

    Please see this article for speculation on why the group was excluded this year:

  5. You see, the group was probably ‘too gay’ for Mardi Gras! The last few years, MG has been sanitised with almost no political statement, queerness other than dancing, procning, marching pretty boys and the odd terribly high wig.

  6. The Mardi Gras has got to go. Has become too mainstream and straight. It is a Neo-nazi organisation now. Does not reflect the gay community any more. Represents everything we are not and everything we should not be. Funded by the Government now, and now we will never get rid of it.

  7. As usual, more gay events, more in-bitching, out-queening, political posturing and “My stillies are bigger than yours.”

    Face it, gays can’t organise a soiree in a champagne vineyard.

    Oh, and why is “Agent Smith” from “The Matrix” dressed up like a Sheila? “Oh Felicia, where the f_ck are we?”

  8. “Face it, gays can’t organise a soiree in a champagne vineyard.”

    RobN is talking through his ar*ehole yet again.

    It was a gay man who completely choreographed the 2004 Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies.

    Try to think of all the famous gay directors who have organised the most extraordinary productions in arenas and theatres the world over.

    And then shut up, Rob. And try to love yourself, and us.

  9. Eddy: The only reason the Olympics were a success was because it had straight organisation and funding behind it. Had it been an all gay event, they would have bitched all month about who had the lighter and wouldn’t have even managed to get the f_cking torch lit.

    And as I’ve said before, love is bullsh!t peddled by Mills & Boon and crap Hollywood directors. It doesn’t exist. I don’t love anyone, never have, never will, and sure as hell, I ain’t starting with a bunch of radical leftie f@ggots like you lot.

  10. MG is commercial and sanitized to the borders of being conservative – much like Sydney has become over the last few years – that is its evolution and pretty much a global trend for many things, not just MG. Some years MG is good, others are bad. Myself, I think over the past few years the parade has lost its activism, (like the NSW AIDS Quilt, it became far too expensive to upkeep). I also got bored with tight glitter shorts and swarovski bum-bags. Then I exhaled and thought at least Australia has a gay parade and hard luck for me not liking candy ass pop music and glitter clothing. What was the animal rights float going to be like?…… bears for bears – it could have had lots of room for creativity

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