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Gym owner apologises for ‘soy makes kids gay’ email

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Reader comments

  1. Not soy – nuts! Read the article here if you fancy some light relief:

  2. I might have guessed. This snake-oil merchant is a big time Bible basher.

    “James Rutz is chairman of Megashift Ministries and founder- chairman of Open Church Ministries.”

    Eastern cultures have been using Soya and it’s byproducts for thousands of years with no adverse effects.

    The man is yet again another homophobic Christian nutter. And people want to know why there are now laws coming up to stop this nasty, insidious filth from spreading.

  3. Mmm if this was the case would not all oriental people be gay? What a load of Soy Sauce!

  4. Sister Mary clarence 25 Jan 2010, 2:00pm

    Ok, the gay bit night be a bit off message BUT men with an increased estrogen intake may notice …

    increased breast size
    darkening of nipples
    less acne
    slower growth of facial hair
    lowered risk of prostate cancer
    slower progression of baldness
    feminization of body shape
    more feminine complexion
    reduced chance of heart attack

    Also, men with increased estrogen intake probably will have …

    increase risk of breast cancer
    increase the chance of liver or gall bladder disease or tumors
    decrease the size of testicles
    lower interest in sex
    mood or personality is altered in unpredictable ways
    increase the chance of blood clots which can be fatal

    Although better in some respects than cows milk, I have always been advised at the gym (Britain’s gayest gym change) to avoid SOYA milk because of the estrogen content, and I’m fairly sure there was no misguided homophobia present from any of the staff there.

  5. theotherone 25 Jan 2010, 2:00pm

    so it’s the tofu what did it to me!

  6. theotherone 25 Jan 2010, 2:03pm

    SMC: not at the levels present in soya milk. You need to be taking supplements for those effects to take hold

  7. Rather than stop gym memberships, it’s better just to have an argument with the guy posting the link, about what nonsense it is.

  8. so how come all the gay men i know have bigger, better penises than the straight?

  9. and don’t anyone dare ask how i KNOW they have!

  10. Rose, that’s the second time I’ve spat my drink over my keyboard today! :D

  11. It was those Cadbury Cream Eggs that made me gay :]

  12. The Menstruator 25 Jan 2010, 4:54pm

    I wish this were true!!! I’d personally poison the male population with soy on the daily. However, who’s gayer than a gym owner? I think owning a gym makes you gay. What sort of male would think salty nuts is NOT gay?

  13. SO THATS WHY! I always had wondered why I was gay, and the fact I have been drinking soy milk for the past 4 years now… it all finally adds up!

    But I think hes misguided in the notions of having small penises and being sexually confused as I am the exact opposite of those two

    haha sorry, I can only really chuckle at this article.

  14. Rose “So how come all the gay men i know have bigger, better penises than the straight?”

    Because gay men just love to flash their willies more than straights, at every possible opportunity. Maybe that’s why you like John Barrowman so much. LOL.

  15. Yes, granted, and he’s a lovely example. But that doesn’t explain why they’re all so much bigger. After all, there are no exercises you can do to improve them. you get what you get and like it.

  16. Rose: “You get what you get and like it.”

    That’s not true by all the heartfelt emails I get from those awfully nice people telling me I can make it bigger with their special tablets, lotions and ointments.

    Anyway, I’m happy. I’ve got 12″, but I never use it as a rule.

  17. Justin Hafey 26 Jan 2010, 1:00am

    Hilarious article, usual Christian claptrap, can anyone else see the ‘self reinforcing delusion’. I am Gay, I’ve always been Gay and I love being Gay:)

  18. I was gay before I even knew what soy was. Someone should slip this dingbat some soymilk amongst his regular breakfast cereal milk to see if he notices. On second thoughts, it’ll probably only reinforce his “Dr. Strangelove” like paranoia that it’s all a big conspiracy to stop macho men being fertile! [For those who don’t know the movie, paranoid general Jack. D. Ripper develops a theory that the Russians have slipped flouride into the US water supply to make American men less virile, so he declares marshal law and sends in the B-52 bombers!]

  19. The pseudoscience background to the story was concern that soymilk FORMULA might feminise boy BABIES. There is no measureable impact on adult males. Men with manboobs are usually overweight and undermuscled – any food or drink can do that. For the record, subsequent research showed no direct impact from soymilk on babies secondary sexual characteristics (like breasts) either. All a load of BS or should that be cow S?

  20. “In 2001 a study announced that Gay men have on average larger penises than their straight male counterparts. This announcement was heralded by the more salubrious gay press as vindication of the gay male as more masculine. But let’s face it, this study had major flaws, and requested the respondents to measure their own penises.

    Would you trust a gay man to give an accurate measurement.”


  21. I wouldn’t trust any man to give an accurate measurement. So I think I should volunteer to conduct the experiment. Purely in the interests of science.

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