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New Zealand

New chick for lesbian albatrosses

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Reader comments

  1. The Grinch 2 Feb 2010, 1:42pm

    Search for the father over – I just saw a large white thing fly past clutching a turkey baster and a copy of “Albatossoff Monthly”. Dirty Birdy.

  2. Simon Murphy 2 Feb 2010, 2:45pm

    And have these albatrosses identified as ‘lesbian’.

    Surely if 1 of them is shagging a male birdie; then that would make her a bisexual albatross.

  3. Grinch you are hilarious! Simon, shame on you, tsk tsk,,perhaps you should be the Grinch!! lol Hugzz to you both

  4. I was thinking just the same. Unless albatrosses (albatrossi?), have a unique natural gender reassignment, then one of them must have been getting a bit of owzyafarver from another (male) bird, so viz á viz, is not of the exclusively sapphic persuasion.

    “Now, I’m not sitting on that egg again tonight. I’ve got a headache.”

  5. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 3 Feb 2010, 2:09pm

    This just goes to show you that animals are just like us gays and gays KNOW how to look after their offspring too!!!!!

    It is so true what they say

    “Lesbians are always the better parents – even in the animal kingdom”

    So bigots and facists this is NORMAL even in the animal kingdom – homosexuality is NORMAL!!!!!!

    Heak, even gay sharks know there way up and down Sydney Harbour who want to catch a glimp of the up-and-coming MG!!!!!!!

    It outrages me that in 2010:

    * 80 countries a sexual act with someone of your own sex is STILL a criminal offence (Singapore is still one of them for example)
    * In 8 of those it is an instant death penalty sentence (Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Afganistain, Saudi Arabia, Yeman, Oman and Quatar).
    * That we gays and lesbians can not get married or even get a civil union here in Australia because of a communist Labor government who cares more about politics and elections than its own people!!!!

    We have made progress in these areas and many many more:

    * Same sex marriage is legal in 7 countries (Portugal, Iceland and Nepal will be next – so it will be 10 in the middle of this year), 1 Mexico state, 5 states in the US – plus the US territory of DC.

    So the “10 for 10 campaign” (10 countries by 2010 to legalize same sex marriages) certainly nearly worked!!!!

    * Two people can adopt children in 18 countries now
    * Same sex relationships are recognised in some form or another in 44 countries (formally or informally).
    * Discrimination of any kind against gay men and lesbians is illegal in 60 countries.
    * In all of western Europe same sex relationships are recognised in some form formally (i.e. civil union, civil partnership or registered partnership) – EXCLUDING Ireland, which is STILL pending.
    * ALL of Europe gay sex is LEGAL
    * All of North America (Canada the US and Mexico) gay sex is also LEGAL
    * All of South America as well (excluding English speaking Guyana).

    Fact about gay sex and homosexuality:

    * Most laws against gay sex come from imperial english sodomy law written hundreds of years ago.
    * 43 of the 80 countries that have laws against gay sex do not include two women or lesbianism.
    * Queen Victoria did not approve of a law and refused to assent a law to add “lesbianism” to the english law statute book in 1919 – because she thinks in quote – “this law is silly and a waste of my presious time, because women do not have sex with women and lesbians do not exist” – unquote.
    * the word “homosexuality” and “homosexual” were invented 140 years ago in 1868 (45 years BEFORE the word “heterosexual” and “bisexual”!!!!

    * Laws against gay sex cause suicides, deperession, hatred, bashings, blackmail, high rates of HIV and justifies discrimination against gay men.

    * Remember the English Empire was just over half the world and they brought there anti-gay laws with them (this is called imperalism).

    There is a old saying;

    “The sun never sets on the British Empire!”


    * Repealing and ripping-up both DOMA and DADT in the US.
    * Implement ENDA, implement SNDA, implement INDA and implement domestic partnership benefits for federal employees.


    * DADT – don’t ask, dont tell
    * DOMA – defence of marriage act
    * ENDA – employment non discrimination act (only businesses above 15 employees)
    * SNDA – student non discrimination act (only public school students)
    * INDA – immigration non discrimination act (allows recognition of an international same sex married spouse)

    * Allowing gay marriage in New Zealand, France, Germany, Denmark, UK and Australia. (plus repealing ALL the bans in the US where gay marriage is currently banned by statute or by the consitution)

  6. Paul: It’s a little comment on a couple of seabirds. For crying out loud, stop taking everything so f_cking seriously. You’ll give yourself a coronary.

  7. You should see my kids female dog. This full bred yellow Labrador will hump a pillow like the best of the males will hump a real female until its tongue is hanging further out then the dick of the worlds sexiest man.

    It destroyed its bed with its teeth, while humping the bed.

    Reminds me of what the rumors say about that sick pig Pope Benedict. Wears a dress. Hates gays. Really hates himself for what he is. Same old story.

    NO wonder that 48 of our 42 member extended family are recovering catholics.

  8. Your ending paragraph begs a reader to know what name won? Bad way to end a story. Put a link in there to the answer or tell us.

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