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Exclusive: Iris Robinson’s ‘gay cure’ psychiatrist’s methods exposed

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul Bentham 2 Feb 2010, 7:21pm

    Oh, not her again.

  2. Patrick James 2 Feb 2010, 7:56pm

    The article in the Independent by Patrick Strudwick referred to in this PinkNews posting is excellent. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this issue.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 2 Feb 2010, 7:58pm

    Well done for exposing this quack and his methods. I agree, strike him from any professional body immediately.

    Shame though that he is no longer Iris´s quack.. who will she turn to for help now?

  4. Raglan Road 2 Feb 2010, 8:52pm

    We need to re-institutionalise all those weirdos like schizophrenics, manic depressives and especially those gays who refuse to accept that they are ill.They are all a menace to society and have no place in it.

  5. Mumbo Jumbo 2 Feb 2010, 8:58pm

    “….. his methods include encouraging arousal in patients and speaking about his own emotional difficulties.”

    Sounds like he’s indulging his own sick fantasies and psychological needs.

  6. He should have been struck-off ages ago. Any psychiatrist claiming to “cure” gay people isn’t a medical or scientific practitioner at all, but a charlatan. Clearly in this guy’s case, its all about his own self-denial, and he’s ended up harming others because of it.

  7. It seems this man has bigger problems of his own. I suspect he is probably a guilt-ridden homosexual brought up by strictly religious family, and has now painted himself into a corner where he feels he can only get solace from listening to other gay men.

    Speaking from my own experience, I have found Irish gay men to have more guilty feelings and worries about their sexuality than any other nationality or race. I just hope that idiots like this don’t cause more harm than good.

  8. The conference mentioned in the article is the one mentioned in this article:

  9. Robn, how much experience do you have? Certainly not as much as me, a gay man who’s lived in ireland all my life and who also knows this dr miller personally, who is surely a deeply troubled individual but who should not be allowed to speak to an entire island’s population of gay people.

  10. The more that’s known about these poisonous people, the better; then at least there’s a chance that vulnerable people won’t buy into their warped bullsh1t bigotry.

  11. Speaking of shameless deception – why is the Pink Paper carrying those wretched ‘One Trick to White Teeth’ ads? People who sign up to these generally find that they can only get out of substantial payments by cancelling their credit cards:

    It’s a massive scam and no way for the Pink to make advertising money.

  12. 3 Feb 2010, 12:33am

    See now, this is the kind of weaselly English and weaselly thinking that makes me foam at the chops: “…must find the “wounding” which made him experience same-sex attraction and replace this attraction with platonic intimacy with men.” Must? MUST?? What kind of a must is this? A biblical must? A Vatican must? An Evangelical must? An Islamic must? What kind of a man lays down this self-serving negative damaging tripe as a moral imperative? Why exactly “must” he “replace this attraction with platonic intimacy”? I could almost have understood if it had said “moused” instead. Because “mouse” I understand! It’s a good thing this has merely amewsed me, and not actually made me an-grrrrrrrrrrrr-y!

  13. She just can’t resist being in the news

  14. “Speaking from my own experience, I have found Irish gay men to have more guilty feelings and worries about their sexuality than any other nationality or race”

    Well RobN, delightful unscientific generalisation there again, and again based on race! Oh, what a surprise! And such an intelligent remark too! Delightful.

    Another racist swipe. Your as consistent as your are ignorant, Rob, I’ll give you that. From your own admissions on this site, experience is exactly what you are missing in life.

    Lets make one small comparison, shall we, between perceptions in national acceptance of gay people:-

    In the UK, a 2004 poll by Gallup reported that 52% agreed that ‘marriages between homosexuals’ should be recognised while 45% said they should not.

    In Ireland, a survey commissioned by MarriagEquality in February 2009 indicated that 62% of Irish people supported same-sex marriage and would vote in favour of it if a referendum were held.

    Its not a true scientific comparison, I’ll admit, but it is indicative. So, as an Irish person myself (my experience with this nationality being far in excess of yours, and given the facts, I see little as to why we would all be “guilty”? But lets be honest here, this is not about the Irish, its about you and your obsession with racism, isn’t it? Desperate to get any dig in to attack another nationality. The BNP must be so proud of a bottom feeder like you.

    You’re persistent and deeply obsessive racist nonsense makes you a parody of a human, Rob. A foolish racist with self imposed celibacy… year right, “self imposed”. Who are you kidding….

  15. I for one am very happy to see this man reveealed for what he is. That article in the Independent was excellent, and the bit where he encouraged the ‘patient’ to become aroused was awful. Imagine the outcry if a male psych had done that to a young woman.

    In my opinion, Miller needs help himself.

  16. RobN, Iris Robinson is a Unionist. She thinks she’s British, not Irish, on top of all her other delusions.

  17. Bash 'em hard 3 Feb 2010, 1:18pm


    A manifest set-up by homosexual King if there every was one!


  18. As a gay Irish man, I see the same mix of guilt and carefree openness in Irish gay men as anywhere else.

    I fall into the carefree category despite Catholic upbringing.

    What I’d really like to do is protest at the upcoming sham of a seminar in Northern Ireland where this Dr Miller is going to be lying again about the extent of ‘change’ that a person can achieve through therapy.

    Is anybody else going to be there on 27 Feb?

  19. I knew at some point somebody would try and claim this was equivalent to trans people being offered ‘sex changes’.

    Remember that in the past, just like gay people were put through horrid, cruel and ineffective treatments (such as electroshock therapy and anti-psychotics etc) to try and make them straight, that trans people were put through similarly horrid, cruel and ineffective treatments to try and make them cis. Letting them socially transition to live as who they are is surely a less demeaning and invasive approach!

    There is a similar argument still raging about whether it is better to give trans people reparative therapy to change their gender identities despite the lack of success of such treatments (Julie Bindel’s stance for instance). Interestingly the standards of care for trans people do allow for therapists to attempt to change a patients gender identity if the patient expresses a desire for such treatment BUT the patient should be informed that such ‘treatment’ has no history of being effective. My view is that a similar position should be taken with people who have ‘ego-dystonic homosexuality’, respecting their wishes but giving them realistic information on the effectiveness of the treatment and without putting ideas in their head that homosexuality is in any way wrong.

  20. Deeside Will 3 Feb 2010, 6:25pm

    Well, if this very lovely psychiatrist is still “struggling” with his attractions to other males, he clearly isn’t “cured”. So what the hell is he doing trying to “cure” other people of homosexuality?

    I could feel sorry for people like this, if they weren’t making a profession out of reinforcing in others the hang-ups and self-oppressive attitudes that are making their own lives so complicated and miserable.

    Yet another blow to the “reparative therapy” industry. Keep them coming.

  21. The British have been saying there is something wrong with the Irish for 800 years, and I being Irish am personally in the firm belief that this is quite true.Will does not tolerate any criticism of Ireland, legitimate or otherwise. Quite characteristic of a nationality with a narrow and immature identity.

  22. Eric Whitney 4 Feb 2010, 12:19am

    I’m a gay escort in Los Angeles, and guys tell me all the time (after they come) that they are going back to their wives/the gay life isn’t for them/it’s just a phase. Given my track record making men straight, can anyone suggest how I can get a job with one of these outfits?

  23. Oh, its victim again.

    “The British have been saying there is something wrong with the Irish for 800 years”

    No, they haven’t. Just you.

    “Will does not tolerate any criticism of Ireland, legitimate or otherwise”

    Actually, wrong again, I don’t tolerate racism or sweeping unproven generalisation based on culture or nationality.

    What I have is a strong disdain for your unhinged mind condemning Ireland as the cause of your “instability”… 4.5m people did not cause that. You did.

    But welcome back all the same, love that you only ever jump in to conversations that involve you berating your home country. Well done, I can see the therapy is coming along nicely.

  24. Eric Whitney – thanks for the early morning giggle :D

  25. Thank you Partick James for providing the link to the article,,,you are right,,a most interesting read. This part froze my blood:
    “She looks up. I ask her again about this abuse. “I think there is something there,” she says. “You’ve allowed things to be done to you.” In the next session I ask if she thinks the abuse would have taken place within my family, because I can’t remember it. “Yes, very likely,” she replies.”

    YIIKES,,,this woman is dangerous!!

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