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Boyzone star Keith Duffy suffering panic attacks after Stephen Gately’s death

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary clarence 26 Jan 2010, 6:09pm

    Thought the gravy train might have dried up …..

  2. Simon Murphy 26 Jan 2010, 8:25pm

    That’s not really fair though Mary Clarence. Stephen Gately was never the frontman of that band. It was Ronan Keating who sang most of their songs. Stephen Gately was the backup singer. And the other 3 were there to make up numbers.

    Sad as his death was it was not like the band couldn’t continue without Gately.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 26 Jan 2010, 9:09pm

    You are right Simon, but I happen to think that Stephens vocals were actually better than Ronans. He certainly had a better range. When I first read this, I thought ´Oh no, not another ´Boyzone is missing Stephen´ article!´, but what he said about him was actually quite sweet. I guess that he was a character that anyone who knew him would miss badly.

  4. Duffy’s account is just that of the recently bereaved. The speech made by the 4 guys at his funeral was entirely authentic in my opinion. Is it a crime for 4 straight guys to love a gay man? What a bilious view of the world.

  5. Comment for Mary

  6. He spent thousands on beauty products? Great… tell Haiti.

  7. BrazilBoysBlog 27 Jan 2010, 3:44am

    @6 What the HELL has spending ANYTHING on beauty products got to do with Haiti? (and months/years before it even happened?).

    That has to qualify as just about the most lame-assed comment I have ever seen on PinkNews! What are you smoking girl? Quick, get me some!

  8. Sister Mary clarence 27 Jan 2010, 4:50am

    “That’s not really fair though Mary Clarence”

    “Stephen Gately was the backup singer. And the other 3 were there to make up numbers.”

    Simon do the words ‘Pot’ and ‘Kettle’ mean anything to you?

  9. @Maria: Wow, now Stephen Gately is also responsible for Haiti’s misery… I agree with BBB, possibly the most ridiculous and far-fetched comment on here ever. Couldn’t really come up with anything insulting this time, so Haiti had to suffice?!

  10. The C(o)unt of Monte Crisco 27 Jan 2010, 11:51am

    dee_bee, Maria must be one of those who thought Hurricane Katrina was caused by Ellen’s appearance in N’Awlins the day before it happend!

  11. BrazilBoysBlog 27 Jan 2010, 11:52am

    @dee_Bee Perhaps Maria is after Jan Moirs job at the Daily Mail? Even Ms Moir, whilst claiming his lifestyle was ´sleezy´, did not credit him with Haiti´s woes.

    But wait, perhaps she would have done, if it had even HAPPENED then?

  12. BrazilBoysBlog 27 Jan 2010, 11:55am

    @10 “Maria must be one of those who thought Hurricane Katrina was caused by Ellen’s appearance in N’Awlins the day before it happend!”

    Was´nt it? :-)

  13. Old news. He’s dead. Get over it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. seriously cannot believe how bitchy some of you are, have some respect + leave steo alone hes such a kind, loving person +he does not deserve evil comments x

  15. Amy: I think the past-participle you are looking for is *was*, not *is*

    I have nothing against the man. It’s just this rag will squeeze any story dry until the pips squeak out.

  16. @RobN: I don’t mean any disrespect, but maybe you can answer a question which has puzzled me for quite some time now. From your comment I gather that you do not have any particular interest in reading “news” about Stephen Gately and/or his bandmates (anymore). May I then ask what made you click on- and read this article? The title makes it clear what this is about. I clicked on it because I was quite shocked by Gately’s unexpected death and wanted to know how his bandmates are doing three months on. If anything about Boyzone’s grief is “old news” and you are not interested, why read it? Again, I’m not having a go at you in any way, and I understand you don’t mean any disrespect towards Gately and/or his bandmates…but why come here simply to say “get over it. Zzzzzzzz”? (Oh, and I doubt that the boyzone guys, Gately’s family and many fans are “over it” by now.)

  17. dee_bee: I clicked on the article because I was totally bemused and curious to know exactly what wisp of a rumour they had actually converted into a full page of “news”.

    I now realise it really is possible to polish a turd.

  18. RobN: Well, this isn’t a rumour, it’s a write-up of an interview Keith Duffy gave to Closer magazine, so it technically is news, “entertainment news”, but news nonetheless… ;-)

    It didn’t seriously take this article for you to realize that every turd can be polished…?! :-)

  19. Why bitch about this? This is important news in that a lot of people find it important and a lot of people’s opinions of gay people are influenced by their knowledge/experience of a prominent gay person they admire.

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