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Moscow mayor repeats claims of ‘satanic’ gay Pride marches

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Reader comments

  1. can we put him in a room with Ann Widdcome and Iris Robinson and the Phelps clan and all the other cuckoos and lock it?

  2. Simon Murphy 25 Jan 2010, 4:38pm

    This Mayor is actually helping the LGBT population of Moscow.

    Thanks to the Mayor and his stupid bigotry, the LGBT population has a much higher profile than they otherwise would have and the issues facing them are being discussed in the press.

    Moscow will eventually becomes a late 20th Century city in terms of gay rights (too soon to imagine them stepping into the 21st Century)

  3. “It’s high time we stopped propagating this nonsense about human rights…” Seems to me that the good people of Moscow need to start worrying about where statements like that will lead to.

  4. An Cat Dubh 25 Jan 2010, 7:33pm

    Alexeev: Durak. Poshol ty na khuy blya. Yob tvoyu mat’ suki syn. ^_^
    PinkNews: Are you sure those were Neo-Nazis and not Pamyat’ activists?

  5. An Cat Dubh 25 Jan 2010, 7:34pm

    Oh! Sorry, I meant Luzhkov. Poshol Luzhkov na khuy!

  6. 26 Jan 2010, 12:42am

    Russia – that shining beacon of civilisation, exporting only natural resources (no change there) and arrogant materialistic uncultured billionaire kleptocrats, manufacturing next to nothing, squeezed financially by the drop in value of oil, with a credit rating and commercial reputation seeping down the pan, ravaged by internal price and wage inflation, an international bully strutting vaingloriously on the world stage, a place where inquisitive and sceptical journalists are murdered, and the media are almost all controlled by the government. The sick man of Europe, sicker even that Berlusconi’s Italy – lecturing its gay people about “decent standards”! What a joke!

  7. Nicely said,

    The racists who imagine that lunatic bigotry exists only in Africa and in West Indian countries might like to note that stupidity is clearly not limited by race.

  8. Well said Kitty and Rose! Nicely put and exactly to the point!

  9. I agree with @Mike and @Simon Murphy

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