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Tory councillor accused of bad taste over gay joke

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Reader comments

  1. His face is now stuck like that.

  2. Simon Murphy 27 Jan 2010, 4:02pm

    His email address is

    He wants to hear your feedback.

  3. “Labour leader Mike Le Surf said the words were “inappropriate” and that he had heard homophobic, racist and ageist remarks from Tory councillors in the past.”

    Arent Labour always quick off the mark to point out another parties faults
    This is why i wont vote for those lying, greedy b**tards again
    When everyone else is saying how they would help the country, Labour adds nothing but to say how everything is fine how it is now and slag everyone else off

  4. BEARFEILE.COM 27 Jan 2010, 4:11pm

    In all honesty I find the remarks quite funny. I think us gay guys are too quick off the mark to criticise people for making remarks like that when we can be just as bitchy. I for one dont find the remarks offensive, I saw Jimmy Carr a few weeks back and while I can see while some people might be offended I for one think we just need to be laid back about things. There is more out there in terms of gay bashing, Christian right wingers and homophobes than someone cracking a joke.

  5. Simon Murphy 27 Jan 2010, 4:32pm

    I agree

    But bear in mind that this guy is a Tory politician. His party is homophobic and if they win the election they will start dismantling gay rights (despite whatever David Cameron may say. Look at how the Tories ensured that churches are allowed to continue discriminating against gay employees ).

    If a comedian had made the remark I’d laugh. It is far less funny when it comes from a politician from a homophobic party. His words are a statement of intent.

  6. gays may see the funny side, but if he thinks domestic violence is a joke he has missed the mark.

  7. Well said, Rose. Whenever I hear politicians trying to be funny, I always remember what a wise woman once told me: the only problem with political jokes is that they get elected.

  8. I’m with Bearfeile on this one too. As homophobic jibes go it’s a pretty toothless example (albeit in dubious taste). I’m inclined to let this one go, simply because if we leap on every gay comment regardless of context people won’t take us as seriously when we do have genuine greivances.
    I don’t want to be known as the “boy who cried wolf” for taking them to task over a label we use on each other in jest all the time.
    We have much bigger fish to fry. That said he should know better as an MP.

  9. Martyn Adams 27 Jan 2010, 4:54pm

    I van hear, gay, friends of mine when i hear the councillors ‘quip’. It’s ok for us ‘queers’ to self reference offensive remarks but if you are straight and make the same reference are you automatically homophobic or offensive. I think not! I can see why people might take umbridge!! But please if these kind of comments are so offensive we should stop using them about ourselves. Smacks of internalised oppression to me. i just think Parker needs to check in with hinself before he speaks in future ‘will the PC brigade think this is funny?’ if the answer is no then keep quiet. Save the funny remarks for people who appreciate them. (sorry I have a black sense of mumour .. and no it’s not racist before you get yur hackles up) … Le Surf and Chilvers should get a sense of mumour .. get on with their job and stop telling tales out of school in an apparent display of oneupmanship and bash the tory. Couldn’t they have taken parker to one side and had a word on the QT and ask him not to do it again or don’t they have the courage of their convicyions to tackle discrimination head on in … or are they drama queens.s

  10. Simon Murphy: “I agree But bear in mind that this guy is a Tory politician.”

    Had it been a Labour one, we’d have all had a good giggle.

  11. Oh F.F.S.! Read the headline again and try not to weep with frustration – “Tory councillor accused of bad taste over gay joke”.

    Can we look more stupid? Can we look more like victims? Can we look even more po-faced and humourless? On the basis of that headline, YES.

    “Accused of bad taste”? Bloody hell…we’ve no right to be protected from “bad taste”, nobody has.

  12. Mihangel apYrs 27 Jan 2010, 6:35pm

    I suppose intention is the issue. If he said it as a way to demean, marginalise and trivialise then he needs a wedgie. If it was a flippant remark playing with words before behaving seriously about the issues then we should treat him as we do anyone who makes an off joke.

    We all make slightly bad taste jokes from time to time, so we should cut him some slack – no-one’s perfect

  13. Pumpkin Pie 27 Jan 2010, 7:10pm

    If he truly believes in the sanctity of quips, he should say “whassup, my niggas!” to the next group of trendy black youths he meets. What’s the betting he actually will? Yeah, somehow I doubt it, too. He’s just a spineless little turd who likes to make gags about soft targets but won’t dare to offend anyone who could actually get him in trouble.

    As with many things in life, it’s not the original action, but what he did afterwards that bugs me. “Sorry, but it’s your own fault you were offended”? If the original “quip” hadn’t been disgusting, that response sure as hell was. You’re not a stand-up, you silly little gimp, you’re a politician. If people wanted a stand-up in parliament, they’d bloody well vote for one. How about actually trying to apologise, even if you think you didn’t do anything wrong? People see the world in different ways. I apologise to people when I upset them, even if I didn’t mean to. Even children know how to do that.

    Also, I’m with Rose on this. The “queen” thing was fine (his apology for anyone it offended was not), but making a gag out of domestic violence was way overboard.

  14. Pumpkin Pie is right – and context is all. This guy was not being witty in the pub with his mates. This happened in a political forum – such things can give power and legitimacy to such expressions of contempt.
    RobN is wrong – I think a Labourite indulging in such insensitivity would provoke much more wrath than a Tory, for reasons which hardly require elucidation, but they are similar to those which engender anger over social inequality increasing under a Labour government.

  15. I think people should take a chill pill. I have heard far worse in a gay pub for goodness sake. It is also unfair to say that the Conservatives are homophobic on the day that the leader David Cameron has advocated kids being taught about homosexuality.

  16. Do not the Council have a diversity and equality policy that he can be disciplined for being in breach of!

    The fact he finds domestic violence a topic for humour makes me wonder about the safety of Mrs Parker.

    Its holocaust day today, maybe Mr Parker wants to joke about that as well!

  17. BrazilBoysBlog 27 Jan 2010, 9:57pm

    I feel sorry for those deluded into electing him. If I want a comedian I´ll go watch one, he´s not there to be funny or entertain. He is supposed to be there to properly represent his constituents. It is not just what he said, but the fact that he thinks promoting gay rights, and help for victims of domestic violence is ´funny´? …as funny as the lords did yesterday?

    I agree that to call gays a ´queen team´ is not the worst thing I have ever heard, (however inappropriate the setting.. it´s a council chamber not a comedy club), but to refer to victims of domestic violence as the ´scream team´ is both sick and demeaning to those suffering.. It is for THAT comment that he should be hung up by the balls for, in the council chamber, until that stupid smug smile is wiped off this dinosaurs face!

  18. All this fuss over a silly but not particularly offensive quip just makes us look ridiculous, humourless and far more stupid than the Councillor in question. Screamer is used by gay men all the time -it is hypocracy to get on a high horse with hoyty toyty mock offence – For Heavens Sake! The Lib Dem is actually attempting to score party political points at our expense – using us for their perceived political gain, and like lemings some of us have fallen for it!

  19. BrazilBoysBlog 28 Jan 2010, 12:01am

    @Thomas. Please speak for yourself about not finding this ´silly but not particularly offensive quip´ offensive.

    This ´councilor´ was referring to TWO groups who were looking to the council for assistance. I think you will find that he was referring to the ´queen team´ as us (I agree, more stupid than offensive) and the ´scream team´ as those representing victims of domestic violence. Do tell me Thomas, what part of a screaming woman victim of domestic violence do you NOT find offensive???

    Good god, as my old mum used to say, none so blind as those who don´t want to see.

  20. John(Derbyshire) 28 Jan 2010, 10:38am

    I found it quite clever and funny for an off-the-cuff remark.It certainly doesn`t offend me-and I think humour can a great bridge-builder.

  21. Hardly funny when it mocks victims of domestic violence. If he stands by his “joke”, then let’s see if he’s man enough to tell it face-to-face to those who have been punched in the face by their husbands in front of their children. Not so funny now eh?

  22. Sister Mary clarence 28 Jan 2010, 2:44pm

    “But bear in mind that this guy is a Tory politician. His party is homophobic and if they win the election they will start dismantling gay rights (despite whatever David Cameron may say. Look at how the Tories ensured that churches are allowed to continue discriminating against gay employees ).”

    Simon you keep writing this crap, but you have no basis whatsoever for doing so. You appear to be working on the premise that our National government built this equality legislation and therefore can un-build it. The legislation is here as a result of our membership of the EU (and to some degree the UN) and has sod all to do with the government of the day, who in reality decide little more than ‘when’ as opposed it ‘if’ the legislation is enacted.

    Labour have been a long way short of first off the mark in doing so, we will ALL have to see how quick the Conservatives are after their election in May.

  23. BrazilBoysBlog 28 Jan 2010, 5:14pm

    @22 “we will ALL have to see how quick the Conservatives are after their election in May.”

    Yeah… wake me up when they do!

  24. I find myself wondering how it was said, what the intention was, what the atmosphere in the meeting was like, etc. It’s precisely the sort of thing I’ve said in policy meetings when I knew that the people around me could take a joke while also taking issues seriously, but would never say to groups of people whose beliefs and attitudes I wasn’t sure of. And I don’t know the guy’s history on the issues.

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