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Biopic planned for anti-gay campaigner Anita Bryant

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 3 Feb 2010, 6:12pm

    indeed she is an interesting woman.

    I’ll look forward to this.

  2. It should be interesting, hopefully it will show up just how illogical her views were/are. Hardly surprising to read she runs a ministry, bet that’s a nice little earner for her amongst conservative America.

  3. I only hope this film is not so “nuanced” by its director that it fails to show what a manipulative fame-hungry and dangerous person Anita Bryant was to us at the time she was up there recruiting people to hate us.

  4. “She now lives with her second husband and runs Anita Bryant Ministries.” Naturally.

  5. Did she not, in the end, admit she was wrong about her anti-gay stance?

  6. I remember this woman and the damage she done to gay youths, saying they dont have a place in this world resulting in may suicides. I hope this piccture exposes her stupid campains and does some goood today

  7. i wanna see a movie where she gets sodomised by a robot. she can write it too!

    what? she’s good at making crap up.

  8. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Feb 2010, 10:39pm

    I have a copy of the original footage of Anita Bryant getting a cream pie smack in the face while she was spewing her poison!

  9. Carl Fitzpatrick 4 Feb 2010, 8:08am

    Just another sick christian. Basically, she is probably secretly gay. And desperate to save her place in heaven, she tries to make amends to Satan by hating gay people.

    Too bad that pie wasnt laced with cyanide

  10. Another one of the God Patrol in a long line of silly old biddies with nothing better to do; Mary whitehouse, Iris Robinson, Baroness Wotserface, The Pope (well he does wear a frock)etc and soforth, all thinking we want their kids! GO AND DO SOME BLOODY KNITTING, HAVE A CUPPA AND CHILL!

  11. sounds like a very dull film

  12. Nasty, hypocritical woman who only ‘serves God’ to enlarge her ego, in my opinion. Like all ‘christians’ she picks on other people because she can’t face up to what’s inside herself.

  13. @ comment 8: I have that original footage of her getting the cream pie in the face too, its fantastic! I have it in a documentary about gay christians which, whilst not christian myself, I showed it to my best friend who’s a lesbian christian who has struggled to find a local church accepting of her & her civil partner. She found it very useful indeed and felt much better after seeing it.

  14. The thing I find scary about Anita’s case is that, being born in 1940, she would only have been in her mid-thirties when she went on this ‘crusade’, about the same age as I am now. I find it truly frightening how someone in their mid-thirties can be so brain-washed as to hate as much as she did/does by that age.

  15. Yuck – The name sends a shudder through my body. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  16. I just hope that whoever makes this tries to remain objective about the story. One would hope it neither denigrates her, or puts her on a pedestal, but just shows her the way she was. I think it is of the utmost importance that no bias should be shown by the film makers, and that people can draw their own conclusions from the film.

    Hopefully, the woman’s own actions will show her for what she was, and her supporters will then be unable to claim the film was slanted against her.

  17. You just know this will be one of those mid afternoon Christian produced TV films that channel 5 show. It also smacks of desperate christians looking for a Harvey Milk type person.

    Divorcee Anita Bryant is a hypocrite its OK for her to defy her gods laws by getting devoiced but its not OK to be gay!

    I hope Anita Bryant Ministries is about repenting for being a Divorcee!

  18. Just had a wicked thought in conjunction with the other story about Colin Firth and gay actors in Hollywood. Is there a lesbian actress who might portray her?

  19. Jean-Paul Bentham 5 Feb 2010, 12:19am

    Well, I could shave my beard and wear a wig. Wha..!! No good??

  20. JP: Rose could shave hers too, but it still won’t help.
    (Sorry sweetie, couldn’t resist that, xx)

  21. Abi1975 (Comment 17)
    The film is being mad by the gay guy who created Sex in the City. I doubt very much that it will be a ‘mid afternoon Christian produced film’ either in its outlook or the audience it’s aimed at. I also doubt that evangelical Christians will see it as something worthy of them supporting.

  22. RobN, I didn’t think your vision of me was quite so exotic!

  23. I remember her when she was riding high. At the time, we thought Mary Whitehouse was sane and reasonable by comparison. I suppose a biopic is justifiable in terms of gruesome curiosity.

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