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Culture chief receiving hate mail over gay Bible exhibition

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Reader comments

  1. Would LOVE to meet Bob Handyside and shove his poisened pen and shove it up his arse

  2. Pissed Atheist 22 Jan 2010, 8:38pm

    Didn’t you know when you mess with God’s Word you piss Christians off. You can’t rewrite the Bible or write yourself in the Book of Life. Take it from me I have piss some Christians off and I feel really bad about it. I’d like to tell Ray Comfort I am sorry, but I don’t have the nerve to.

  3. Henry Wood 22 Jan 2010, 9:00pm

    Handyside *does* have a very valid point of view. The day *anyone* dare leave a copy of the Koran with a pen inviting comments will be the day when peaceful living among us all may be said to be coming a bit closer. I fear that day is a long, long way off and will not be seen in my lifetime.

  4. Jennifer Hynes 22 Jan 2010, 9:27pm

    Ah Bob Handyside, of the Christian Party I assume, who wish to have the death penalty reinstated (Jesus would be pleased), corporal punishment back in our schools, discouragement of the practice of addressing women as Ms, more emphasis on the role of witnesses over forensic evidence, and let’s not forget the party’s leader, one James Hargreaves, who co-wrote, with his gay flatmate ‘So Macho’.

    Overall, I feel Mr Handyside is not very representative of the disciples of Christ; Cheap grace costs nothing.

  5. Lets do a little bit if research into Mr Bob Handyside . . . I am sure we will find an aray of suprises in his cupboard – so to speak

  6. Only to be expected from Idiots incapable of rational thought.

    “My bible told me so……”

  7. Which one of you claim to be a good person? It sounds like some of you guys are perfect. See if you pass the test, click on my name. Before you criticize me, I know I’m not good.

  8. Isn’t god, being all omni-everything capable of taking the necessary steps to defend him/her/itself if he/she/it were offended.

    Aren’t Christians supposed to PRAY for their enemies and turn the other cheek etc. etc. etc.? How far from True Christianity these mindless bleaters have strayed. Says something quite telling about their shepherds methinks.

  9. There’s an on going campaign by Christian wingnuts (Christian Institute types) to remove Dr McConnell.

    We should make a point of writing to her to express our support. If this continues, then a demonstration of protest is needed.

  10. Mihangel apYrs 22 Jan 2010, 11:25pm


    1 prove that a god, any god, exists
    2 prove that it is your god
    3 prove that it thinks as you believe it to

    then we can have a worthwhile conversation

  11. Malcolm.

    You really are thick.

    Please stop reading from the lies you have been told and enter into rational thought.

    Your website albeit a software companies Flash impressive, does not come across as a doctrine.

    It simply comes across as yet another brain washed idiot
    spewing the rubbish forced into him as an innocent child
    by the Church your parents went to, before your father
    climaxed into your mothers Vagina.

    Please prove each and every one of the statements you say on your web site.

    If you can’t then cease and desist as you can be sued under your own pathetic American constitution.

    Historically, the people that built your country would be appalled at how you are now disgracing them by violating every Bible passage as you did with people of color in the 50’s.

    Read your Bible. Top to bottom. Before you dare to come onto any forum that your good book dislikes.

    You people disgust me.

  12. 21stCenturySpirituality 23 Jan 2010, 12:29am

    Malcolm, I suggest you undertake a more thorough and objective examination of Christian theology, philosophy, and spirituality. In this endeavour I would recommend reading the following titles/authors.

    How To Read The Bible by Richard Holloway

    Theology – The Basics by Alister Mcgrath

    Christian Theology by Alister Mcgrath

    Theology: A Very Short Introduction by David F Ford

    The Hidden Gospel: Decoding The Spiritual Message Of The Aramaic Jesus by Neil Douglas Klotz

    The Lost Message Of Jesus by Steve Chalke & Alan Mann

    The Lost Gospel Q: The Original Sayings Of Jesus by Thomas Moore & Marcus Borg

    What The Bible Really Teaches: A Challenge To Fundamentalists by Keith Ward

    Rescuing The Bible From Fundamentalism by John Shelby Spong

    Sins Of Scripture: Exposing The Bible’s Texts Of Hate To Reveal The God Of Love by John Shelby Spong

    The Bible: The Biography by Karen Armstrong

    Inner Christianity: A Guide To The Esoteric Tradition by Richard Smoley.

    How Jesus Became Christian: The Early Christians And The Transformation Of A Jewish Teacher Into The Son Of God by Barrie Wilson

    The Lost Bible: Forgotten Scriptures Revealed by J R Porter

    The Inclusive God: Reclaiming Theology For An Inclusive Church by Hugh Rayment-Picard & Steven Shakespeare

    The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religions Tells Us About God by Darin Hufford

    The Post Evangelical by Dave Tomlinson

    Re-enchanting Christianity by Dave Tomlinson

    What Is The New Age Saying To The Church by John W Drane

    What Is The New Age Still Saying To The Church by John W Drane

    101 Myths Of The Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History by Garry Greenberg

    Lost Books Of The Bible (For Dummies) by Daniel L. SmithChristpher & Stephen Spignesi

    Learn Biblical Hebrew: A Guide To Learning The Hebrew Alphabet, Vocabulary And Sentence Structure Of The Hebrew Bible by Jeff A. Benner

    Introducing Liberation Theology by Leonardo Boff & Clodovis Boff

    The Gnostic Gospels: Including The Gospel Of Thomas, The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene (Sacred Texts)

    The Secret Gospels Of Jesus: The Definitive Collection Of Gnostic Gospels And Mystical Books About Jesus Of Nazareth by Marvin Meyer.

    Lost Scriptures: Books That Did Not Make It Into The New Testament by Bart D Ehrman

    The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels

  13. Vic Codling 23 Jan 2010, 12:52am

    Well done Dr McConnell: Her demonstration offering the bible fulfilled axactly its purpose by demonstrating how some christians attempt to justify homophobia to exclude others. Also precisiely how bigotted and intimidating they can be! Vic Codling Gay Police Association

  14. I love the fact that their whole campaign is about the fact that she is using tax money. I’m gay and i pay taxes, i have no problem with it.

  15. Where can i write to offer my suport to Dr Bridget McConnell ?

  16. Christine Rourke 23 Jan 2010, 9:19am

    Harassment and hate mail are, to the best of my knowledge, criminal offences. I hopoe she has reported this to the police.

    Frankly, this amounts to a form of low-level terrorism, and it seems certain that unless the Law takes action against these evil groups soon, these nut-jobs will soon start to resort to violence.


  17. It always makes me laugh that the same Christians who are concerned about the rise of Islam in the UK are exhibiting all the symptoms of Jihad envy.
    I get the impression that for certain evangelicals, stoning people for blasphemy is still an appealing notion in 2010.
    Of course they could still do that… if they moved to certain hotspots in the Middle East. Trouble is, those same countries tend to be the ones who would arrest you for wearing a rosary chain in public. It’s kind of ironic, ain’t it?

  18. You gotta love this in a way, the christian world is showing its true hateful colors in such force that even a blind man could go “its too damn bright!” Christians have no right to complain, these were the same people who frigging were trying to remove Harry Potter from book stores, and even freaking burned them in some places, a bunch of childish babies having a fuss over paper.

    The e-mails and threats are just a whole other eye opener for some people, anyone remotely around this issue is probably now thinking twice when they think about how level-headed their next-door christian neighbor. Because of this outburst of verbal violence and threats of physical violence all because after all the forceful hated on group has shown the world they got someone who poked something back and they blew a gasket.

  19. Culture Vulture 23 Jan 2010, 9:36pm

    You can write to support Dr McConnell at …. and we all should!

  20. Great idea about writing to Dr McConnell to offer her our support.

    By the way, if you want to know who these extremists are they are not shy; pictures of Mr Handyside et al can be found on the site below.

  21. Seems like only last week that a group of Christians brought a lawsuit in America because they were concerned that broadcasting their testimony at the Proposition 8 trial would lead to them being harassed.

    Could this, once again, be a case of the xtian lobby wanting one thing for themselves but not for other people.

    How do you spell hypocrite?

  22. Brian Burton 25 Jan 2010, 12:10pm

    This always happens when a public mixture of God ‘n Gay is attempted by anyone. The Christian will start to behave in a very un-Christian way as though it was expected of them. I find Christians will behave like this as long as other people are looking on!

  23. If anybody gave a good reason why they were quite so hung up on the subject of homosexuality it would help. The impression that they give is that they are more concerned about hating somebody than actually trying to get any other point across. They come across as hateful, bigoted and closed minded and, whilst this is by no means representative of the majority of christians that I know, it is surely one of the reasons why fewer and fewer people are actually attending churches.

    In another thought, I looked on the christianwatch website and was amazed that they claim that 65% of Glaswegians are christian. That being the case how come the shops on Sunday morning are as busy as a Saturday. I’ve emailed them asking for where they got this figure, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for a reply.

  24. wot ever happened to christians turning the other cheek? I can understand that defacing any book makes tempers rise, but to spout death threats and hatred makes these people no better than the Taliban etc!

  25. Stan James 27 Jan 2010, 7:22am

    These people need to be silenced – the churches that is.

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