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Gay groups call on Grammys to condemn ‘homophobic’ Buju Banton

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Reader comments

  1. well done to all the US gay groups who have stood up to be counted.

    Grammy organisers should be ashamed that this low life was even in the nominations.


  2. I hope he gets old sparky.

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Jan 2010, 3:33pm

    ‘…Grammy organisers should use the ceremony to denounce any music which “promotes or celebrates violence against any group of people”.’

    Well yea! No matter how good the music or the stage antics, lyrics are the message; and I’d rather sing the lyrics of Human Rights.

    Denouncing Buju Banton just ain’t good enough. Like Lee said, Banton should not even be in the running.

  4. Sister Mary clarence 29 Jan 2010, 5:56pm

    Of course the story does seem to have a happy ending, he’s in prison looking at 20 years.

  5. f-this-nigger 29 Jan 2010, 7:04pm

    First of all i want to say im not a racest, its just an attack on this homophobe and secondly i hope if he does get comvicted he gets raped in prison by guys with aids.

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Jan 2010, 7:18pm


    I never thought of that.

  7. “He will not appear at Sunday’s ceremony as he is currently in a Florida jail awaiting drug offence charges.”

    And yet he still qualifies for the awards? Nice.

  8. Well, regardless of the outcome I’m pretty sure his cellmates will soon be showing him all kinds of creative places to stick that Grammy award. And the windowsill ain’t one of them.

  9. john abbott 13 Jan 2011, 9:10pm

    Wait until he gets to prison. We’ll see about his homophobia then.
    People such as this one do not deserve any kind of nomination in any civilized society. No one should ever buy music from such a person. He is unworthy of being listened to and should be forgotten about-he will not be getting out of prison anytime soon. Anyone who promotes violence is simply not a good person and should be ignored, never ‘promoted’.

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