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Kylie announces she’s ‘attracted to women’

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Reader comments

  1. I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this news link! I’m utterly distracted now and I’ve got huge amounts of work to do. Still, at least I’ve now got a big grin all over my face! :D

  2. I don’t think so. It’s publicity since Lady Gaga is now the better Kylie with her strong political support for us. Now Kylie is trying to pound in.

  3. Maybe she’s trying to scupper a forthcoming kiss and tell…

  4. Simon Murphy 20 Jan 2010, 4:30pm

    I do like it when obviously heterosexual women try to pretend be bi.

    This sentence is telling: “But although I am attracted to women, I have never done anything with them.”

    Well I think Angelina Jolie is very attractive. Doesn’t mean I’m bi however

  5. I’m more likely to believe someone like Kylie than Megan Fox, Kylie’s been around forever and doesn’t need to try to raise her profile. Kylie can say what she wants and nobody can touch her.

  6. I’ll kiss ya Kylie!!

  7. You tell them, Kaz :D I believe Kylie more than any other of the recent celebs. Why should she lie? What she said sounded genuine to me. And Cathy, that was very restrained ;)

  8. Looks as though somebody’s anxious her public profile is sagging …!

  9. The C(o)unt of Monte Crisco 20 Jan 2010, 5:12pm

    She obviously just hasn’t met the right woman yet! Kylie – I’ll leave my details on Twitter for ya! ;-)

  10. Rehan, do you really think that Kylie needs to increase her publicity?! If she changes her hair it’s front page news no matter what is happening in the world!

  11. I think there’s a difference between understanding that a person is attractive and actually being attracted to that person. So if Kylie is attracted to some women she could be bi or bi-curious.

  12. Kaz – you’d be surprised, it’s eminently possible to be so indifferent to the apparently ubiquitous Kylie that the sudden claim of almost-but-not-quite-bisexuality can seem like the action of somebody desperate to generate column inches by any means.

    The only thing that is interesting about this sudden declaration is contemplating how different it would be if a male pop star of equal popularity (whose sexuality had never seemed anything other than straight) made the same claim.

  13. Must have a single coming out.

    Still love ya Kylie.

  14. RickyFanforLife 21 Jan 2010, 11:15am

    “Other celebrities to announce they have had relationships with men and women include Ricky Martin …..” – Is that so? In your dreams!

  15. Pumpkin Pie 21 Jan 2010, 12:46pm

    Why is it that bisexuals always have to jump through hoops to prove to everyone that we’re bi? It doesn’t matter that Kylie’s never fooled around with other women. Did you only become gay once you’d engaged in sexual antics with someone else? Did you have to send off an application form to the High Court of Practising Queers? I hope we don’t have to attach passport photos. Those are never flattering.

    If you’re sexually attracted to people of either sex, you’re bi. Doesn’t matter if you’d only ever date one sex, it’s the attraction that counts. Everyone’s tastes are different and the whole “50/50 or you’re not bi” thing is a load of old balls.

  16. Kylie hasn’t ‘announced’ anything. She has merely responded to a question posed to her in an interview. The headline makes out that she has issued a big press release to ‘announce’ to the world that she is bi.

  17. Hope she likes trans women too. I’d go for a threesome with her and Lady Gaga.

  18. Publcity, anyone? Fierce competition from the likes of Lady Gaga and a million other younger, fresh stars … and luke-warm reception to recent Kylie albums?

    Why not get that publicity by suggesting that Kylie might like girls, that will get the attention of gay fans AND straight men, AND hit a current lesbian-lite/bi trend amongst straight girls and men….

    And to the people who suggested that this was an innocent response to an interview question…. think it over, is a single aspect of a superstars world ever a coincidence??? Everything is mediated by PR when you’re that famous – Geri Halliwell she ain’t.

  19. Publicity yes, that is the purpose of any interview but headlines such as ‘Kylie announces…’ blow it out of all proportion.

  20. Simon Murphy 22 Jan 2010, 11:01am

    Anyone clinging to the idea that Kylie is bisexual is a little bit desperate I think.

    She is quite clearly heterosexual.

    Kylie never reveals ANYTHING of importance about herself in interviews. She is the epitome of blandness in her interviews.

    If she’s bisexual, then I’m having a heterosexual affair with Anne Widdecombe

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