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Dolly Parton says gay rights are a ‘human’ issue

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Reader comments

  1. I think she’s really a Drag Queen, but that’s not in any way a criticism. She looks like one of my aunties.

  2. “Dolly Parton says gay rights are a ‘human’ issue”

    Well they’re not likely to be seen on f_cking ‘Top Gear’ or ‘Country File’, you vapid old bint.

    Winner of ‘Mastermind’ this week with her specialist subject:
    “Statin’ the bleedin’ obvious.”

  3. theotherone 22 Jan 2010, 11:04pm

    what’s your problem RobN? She speaks in support of Queers and you come down on her like a ton of fvck1ng hot bricks.

    Grow the fvck up.

  4. I think theotherone just summed up every intelligent thing that can be said to the immature, bitter old queens that inhabit this place that are likely to criticise Dolly for her words of support. Well done.

  5. Yeah, so every “star” that hasn’t had any exposure for a year or two jumps on the bandwagon, either side. Not that they have any interest whatsoever, but they like to get their name in print once in a while.

    Other useful soundbites that state a foregone conclusion might include “Pets are animals too”, “Weather is causing climate change” and “Labour will lose the next election”.

    If these people can’t actively make a contribution to whatever it is they are supposed to be supporting, keep out of it.

  6. Oh RobN please find out more information before you comment. Dolly doesn’t need the “exposure”. Also she has been a fan of the gays for a long, long time.


  7. Dolly’s wonderful. :) Nice article.

  8. theotherone 23 Jan 2010, 11:13pm

    indeed she has andrew, indeed she has. She’s stood up for Queers in a country where it could have ruined here career – she didn’t care.

    RobN: grow up a bit my dear.

    Dolly Rocks! All hail The Queen Of Country! Praised be Her name!

  9. RobN said: “If these people can’t actively make a contribution to whatever it is they are supposed to be supporting, keep out of it.”

    You ignorant retard, Dolly has been organizing a “Gay Day” in her Dollywood park every year. In Tennessee, in the middle of the Bible Belt. She has been receiving death threats for that. But no, that’s NOT an “actively made contribution”…

  10. RobN – Don’t you get tired of indulging in this sort of almost random, scatter-gun abuse? The Seer is right – the fact that a celebrity from the reactionary American hinterland says these things at all – let alone the big stuff she organises – is a brave and positive contribution. Good on Dolly.

  11. Riondo: My abuse is always targeted at the idiots, bigots, hypocrites and bureaucrats. I’m sure Dolly Parton is a nice lady, but this story is so lame that if it was a horse, I’d have it shot.

    I just get the feeling there are artiste managements and PR people like Max Clifford, constantly looking for an ‘angle’ to get some kind of publicity. Find a little niche, it gets out onto the media wires, and crappy little rags like this will pick it up and print it. If it’s a bit risqué, all the better. The point is what she said means nothing, does nothing, serves nobody and will be gone again as quick as a click on your “back” button.

    I just wish celebrities would stop trying to be arbiters of contemporary political opinion, and just stick to doing what they get paid vast amounts of money to do.

  12. theotherone 25 Jan 2010, 12:41am

    you’re an idiot RobN. You’re attacking someone who refuses to join in the hate that’s all to common in the US for not joining in the hate.

    Dolly speaking like this does ALLOT, more than you’ll ever imagine.

    Do you actually understand that by sticking up for Queers she’s putting both her career and herself at risk? Do you care? I think you would prefer it if everyone hated you as much as you hate yourself.

  13. Stephen J. Hyland 25 Jan 2010, 3:50am

    And you’ve done, like, what in your vapid little life? Gone to a bar?

    Parton’s been supportive for longer than your queer little life, moron.

    Do something real, and maybe you’ll get some respect. Otherwise, shut the fick up!

  14. Stephen J. Hyland: You know absolutely f_ck all about me. Anyway, the argument was about Dolly Parton, so don’t twist the gun around on me to support your puerile little bitching.

    Now sit down, have a chair. Let me plug it in.

  15. Dear RobN, stop it! go take your meds immediately! and do a little Dolly research while you’re at it!

  16. I wish people would get off their high horses. I am not anti-Dolly.
    I am just anti-bandwagon-jumping. (Be that the artiste that says it, the management that promotes it or the media that flogs it.)

  17. Dolly has aways been ‘on side’. She’s a good person and does lots of charity stuff. She has hit the nail on the head; its all about human rights and the right to live as you are without being a victim of bigots like The Pope,Iris Robinson and Ann Widdicombe and all the other sad demented homophobes. Thanks Dolly!

  18. theotherone 25 Jan 2010, 4:03pm

    RobN: dolly’s not jumping on any bandwagon, she’s been saying this for years.

    You’re not anit-bandwagonism, you’re anti-Queer.

  19. Nah. Just anti-otherones.

  20. Just a little add-in tidbit. In March of 2007 Dolly is reported as saying “When I have sex with my husband these days, I fantasize I am with someone like Keith Urban or a petite hot young woman.”
    So what if she’s not living and breathing equality every single moment and day of her life. She regularily makes comments in support of our community. I for one welcome it.

  21. theotherone 25 Jan 2010, 6:01pm

    I to welcome what she says

  22. theotherone 25 Jan 2010, 6:03pm

    ‘Nah. Just anti-otherones.’

    —and how true that is: racist, sexist, homophobic.

    Indeed you’re so anti-otherones that you’re anti-others. Go home RobN, you’re village is missing it’s hetronormitive poof.

  23. I fail the see the logic of being anti-bandwagon while we’re on it.

    If you argue that bandwagons are all destruction, like your language implies, then you are saying that gay rights (human rights like they are and Dolly realizes) are not something to get onboard about.
    The USA is finally getting people to be more supportive of us, famous no less, and you tell them to cease and desist?

    I am glad you tell the people on our side to knock it off while you leave the band wagon of Conversative and Religious folk to continue to ban and take away our rights. :)

  24. FYI, that last part is all sarcasm. ;)

  25. Alchemu: My term “anti-bandwagon” is that these people don’t really give a toss about the cause, but simply want to get involved for the self-publicity. Having worked on the Band Aid / Live Aid stuff and all the other charity gigs that surfaced after that in the 80’s, I can tell you that it is very common, and a great many people involved did it purely for the publicity. (Anyone want to do a charity record for Haiti? Oh sorry, the Yanks have already done it.)

    That said, I don’t think Dolly is doing that, but her statement was… I can’t even find the word… utterly pointless. She might as well have said “oranges are like, er, orange.” Of course gay rights are a human issue; what the hell else could they possibly be? I then think her management / publicist / record co. leapt on the quote and flogged it to death to try and get he in the news.

    Let’s be honest, unless I had made that comment earlier, this comment box would have died at about (2).

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