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Oxford man stabbed in ‘homophobic’ attack

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Reader comments

  1. Vincent Poffley 28 Jan 2010, 7:09pm

    Ouch. I live on Banbury Road. This is very worrying.

  2. I’ve spent a fair time in Oxford, and it’s limited gay scene, and always found it a very open and friendly city. This sound like an isolated incident of some mouthy drunk. What worries me is he had a knife. I hate to say it but statistically knife carrying homophobes are almost always black. Then they wonder why they seem to be disproportionally stopped and searched.

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Jan 2010, 7:31pm

    “A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent and a 19-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender. They are currently in police custody.”

    Surely a blood test was carried out right away. Only a person on drugs would behave this way.

    This is a serious crime and the criminal needs to be brought to justice, or taken care of in a mental institution for a long, long time.

    The victim too will need therapy in order to regain his faith in humanity.

  4. I hope this an isolated event. I live in Oxford too and have the impression that homophobic violence has not been a big problem in recent times.

  5. I was looking through the comments on the video of the Christian Institute’s youtube pages – judging by some people’s attitudes, mindless attacks like this do not surprise me.

  6. Christine Rourke 28 Jan 2010, 8:42pm

    A sad incident.
    I hope the poor man pulls through…

    But yes, there’s a mindset at work here, and it’s hard NOT to think that the constantly spouted bigorty of the religious right are helping to spread a poison through society.


  7. Sorry but why are the police working closely with the Terrence Higgins Trust?


  8. theotherone 28 Jan 2010, 9:18pm

    my thoughts are with the victim and I hope that this is an isolated incident.

    Now RobN: you can’t fvck1ng help yourself can you? From homophobia to Race to ‘those winging N1gger2!’ all in one sentence. That’s a record even for you.

  9. theotherone 28 Jan 2010, 9:20pm

    ‘Sorry but why are the police working closely with the Terrence Higgins Trust?’

    —because of idiots like you now sling your hook lee.

  10. You missed out on RobN’s trans phobia on this site yesterday theotherone. But then again RobN hates so many thing its hard to keep up!

  11. theotherone wasn’t Lee just asking a simple question?

  12. @Jean-Paul Bentham – I agree with you.

  13. “I hate to say it but statistically knife carrying homophobes are almost always black.”

    You “hate to say it”??? No you don’t, you worthless cretin, you love any opportunity to get your filthy racist dig in. You sicken all of us, RobN, you are a waste of perfectly viable resources.

    Well, here’s anther one stat for you: right wing decrepit old farts with acute sexual hangups are statistically more likely to be single… oh, wait, you ARE single.

  14. RobN you are going to leave yourself wide open to charges of racism where you spin your own opinion as fact. Give us the research source that states “knife carrying homophobes are almost always black”. I challenge you on that.
    As recently as 15th Jan, the Guardian analysed data from 11 police forces covering 29 wards across England where voters have elected BNP councillors in the past six years. In eight wards reports of hate crimes against gays and minorities rose following BNP election.
    They quote Sam Terry from Hope Not Hate as saying “The figures suggest that if the BNP wins more seats, people from ethnic minority and gay communities could face greater persecution because racist and bigoted views will have been further legitimised.”
    Do I really need to state that supporters of the BNP are in fact white? The most recent fatality as a result of gay bashing was by two teenage white girls in Trafalgar Square.
    So I would point out to you that by perpetuating the stereotype and inaccuracy of blacks being knife wielding homophobes without the evidence to support this that you are playing the exact same tactic as the BNP, i.e creating false, irrational fears about minorities.

  15. @ Abi1975 – ‘You missed out on RobN’s trans phobia on this site yesterday theotherone. But then again RobN hates so many thing its hard to keep up!’

    Abi1975, his sort of ‘rage against the world’ is rather like what one would find in an angry and not very learned teenager. At least teenagers normally grow out of that phase. Its a fairly safe bet to say in Rob’s case its most likely systemic of an emotional damaged individual. Then again, he could just simply be an idiot – stupidity is a talent for misconception, after all, racism is the recourse of a weak and fearful mind.

  16. i live on banbury road too, and have been the victim of homophobic abuse in oxford too, so this has gotten me dead scared.

    in responce to alot pof people asking why the police are working with the terrence higgins trust, its because while oxford has halt the main lgbt advocay group is the THT, cause its the closest thing there is hear, they run the local youth lgbt group and realy helped me with stuff when i was getting death threts.

  17. Care about a coordinated, campaigning response to homophobia? Then come to the “Proud London – Stop Homophobic Hate Crime” session at Progressive London conference this Saturday 30 January.

    This session will look at stopping the recent rise in homophobic hate crime across the UK which has included physical attacks and murders. It will also discuss the alliances necessary to challenge homophobia in society.

    Speakers include:
    – Daf Adley, NUS LGBT Officer
    – Pav Ahktar, Chair of Imaan – Muslim LGBT support group
    – Deirdre Costigan – Co-Chair of UNISON LGBT Committee
    – Mark Healey Organiser, Hope and Remembrance Vigil Trafalgar Square 2009
    – Kirsten Hearn, LGBT Consortium and member of MPA

    Ken Livingstone will host the “Progressive agenda to stop the right in 2010” Conference on Saturday 30 January. Other speakers at the conference include: Speech Debelle, Johann Hari, Bonnie Greer, Bruce Kent, Harriet Harman MP and many others.

    The conference will take place at
    10am–5.30pm (Registration from 9am) at Congress House, Great Russell St London WC1 (nearest tube Tottenham Court Road)
    £10 waged; £6 unwaged

    Register now and check out agenda:

    Facebook group:

  18. This is aweful, I hope the victim’s recover ok. I used to live on the Banbury Road and would often walk up there at night with my boyfriend. It is one of the safest areas in Oxford (which is a pretty safe city anyway) so really surprised about this. I hope the offender is forced to face up to what he has done and that the Courts use their powers under section 146 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 to enhance the punishment of the offenders.

  19. Whilst I agree with the sentiments expressed by the ‘other’ George (who posted above), and would prefer for RobN to provide us with links to, or point us towards, research to back up his claims, I don’t think we have to resort to the insults you posted (other) George. Although your anger is certainly understandable.

  20. Why are you lot trying to shoot the messenger? Am I the only one willing to point out the rather large pachyderm in my lounge?

    I am not the one using inflammatory language like “ni88er”, so you tell me who is racist?

    Unfortunately, it takes a rather nasty rag to publish it, because leftie PC papers wouldn’t have the guts to admit it, but these are Scotland Yard stats. Not conjecture by me or the Daily Mail:

    As for homophobes, just look to Jamaica and it’s culture and music. Need I say more?

  21. RobN your charge was that “knife carrying homophobes are almost always black” and your stats do nothing to prove that. The source you provide deals with knife crime in general not homophobic/hate attacks. As for deflecting attention to Jamaica, again that has nothing to do with homophobic attacks in the UK.
    A guy lies badly hurt in hospital after attempting to help someone and you take the opportunity to throw a brick at blacks – that is what so many of us found repugnent.
    At least have the guts to admit when you wrong my friend..

  22. RobN – the source you quote itself admits that the figures ‘do not necessarilty give a complete picture’. It is clear from this article that a lot of information on the ethnicity of knife attack victims is missing and it raises questions about the numbers of knife-toting black youths ‘proceeded against’ in the first place because of their colour. Conversely, we have no idea about how many white youths either avoided or attracted ‘proceedings’ in relation to their race. Drawing general conclusions from this stuff is difficult to say the least.
    I certainly recall meeting a totally respectable black business man some time ago who was constantly stopped and harassed by Police who would charmingly ask ‘how a n***er like him had such a posh car’. OK, just an anecdote – but they can be cited on all sides. I hope in any case that the Police are a lot better than that today.

  23. Stewart: My wording was probably wrong, I agree, but my sentiments remain the same. Knife crime in the UK is committed predominantly by black males. Equally, the same people are well-known to be highly homophobic. I am merely putting the two together. It may turn out the assailant is a little old white lady in a wheelchair for all I know, but it doesn’t take a statistician to do the simple odds-on chances in this case.

  24. RobN there are plenty of groups known to be “highly homophobic”. How about the BNP for a start? You made the choice to link blacks and knives and a homophobic attack. When people take generalisations and then force them to fit an event for which their is simply no fact to support their claim then that is what prejudice is.
    By your own admission blacks are disproportionately stopped and searched, which would result in higher instances of knives being found. If you read the source report the majority of knife attacks among black youths are against each other. It does not support the charge you made that “statistically knife carrying homophobes are almost always black”.
    There was no mention of the race of the attackers in the original report, and there is no reason to assume that this is “odds-on” as you put it.

  25. RobN, have you heard of the Stephen Lawrence case? It might highlight the dangers of thinking in Daily Mail syllogisms.

    In any event, it might be wisest to wait until the ethnic origin of the perpetrators (and, for that matter, the victim) in this sad incident are confirmed before commenting on race, don’t you think?

  26. I can’t speak for the England outside London, but here in the capital, all of the homophobic abuse I’ve witnessed on the street, on buses and on trains, and most of the physical attacks on gay people reported in the local papers has come from young people of British West Indian or African origin (far less in Spanish, French or Dutch speaking Caribbean or African cultures).

    Of course there are homophobes of all races and backgrounds but until we can openly discuss the fact that homophobic attitudes are particularly acute within the black community then these attitudes will continue unchecked.

    The knee- jerk deluded white liberal reaction of screaming “Racist” whenever anybody raises this issue is just not helpful and brushes under the carpet the poisonous hatred towards our community (and that includes attacks on gays of all colours) which is so deep in the Caribbean and African cultures.

  27. Thank you Thomas for a rational and balanced response. Unfortunately, there are those here are so blind that they will not see.

    Even when statistics STATE ACTUAL FIGURES they try to wriggle out of accepting what is staring us in the face. 63% of people caught with knives were black, and more to the point, they only make up an eighth of the population as a whole.

    I suspect a great deal of homophobia bears similar figures. Until people start recognising we have a specific problem on our hands, and stop bandying about accusations of racism, the sooner something might get done.

  28. Really, RobN? You mean when we’re all racist morons like you try to lie around the actual statistics? What would be better for all humanity is people like you and so-called Thomas to get an education. Maybe then you and that other bigot might be able to tell the difference between a “liberal” and someone who stands up to your idiot racism.

  29. George: Why do I have to lie about anything? These are the official statistics produced by the Metropolitan Police. If you are too blinkered or downright f_cking stupid to read and accept them for what they represent, that really isn’t my problem.

  30. Would it not be better to be certain that this incident actually involves ethnic minorities before starting to make wild statements that cannot avoid sounding prejudiced?

    RobN, your statistics are way out: black British citizens and UK residents total 2% of the population (all minorities combined amount to just under 8%).

  31. “I hate to say it but statistically knife carrying homophobes are almost always black.”

    is supposed to be sourced from:

    63% of people caught with knives were black.

    Really? 63% is “almost all” is it, Rob?

    Ergo, you’re either a liar or a fool. I suspect both, given the propensity to vernacular outbursts and debase intellect that’s so very obvious when you have a tantrum of frustration. Oh, boo-hoo, no one agrees with the little bigot!

    And its nothing new to see you in this site spouting racist crap. In fact, spewing your tired nonsense at anyone, any group, any minority (including gay people), only confirm you are one disturbingly pathetic, ignorant and angry little man – and none of your protestations to the contrary convinces anyone.

  32. People, its irrelevant the colour of the skin of the attackers, as it is their eye colour and their shoe size. Lets not let Rob do his usual ‘muddy the waters’ with the race card, the man is a proven bigot, and has shown little propensity for expanding his mind beyond this obsessive and angry view.

    Homophobia is not the domain of one colour or race or nationality, and RobN tries to use the “dirty foreigners are mostly homophobic, so there fore lets kick them all out” argument, backed up by Daily Mail type statistics – rather like the way the extremist christians use NARTH “findings” to back up their “abomination” claims. Tragically, as seen from people like RobN, even our own kind are guilty of homophobic attacks on gay people…. one only has to read his bile ridden insults on this site towards gay people to see that.

  33. Going by George and Rehans comments: 63% is not “all”, but if only 2% of the population are carrying out that 63%, proportionally, that is a massive amount.

    Will: Different races have different cultures, religions and upbringings, which then influences different beliefs. Even an idiot like you cannot disagree to that fact.

  34. “Even an idiot like you cannot disagree to that fact.”

    Sigh…. Typical angry little teenage response form RobN. Well done, your erudite response makes such a difference to anyone here taking you seriously. Culture is nothing to do with skin colour. Even a racist like you can see that. As I already said, stupidity is a talent for misconception and racism is the recourse of a weak and fearful mind. You are the text book example of that statement.

    Tell me, did you ever try to rise above this angry racism in you, perhaps by educating yourself, or are you quite happy to wallow in that prejudiced and bigotry?

  35. Can anyone tell me who on earth is this vile Rob N who insult others to upset this forum on such an important issue with his offensive comments? How dare he demean the victim of this heinous attack with his petty hate on skin colour!!! We need to keep to the issue of violent hate crimes and not be derailed by this fraud.

  36. shaunagus 1 Feb 2010, 3:01pm


    I work in the equality and diversity field and do alot of work around homophobia; I also work alot with black and minority ethnic (bme) communities and with other agencies that work with

    Homophobes can live in any culture, but BME communities and community groups recognise that tackling homophobic attitudes in those cultures is more difficult as homophobia is more prevalent.

    This is NOT because they are black. That would just be silly to say something so clearly racist. But the bme communities are more likely to be religious, to be minority religions that are less tolerant of gay people, or to be immigrants from cultures that don’t have the same level of legislation to protect LGBT people from discrimination etc. It’s a cultural and religious issue, not a race issue. Anyone of any race can be educated against discrimination.

    I completely abhor what RobN says, he is clearly racist. It is true, though, to say that not only is open homophobia more acceptable in some BME communities, but within those communities there is a recognition amongst many that there is lots of education and awareness needed in those communities pariticularly. The “community cohesion” agenda recognises this, too, and there is funding and grants available for work to tackle homphobia amongst BME or minority religious communities, alongside funding to tackle racsim within those communities etc etc.

    Its just about recognising where barriers to inclusion and tolerance exist and working on them. It would be wrong to just say that some communities don’t have higher levels of bigotry than others. There are some white working class communities that also have more bigoted attitudes, doesn’t mean all white people are homophobes.

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