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Playgirl vies for Iris Robinson’s toyboy lover

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Reader comments

  1. BrazilBoysBlog 20 Jan 2010, 6:42pm

    I would think that an interview with Iris by Oprah, (known for her support of gay and lesbian rights) would be an interesting one to watch. Not sure that this crooked witch would agree to do it though.

    Perhaps of Oprah offers her $100.000 stuffed in an unmarked envelope, she might agree to do it?

  2. what’s special about him? is it shagging an old bag, another gold digging tw*t

  3. Become a chave whore and find stardom. Yikes, is this UK now what Sodom and Gamorra looked like. Offically ashamed.

  4. Who cares anymore? I just wish the vile, homophobic hag would climb onto her broomstick and vanish into the sunset. She has been hoisted with her own petard and shown to be nothing more than a duplicitous, adulterous, mealy-mouthed, old harridan. I am sick of reading about her. For my part – and after the hurt and pain she has gleefully inflicted on other people – she can end-up sitting in the corner dribbling. Let us be done with her. She ain’t worth the time and effort.

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