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Protests over Super bowl ads for anti-gay Christian group

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Reader comments

  1. I like the game but if I see the QB who paints biblical verse on his face I’ll turn the box off.

  2. Richard GS 30 Jan 2010, 8:51pm

    Wish the article told us who to contact and how to complain.

  3. It’s unlikely you’ll see the ad over here unless it’s carried by one of the news channels.

  4. Don’t like football, don’t watch football and I don’t like Christians who do not know how to be Christians or understand what the Bible is saying. Where is Simon Murphy and his vst contct list for us to protest too?

  5. Could Pink News put the word Christian in quotes for articles like this please?
    These people and the like are certainly not Christian.

  6. Gene Touchet 1 Feb 2010, 4:39pm

    In hindsight, Mrs Tebow and son will someday rue their decision to accept these metaphorical 30 pieces of silver. Until then, Focus on the Family will doubtless rake in millions from their ovine flock.

  7. raymond h. burgoon-clark 1 Feb 2010, 5:16pm

    Can we PLEASE stop calling them “anti-gay CHRISTIANS?” One cannot be both anti-gay AND a follower of Jesus Christ simultaneously. Call them “Konservative Kristianist Kultists” (or Krazies) (“KKK” for short), but NOT Christians, because they ARE not.

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