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Lesbian UKIP MEP barred from standing for re-election

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  1. At least this partially exposes that UKIP are as nasty as the BNP, proven by the extremist right-wing parties in europe they are in bed with.

  2. Is she moronic or naive?! Standing for party that rejects Europe and what it has achieved for gay rights in UK , well done Nikki. Just shows some gays have self-destructive gene, like those voting for conservatives.

  3. George, the Conservatives and Labour are both in bed with anti-Semitic homophobic groupings in Europe.

    Andy, “Standing for party that rejects Europe and what it has achieved for gay rights in UK”, sorry did I miss it when Europe came to the rescue of gay rights in Britain? LOL thats moronic.

    The continent that gave us Hitler, Moussolini, Franco, the Vichy and countless other dictators is all of a sudden an enlightened communion of peace loving darlings while UKIP is the devil incarnate? I LOLd

  4. Patrick James 21 Jan 2010, 5:50am

    Why she joined UKIP is a mystery to me but she should be commended for leaving the EFD (their European parliamentary grouping) and clearly stating the reasons for doing so.

    In September Conservative MEP Edward McMillan-Scott was expelled from the Conservative Party for taking similar views about the Conservative Party’s partners in their European grouping the ECR.

    In the ECR Edward McMillan-Scott put himself up for position of vice-president in the grouping against Polish MEP Michal Kaminski, he says:

    I stood against Kaminski because he represented the rise of disguised extremism at a key moment in European politics – the start of a new European parliament that saw gains by the far right in 13 out of 27 EU countries, including the BNP in Britain.

    Before his expulsion Edward McMillan-Scott was one of the few remaining “old school” Conservatives who valued decency and honesty in politics.

    In the Thatcher and post-Thatcher years the Conservative party has moved to the right, adopting a political approach similar to that of the United States Republican Party. Decent types like Edward MacMillan-Scott who genuinely want the best for the country don’t fit into the Conservative Party any more.

    Edward MacMillan-Scott’s treatment by the present day Conservative party contrasts sharply with that of David Hannan:

    Hannan reveres Enoch Powell, decries the NHS on American TV, loathes the BBC, calls Obama “exotic”, is sceptical about climate change and apes Sarah Palin’s dangerous populism, but the Conservative party embraces him.

    You might be interested in reading an article by Edward McMillan-Scott in the Guardian from which I took the above quotes.

  5. Patrick James 21 Jan 2010, 6:15am

    Carvero writes:

    the Conservatives and Labour are both in bed with anti-Semitic homophobic groupings in Europe.

    This is an absurd and untrue statement.

    The Conservative Party’s parliamentary grouping, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) is tiny comprising:

    Conservative Party 26
    Law and Justice 15
    Civic Democratic Party 9

    In addition there is a small number of individual members.

    We can see that in Conservative Party’s ECR the second largest party is the extreme right wing and homophobic Law and Justice Party.

    The ECR is chaired by Michal Kaminski who is a notorious homophobe and anti-semite from the Polish Law and Justice party.

    Michal Kaminski was given this position as chair by the British Conservative Party. As a consequence of his chairing the ECR Michal Kaminski has been made a member of the Conference of Presidents.

    So, the Conservatives are not only in bed with homophobes in the European Parliament but actively promoting them to high positions in that parliament.

    Labour is a member of the Party of European Socialists (PES) which has very many parties as members. In the PES there will of course be tiny parties with homophobic views but they are of very little consequence because they are such a small part of the PES.

  6. Patrick James writes self contradictory jibberish.

    Patrick James proves my point entirely but says This is an absurd and untrue statement.

    I think you are a leftwing nut who obsesses with everything leftwing, even contradicting yourself to further your leftwing agenda.

  7. @Carvero
    replying without checking facts is moronic and lack of ability to draw conclusions is even more moronic, it was European courts that forced Labour to push for some gay laws in this country, use google to find which ones. As for Britain and its histry, it had its share of bad stuff imposed on others

  8. After seeing Nikki on the Politics show I thought she might have a trans history and I’m sure I am not the first to think that. But then I thought if she holds UKIP ideals I don’t want her as one of us.

    What was she thinking when she joined UKIP!

  9. As an ex-UKIP member I can confirm that UKIP is miles worse than the BNP. At least the BNP has gay members and isn’t in bed with the people that my ex-party has in their ranks. Vote Con, Lib or even BNP but stay away from UKIP. They really are homophobic fascists in blazers.

  10. My own sense, is that anybody gay person who ever joined or supported UKIP had seriously lost their way and ended-up sharing a metaphorical bed with a herd of homophobes. Why would they… ever!?

  11. andy, your Europhile rantings know no bound

  12. UKIP, Labour, Tories, they’re all in bed with homophobes and anti-Semites to one degree or another.

    There’s no party to vote for. Maybe Lib Dems are OK but they’re a bit mad with their mansion tax that hits old grannies in London as hard as Saudi billionaires, more socialism isnt good.

  13. I’m not sure that putting together homophobes and anti-semites as a parcel is helpful. Gays and Jews were united in suffering WW2 gas chambers; but there is otherwise no helpful association I can think of.

  14. Jethro S. Day 22 Jan 2010, 12:24am

    I do not know much of UK politics or the lady in this article, but that is a rather unflattering image of her.

  15. Abi, I had much the same thoughts on seeing her on TV and it strikes me as being the main reason why she’s got the boot. Course, got no proof of that, but Trans or not, what on earth she thinks she is doing in a party such as that beats me.

  16. What a load of nonsense.

    Nikki Sinclaire has NOT left UKIP; she is a long-time party member HUGELY popular among members who came 2nd in the recent leadership contest. UKIP is not a homophobic party; in fact I believe the founder of UKIP was gay. It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE not to sit with nutcases in the EU parliament thanks to the new rules imposed before the recent elections – ask every other British party, ALL of whom sit or have sat with anti-semitic, racist and homophobic parties in the parliament.

    People who believe the BBC’s (funded largely by the EIB) nonsense about UKIP as a party of “extremists” are textbook examples of why universal suffrage might well prove our undoing as a free society. What a load of cods.

  17. Whatever; UKIP is packed to the brim with gays – and not closet cases like the Conservative party. When I campaigned with them in the 2009 Euro elections more than half the campaign office was gay, there were more civil partnerships between members there than marriages!

    On the one occasion a wingnut Christian did speak out; with some INGENIOUS anecdote about how he’d “seen on a porn channel” that gay men “had to fast for two days before sex or risk defecating on one another”, he was forthwith booted from the party.

    I put it to you that if you DON’T vote UKIP, you must be utterly braindead. The excuse that the EU is somehow a saviour of gay rights, with its viciously Catholic president and its matter-of-convenience legislation is cretinous in the extreme. The EU enshrines a corporatist global order where civil liberties come bottom of the pile beneath feckless profiteering and Bilderberg handshakes. It’s pathetic that people still think it’s some wonderful bringer of joy and freiheit. Bollocks. If the EU has ever supported gay rights it has been for its own political expediency.

    What’s more, UKIP has always been staunchly secularist and as far as I’m aware believes in the total de-Christianising of marriage and thereby fully equal marriage rights for gay couples. The fact that it also supports freedom of speech (even for idiots like Frank Maloney) is to its credit, not a failing!

    You lot need to get your heads out of the sand and realise that this country is full to the brim with homophobes, and all of its political parties are bound to suffer from problems with this. Just because UKIP’s PR team couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery there’s no need to victimise them over it.

  18. Ian Sankey 25 Jan 2010, 1:45am

    And Quite right too… she should remember that her loyality to the queen and to GREAT Britain must come before everyone else – as should yours. It is your patriotic right to vote UKIP and make sure we turn back the tide of uncontrolled immigration that’s making us foreigners in our own land.

    God Save the Queen – VOTE UKIP

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