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Ugandan MP David Bahati will not attend Obama prayer breakfast

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Reader comments

  1. BrazilBoysBlog 20 Jan 2010, 6:35pm

    Just one question… How can this ´National Prayer Breakfast´ really be ´an organisation that builds bridges of understanding between all peoples, religions and beliefs´ if it is sponsored by ´The Family´? and why is Obama having anything to do with something sponsored by this shadowy, sinister group. ´The Family´ already has way too much influence in politics and peoples lives. I thought Obama stood for change, against such self interest power groups?

  2. chris pelham 20 Jan 2010, 10:29pm

    The Family is nothing less than a hate group in my opinion.

  3. loser !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Jan 2010, 11:23pm

    “Fellowship sources said that Bahati had been invited to Washington DC as a volunteer, rather than to attend the breakfast. They said he was had declined the invitation, which was extended before he had introduced the bill in Uganda’s parliament.”

    Go ahead and call me a cynic, but i do believe The Family is…how shall I put it…lying.

    Bahati is now a persona non grata, is that what you call someone who has alienated himself from everyone else. Still, it’s kind of soon to have his eggs on his face.

    As for the million Ugandan who are said to be rallying to his cause on Feb 17th, I’ll believe that when I see it.

    The man is mentally ill, and should receive medical attention a.s.a.p., that’s all.

  5. Isn’t a more than a little creepy that in a country that supposedly separates church and state (HA!) there’s such a thing as a National Prayer Breakfast.

    National Breakfast: creepy enough;

    National Prayer: double creepy;

    National Prayer Breakfast: creepy to the power of 10.

  6. The more I read about this, the more I’m coming to the opinion that a “National prayer Breakfast” organised by ‘the family’ is nothing the president of the USA should sully his hands with.
    The Family come across as being some kind of religious mafia. I get that the president regularly meets with representatives of all faiths, but this lot have too much influence as it is.

  7. Simon Murphy 21 Jan 2010, 11:18am

    Every president for the past 50 years has attended this National Prayer Breakfast.

    Obama should refuse (although the victory of the Republic**ts in the Massaschusets senatorial election means that Obama will be even more willing to betray his promises to the LGBT community to keep those religious crazies happy)

    If Bahati was to enter the US would it be possible to arrest him for his efforts to legalise genocide in Uganda?

  8. Comment 5 – Creepy indeed, Rehan. It always astounds me when I hear about the populariy of religion in the US. Some of the evangelical churches are especially creepy and have nothing to do with most people’s understanding of Christianity.

    I can understand why a President would want to treat each religion equally, but I’d prefer it if he/she did that by ignoring them all.

  9. ‘The Family’, National (s)Praying (B)Rake-fast, Obama, Bahati, are all creepy. The one similarity among these 4 is that they are all liars. Until Obama fulfill his ‘vote-begging’ promises to the LGBT community, he remains a liar. As said earlier above, if he believes in change, & as he said during the debates on Health reform that he wont agree to the Status quo, let him go for change.

    But we know what, he is afraid of being hated. Real change comes without fear of hate. All the past great presidents of America and Human Rights fighters were people who fought like bulls by changing the battle-field. Obama is just ‘All talks, no action’. Not just on LGBT issue any. So he will go to sPrayer (B)Rake-fast with more oration so as to please them.

  10. We need a President who has some balls and will exert some leadership. All of Obama’s efforts at “bi-partisanship” are seen as a weakness by the Republicans. Obama promised change, and all he has accomplished is accomodation with the status quo that we had under President Bush. Even John McCain’s wife and daughter have come out for gay marriage. When President Harry Truman order the U.S. military to be intergrated, he took a lot of heat from the generals. But Truman called them in, and reminded them who was in charge. But we have not seen any leadership from Obama. I don’t think he is passionate about anything other than preserving his reputation in history. But he is going to be remembered as a mediocre and weak president who could get nothing accomplished. Health care reforms are failing because he never offered any leadership, and the same is true for DADT and repeal of DOMA. Obama has become a “weenie” who cannot get the job done. I hope he steps aside and does not seek a second term. Let someone like Hillary Clinton become President, or we risk having Huckabee or Mitt Romney as our new president in 2012.

  11. BrazilBoysBlog 21 Jan 2010, 9:11pm

    I have to say that I completely agree with Robbie above. This man not only carried the hopes of the American people, he carried the hopes of true leadership throughout the whole world. I passionately supported his candidacy and the views he campaigned on.

    Here was a man who was not going to stand for the old way of doing things. He was going to be tough, take charge and show true leadership. The nation, nay the world got behind him.

    Here was a man who rocked the world with his message of ´Yes we can!´ But he has shown with his bi-partisan ´lets try to please all of the people´ approach that No, HE CAN´T.

    He is a weak President, and I was wrong. I now believe that Hillary Clinton has far more in the testicular department than this sorry excuse for a man.

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