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Gay rugby hero Gareth Thomas announced as LGBT History Month patron

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Reader comments

  1. God I am just loving Alfie more and more – what an absolutely diamond geezer he is. He is on his way to being hugely influential to gay and straight.

  2. This announcement is in addition to my 9″ high award for Panty Creamer of the Year….

  3. Panty creamer of the year award, I heard of that before. Is not that the award the your collect at midnight, it sods off at 5 in the morning. Gives you a false phone number, and your left with some festering cousants in the bottom of your bread bin? Does it not also come with a box of tissues?

  4. Great article in Attitude by him. It has also got the gorgeous schafernaker on the back. Bought it in Tescos. Have they only recently started selling as i hadnt seen it before.
    Alfie is Great!

  5. Yeah I bought mine in Sainsburys. I am str8 and dont usually purchase to be honest but I wanted to read Alfie’s interview. I was surprised by how mainstream the mag was…I deffo would purchase again.

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