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Trial witness for Prop 8 supporters says gay marriage will benefit children

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  1. Well it’s something that the Tory party have pushed, that marriage is a preferable situation because it bonds the unit together.

    However, a couple isn’t a family until there are children. It is still relatively easy to split up if there are no kids involved, but having children puts a massive overhead of responsibility on a couple, enough for them to forgo their own personal differences, and ensure a loving environment for the children.

    Any ‘married’ gay couple that can offer a caring family to a child has got to be a good thing. My personal concern though is that children should not be conceived by surrogates, and that adoption is a far better option. (And that applies to all couples where either or both partners are incapable of conception).

    There are far too many lonely children out there that could be helped without bringing any more into the world.

  2. Richard GS 27 Jan 2010, 7:44pm

    And if you check the SF Chronicle, you’ll now see the “opposition” claims allowing same-sex marriage will devaluate it and fewer straight people will marry. I’m speechless. Well, almost.

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