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Homophobic MP Iris Robinson to face police investigation

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s hope the PSNI do a good job and the Public Prosecution Service has the balls to pursue matters in the Courts. Maybe the whole sad episode will get the public airing it deserves – not least to show up ‘poor Peter’ for what he is.
    I’m sick of the manipulation of the news .. the “‘acute’ psychiatric treatment”, the fact that the alleged suicide attempt took place in 1-2 March 2009 and it wasn’t for another TEN months, by which time the BBC Spotlight team were on the case and closing in, that there was any mention of ‘mental illness’.
    We all know she’s mad – but I doubt her ‘mental illness’ is of a type which merits any kind of psychiatric treatment, ‘acute’ or not!

  2. I read that the alleged suicide attempt came after her husband Peter found the love letter to her teenage lover.

    Anyway, Iris is only a small part of the problem – the DUP is riddled with people who think the same way.

  3. Sister Mary clarence 22 Jan 2010, 9:14pm

    Playing my downloaded Mrs Robinson as I sit reading this (and if ever a song was made for someone ….) – I’m still waiting for her to be dragged naked to the city gates to be stoned.

    And big up the BBC as well, I’ll not be grumbling quite so much this year when I have to stump up for the license fee

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Jan 2010, 1:55am

    As I said on a previous Iris comment thread… About bloody time!

    The Police chose not to prosecute this homophobe last time for her hate speech.. maybe this time they will do their job?

    We live in hope.

  5. Let’s hope the PSNI do their job.

  6. alessandro 23 Jan 2010, 3:44am

    What do they mean – The police remit is to investigate potential criminality, nothing else? Potential? I am not a solicitor but I would have thought is was as obvious as your nose on your face. One can only live in hope. It would be a laughing matter if, this time, she were to escape the clutches of the law. I never believed in Karma until this.

  7. kinckers down …
    hand in till…

    Even with out my classes i can see she has done wrong I live in hope everyday that i wake up BUT coming back to the real world I know nothing will come of this perhaps slapped legs or a good telling off ???
    i can and will wait and see
    I so want to be proved wrong
    BUT what about the hubbie will he just fade into the shadows ?

  8. Sister Mary clarence 23 Jan 2010, 12:53pm

    Its been over two weeks now I’ve been camped outside the gates of Belfast in my Winnebago, with two and a half a hundredweight of large pebbles from Brighton beach.

    I assume the lying, thieving, adulteress is coming, I’ll be gutted if she’s not.

  9. Omar Kuddus 25 Jan 2010, 1:08pm

    And about time too, for she has spewed her homophobic vile for long enough and tried to hide behind her position, religion and status.

  10. This dreadful woman and her nasty antics has upset the applecart well and good in NI!!! She needs to be locked away for that reason alone let alone her religious rantings and gay hate spouting!

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