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Former Evening Standard theatre critic attacks newspaper’s defence of Jan Moir

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  1. Another case of ‘scratch the surface and find institutionalised homophobia underneath’ – we look abroad and tell other countries how they should be giving equal rights to the LGBT community but we have not even got our house in order yet so who are we to preach?

  2. Simon Murphy 29 Jan 2010, 4:20pm

    Don’t pick up the Standard.

    Even though it’s free; it’s still a vile rag that is not good enough to line a cat-litter box.

    Is this McDonough woman seriously stupid. She claims that Jan Moir’s article was ‘factually correct’. Is she REALLY trying to say that Moir was correct in her statement that being gay killed Stephen Gately.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 29 Jan 2010, 4:20pm

    Yet again we have a ´journalist´ who believes what she believes, regardless of the facts. The fact that this woman is able to pass this cr-p on to the readers of The London Evening Standard is appalling. What is the Standards editor doing? Is he on vacation?

    I´m fed up with newspapers being able to pass off lies and filth as truthful ´news´. I´m all for freedom of speech, but Mr Gatelys surviving partner should sue the ass off them.

    “This week, the Lords saw off an attempt to force churches, in defiance of their beliefs, to employ gay people. Not long ago the newspaper columnist Jan Moir was subjected to a terrifying campaign of intimidation from people who took exception to her off-message but factually truthful remarks about the late, homosexual Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately.”

    Factually truthful? Was a little thing like a coroners official verdict on his cause of death an annoying detail that would have ruined her article?

    She´s not in favour of a more tolerant Britain? Of course not, shes a bigoted homophobe, why would she be?

    Repeating shameful and hurtful untruths about a man who is no longer here to defend himself just to further her no-doubt ´christian agenda´…

    Burn the witch!

  4. Robert, ex pat Brit 29 Jan 2010, 4:27pm

    I wonder how she would have commented on Gately’s death had he been legally “married” to his partner. Does she ever blame marriage and the lifestyle it engenders when its a straight celebrity? I think NOT! She IS a homophobe and so is the rag that employs her and others. If she weren’t, she wouldn’t have used his same-sex civil partnership status to besmirch Mr. Gately.

  5. She reveals her true motives when she describes Jan Moir’s article as “factually truthful”. Half the reason for the uproar was because it was very very far from factually truthful.

  6. Another so called journalist walking the line between a bitch and a c..nt.

  7. I really think that the ractions of the Gay community to insults and jibes, ie the press, politicians, the church,the mosques etc, are a natural reaction to the times when we had to keep quiet and stay in the closet. we are now a visable “minority” to use the venacular and we have our rights. In the same way people are horrified when they hear how public figures used to discribe black people, is it any suprise the LGBT community jumps up to defend itself from these bigots? I don’t think its PC; its all about the right as a human being not to be insulted and to be respected.

  8. Her name rings a bell. Didn’t she write something about religion a while ago? Wish I could remember.

    Why on earth is she writing this article now? Stephen Gately died of a heart condition, and Moir was utterly wrong to attribute his death to his being gay.

  9. She writes a lot about religion from a strong Roman Catholic viewpoint. A few months ago she was extolling the- benefits of worshipping the old bones of St Thérèse of Liseux.
    She’s clearly utterly delusional – but still dangerous for all that. We need to make as much noise as possible about homophobes like her because if we don’t we’ll find all the progress of the past few years pushed back.
    She’s a vile bitch. Don’t pick up – ditch the Standard!

  10. >i>Don’t pick up – ditch the Standard!

    Pick the lot up and start your own recycling business!

  11. Simon Murphy 29 Jan 2010, 6:02pm

    Seeing as the Standard is a freesheet I think the best policy is simply not to pick it up.

    Paul Dacre (current editor) of the Daily Mail used to edit the Evening Standard.

    It’s probably just as coincidence but perhaps there’s some connection.

    Since the Moir disaster 3 months ago the Mail has been on its best behaviour. I wonder why the Standard has suddenly decided to reignire this controversy.

    Very strange of them to do so. The Standard is a London paper so the likelihood is that its readers contain a much higher percentage of gay people than the Mail’s middle England readership.

  12. Martin Lawrence 29 Jan 2010, 6:33pm

    Strange of the Standard to do this, I agree. I’m not really aware of the make-up (ahem) of the advertising industry, but, relying as it does on a lot of people with creative talent, I would expect there to be lot of LGBT people working in it, and the rest to be friendly to us. Since the Standard presumably relies on advertising to be able to be free, I would have expected it to be a bit more careful, whatever its real views.

  13. Mumbo Jumbo 29 Jan 2010, 7:23pm

    Here is the link to the article. It’s even worse than described here.

    Clearly a bitter religious loon terrified at becoming marginalised by her own bigotry:

    You can add your comments at the bottom.

  14. Ray #9 – Thank you for that info.

  15. Unbelievable but when in the same sentence she peddles the same claptrap about the Equality act then you know she’s a bigot in the same vein as Moir.

  16. Yeuch! Another dreary hack obliged to fill up column inches with her bulemic vomitings – force down the news, sick it back up. Don’t get cross, boys and girls. Get even!

  17. Every Londoner knows the Standard is the Daily Mail’s little sister, and their editorial stance is identical. Until recently, I would have said “Don’t buy it”, then they would hopefully notice a fall in circulation and maybe do something about it. (It seems the Jan Moir incident hit the Mail harder than many initially suspected).

    That said, now the Standard has gone “freebie”, they have no feedback on circulation as copies are strewn nightly across tubes, buses and trains across Greater London and it’s suburbs. Not buying a copy doesn’t make a tinker’s damn difference. If you want to hurt the Standard, hit the advertisers, as they are funding this rag, and if they feel their product is associating with a homophobic publication, they may well withdraw their sponsorship.

  18. Can NOTHING be done about this?
    Does anyone know who to complain to?
    Can’t find anything online.

  19. I agree with RobN’s idea

    “If you want to hurt the Standard, hit the advertisers, as they are funding this rag, and if they feel their product is associating with a homophobic publication, they may well withdraw their sponsorship.”

    In my view . . . spot on as a strategy

  20. I agree with that stragety I will list the advertiser on Monday any volunteers for the rest of the week?

  21. We should all boycott the Standard however possible. It is just an irrelivant offensive rag with no serious gay perspective whatsoever ; appalling considering we are now one of the gay capitals of the world – what can they have been thinking to print such garbage.

  22. Sister Mary clarence 30 Jan 2010, 2:50pm

    Its comforting to see that the ES reader comments attached to the story are almost entirely, and very strongly, negative about the article.

  23. Sister Mary – They seem to have stopped adding readers comments, maybe for that reason.

  24. gay people should meet in trafalagar square with every copy of the evening standard they can find and burn them all on a massive bonfire with an efigy of the woman who wrote the article. and they should do this everytime something that incites hatred against gay people is written into the public domain.

  25. leave the paper where it is make sure we don’t increase their circulation

  26. Scott Grundy 1 Feb 2010, 7:02am

    Get the copies. Take them to somewhere like Stonewall. Then Peter Tatchell can organise their delivery to Parliament as an example of why an Equality Act needs to be passed.

  27. I won’t be reading the Standard any more.

  28. I wouldn’t read the Evening Standard if they gave it away free!

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