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San Diego mayor tells gay marriage trial he was ‘prejudiced’

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Reader comments

  1. Here is the video of Jerry Sanders when he changed his mind back in 07:

    Beware, it’s a weepy. Very sincere and very powerful.

  2. Robert, ex pat Brit 20 Jan 2010, 4:30pm

    Now if only the rest of the conservatives and some conservative democrats would have an epiphany and do the right thing. Ditto for David Cameron and his party.

  3. Richard GS 20 Jan 2010, 6:27pm

    Sometimes that’s what it takes, having the issue come home to someone you care about. I can only guess that he loves his daughter and, like most parents, would be delighted to see her happily married. When she came out he realized that what he had been feeling about same sex marriage came from himself and that, in real life, it affects loving people willing to commit to one another and shouldn’t be discounted based on the opinions of hateful people whose lives are not affected by it.

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  5. I loved it when Mayor Sanders said “I couldn’t tell my daughter that the love she had for her partner was any less than the love I have for my wife”. Because he hit the nail on the head. Love is genderless.

  6. SteveDenver 21 Jan 2010, 5:47pm

    This is exactly why coming out and being out is important. So many people who oppose equal human rights for gays and lesbians THINK they don’t know any. During the horrid Amendment 2 fight in Colorado in 1995, a family in ultra-conservative Colorado Springs found out two of their adult children are gay. When their longtime church turned its back on them, they were shocked and hurt. Their response was much the same as the mayor’s. I’m grateful he is compelled to come out about his feelings.

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