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Boris Johnson supports anti-homophobic bullying film

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Jan 2010, 7:21pm

    Let’s not all speak at the same time, now!

  2. I for one am disgusted to think that Stonewall continue to delude themselves that they are working for LGB equality, when they resort to these pointless gestures towards 100s of 000s of schoolchildren. The fact that a conservative Mayor of London, who once presumably would have supported Section 28, is pictured with a placard saying ‘Some People are GaY – Get Over It!’ is yet another example of their hateful, assimilationist political toadying. I am personally ashamed that I got off my butt and raised £000s for this futile project, while millions of LGB people are denied the dignity of a civil marriage. I know I am not alone in this, and anticipate that at least three other people on these discussion boards will support me!

  3. Oh Lordy, how long ago was Section 28? Get Over It. Boris gets my vote and at least he’s supporting it. At least Stonewall are trying to do something about bullying. I guess some people would rather nothing gets done. Usually the ones who never went through it to know how damaging it can be!

  4. Stonewall’s campaign = Good, Boris’s backing = Good, constant harking back to attitudes of the 1980s to bolster thoroughly unhealthy chip-onthe-shoulder victim-mentality = So Last Century and utterly irrelevant to us now.

  5. I wish they would produce something in Polish, Lithuainian, Bulgarian and Russian. These countries are still emerging from the horrors of Communism and the LGBT Communities in these countries need all the help they can get. How about it Stonewall?

  6. Chameleon you raised thousands of pounds for Stonewall? It doesn’t sound like you. Do tell us the details.

  7. Simon Murphy 1 Feb 2010, 12:46pm

    No 4: Thomas: You say: “constant harking back to attitudes of the 1980s to bolster thoroughly unhealthy chip-onthe-shoulder victim-mentality = So Last Century and utterly irrelevant to us now. ”

    Is it irrelevant though.

    The Tories have shown absolutely no evidence that they are no longer the horrible old homophobes they have always been.

    David ‘PR’ Cameron makes all the right noises but senior Tory bigots like Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud are campaigning to reduce the parental rights of non-biological gay parents through their association with the homophobic Centre for Social Justice.

    The Tories in the House of Lords ensured last week that religions are still allowed to discriminate against us.

    ‘Dave’ Cameron claims he believes that children should be taught about gay relationship; while at the same time announcing he will strengthen the bigotted ‘faith’ schools.

    In the EU the Tories are in alliance with far-right homophobic extremists like Michal Kaminski and the Polish Law and Justice Party.

    The Tories are still the bigotted party so it’s perfectly reasonable to remind LGBT people that if they vote Tory they are voting against their own rights.

  8. Sister Mary clarence 1 Feb 2010, 2:14pm

    Simon, could you provide details of the exact nature of the Polish Law and Justice Party homophobia you continually quote, please?

    You mention it often, but you’re not very clear how this manifests itself.

    I am happy to provide details of the homophobia, racism and anti-antisemitism of some of Labour’s allies in Europe, but I’d really like to know what has caused your negative opinion of the Polish Law and Justice Party.

  9. Chuckster 1 Feb 2010, 2:34pm

    I remember watching the Pride march in Central London a couple of years ago. I was near Piccadilly Circus. As Boris came into view a group of women near me started shouting “Shame! Shame! Go home!”. Not willing to let the abuse pass I challenged them and said “you might not like the man, but isn’t it better he’s here supporting us than not?”.

    ‘Strewth! I received mouthfuls of rank verbal abuse. You’d think I told these women I wanted to kill their girlfriends or something! Sometimes we need to look at attitudes in our own ranks, and see how accepting we are.

  10. Oh yes, lets trot out the tories-are-cuddly-now. Streuth! LOOK AT THE CURRENT VOTING PATTERN. Where was Sinister Mary when ALL the tories voted AGAINST our eqaulity last month? (AND the tory lords voting to retain the right to persecute us under the insidious “religious freedom” clause). The number of LGBT who support the tories just goes to show how much internalised homophobia there is, or the strength of self-delusion!

  11. Sister Mary clarence 2 Feb 2010, 2:17pm

    Actually I can’t get too worked up about Tory ‘opposition’ voting against a government bill – its kind of how British politics have functioned for centuries.

    I very much suspect that when the Tories are in power, the Labour peers will be voting against any bills the Tories propose.

    Much like they did last time – privatisation for example, completely against everything Labour stood for in opposition, however once in power they were voting for it with two hands instead of one.

    If you can find a local library still open you can maybe get a book on politics and see how the process works, might help by stopping you misunderstanding and getting so upset.

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