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Obama expected to mention military gay ban in State of the Union address

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Reader comments

  1. Thomas, FloriDuh, USA 26 Jan 2010, 6:44pm

    I fear more pretty words and no action from President “No I Won’t!”… Hope I’m proven wrong but this man is a disappointment beyond measure.

  2. don’t hold your hopes up too high…never mind talking about what he will say, what’s he going to actually do, after all these broken promises?

  3. Hodge Podge 26 Jan 2010, 8:27pm

    I’ll listen, for what it’s worth.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 26 Jan 2010, 9:00pm

    I´ll listen also, but the time for words is long past.. I was one of those crying with joy when Obama won the election… Not now. I can´t think of a single important thing that he promised to do during his campaign, that he has actually got done.

    He promised things in Washington would be different. It seems pretty much business as usual to me.

    And whats with all this bi-partisan/lets work together rubbish?

    The GOP were never going to be interested in pushing forward his agenda. He has simply wasted time. I´m sorry but he was elected on such a large and popular mandate from the people that he should have shown strong leadership and GOT IT DONE.

    Instead, he tip-toed around the Republicans in Washington (who he didn´t need) and they have f-cked him up. Now, he cannot do anything without them and he is going to be a lame-assed President.

    So much for the hopes of the nation, so much for the hopes of the world.

    So, lets wait for tomorrow and MORE big words and promises…

  5. I’m sick of being patient for EQUALITY.

    The British army has been segregation free for 10 years, and look! It still actually works!

  6. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 26 Jan 2010, 11:08pm

    America, America!!!!!!! So proud our lesbian wimmin, gay men, serve
    their country.
    Check your motives and fears, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is of nothing,
    America wake-up,harsh judgement of your sisters and brothers serve
    no one well. Mother Earth weeps, healing has to replace fears and H8.
    F E

  7. Mihangel apYrs 27 Jan 2010, 8:40am

    maybe Obama has found the Massachusetts vote a wake up call. Unfortunately too late since the Senate will probably stall any initiatives (DADT, DOMA) now. AND the health care bill is held up and being shredded.

    I think he’s stuffed and will probably be a one-act pres

  8. Simon Murphy 27 Jan 2010, 11:54am

    Dear Obama,

    Unless your speech gives a specific date by which time you will have honoured your pre-election promises then I’m not interested.

    Obama really has screwed up his presidency so far. What was he thinking by abandoning his core voters to cosy up to the Republic***s

  9. I wish the guy would stop dithering, and LEAD.

  10. Not sure how many of these comments are from Europeans, but it’s good to see that Obama’s shine is starting to wear off over here. He’s really no different than Baby Bush. Well, he lies more.

  11. Michael Anthony 27 Jan 2010, 4:33pm

    I certainly hope that Obama does announce a planned repeal of the policy. Its one of the reasons I voted for him.
    That said, I am amazed at how many people, including those posting on her, are ready to throw him under the bus, after only 1 year.
    Historians and experts agree, that WHOEVER won the 2008 election woud face a huge mountain of problems, including the economy & wars, and would face a hostile electorate. The odds were against WHOEVER won. Its easy to see that the hostile electorate is living up to the predictions. It also been evident in the vitrol over the health care debate.
    By turning against Obama, you may very well assure that a Republican takes over in 2012, and a conservative one at that. If you think Obama is bad, then be prepared for something even worse than Bush.

  12. Mihangel apYrs 28 Jan 2010, 10:25am

    @Michael Anthony

    a president (or prime minister) can’t be a one shot operator, s/he has to keep a number of things running at the same time. So while the “bribing of the bankers” was underway he could still have done something about DADT – maybe an executive order (such an order would be difficult to resile from later as too many people would have been involved). DOMA is more difficult since I believe he supports the principle, but he could have done something to extend partner rights to encompass all marriage benefits.

    He’s lost a year and now his ability to bust the filibuster. I think he’s winged, and I fear he’s losing a lot of his liberal base

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