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Adam Lambert says AMAs gay kiss ‘went too far’

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Reader comments

  1. What a chicken sh*t! Why apologise?

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 20 Jan 2010, 3:57pm

    Can´t fault his comments on this. Although the double standards thing is bad, it was unprofessional not to include all of the elements in his rehearsal.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 20 Jan 2010, 4:03pm

    “What a chicken sh*t! Why apologise?“

    …Because he´s a singer and TV performer. What do you imagine rehearsals are for? You don´t rehearse one thing, then perform something completely different….(if you ever expect to work again in television!)

    Ultimately, the TV company has the final say. I suppose you can just do as you like if you own your own TV station, but he doesnt

  4. I see what you’re saying BBB, but it’s really sad that he’s having to apologise for a kiss! The US are still such a puritanical culture. 1500 people complaining about a kiss. And the guy has to apologise for it if he wants to remain in show business. It would have been great if he had had the guts to stand his ground. But then again he might never have worked again so I don’t really blame him.

  5. If it had been a woman instead of another man, there probably would have been no problem. Besides, younger kids should have been in bed by that time.

  6. But lets remember the fine for Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction…

  7. grammakaren 20 Jan 2010, 11:02pm

    Lets get over this and move on !!!! Its over , its 2010… Lets just get him back on all TV stations… We cannot let his talent go away!!! WE WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIM AND HIS TALENT!!!!!! ADAM ROCKS!!!!

  8. Did not sound like Adam apologized for it to me. He has said everything, but. With the context of the final paragraph it makes it sound like you are trying to get him in a lie. Adam said he wanted to be risqué, which the performance was even without the content people had a fit about. I still believe he was in the ‘moment’ at the time, but with 2 months to think about it, sounds like now, if Adam was to do this performance now, he would added the content intentionally.
    There was one thing that really bothered me about the Oprah interview, I thought she would be more professional than this, is when she asked Adam what he would change about the AMA’s and he started talking about the vocals. Which is the only thing that really needed to be redone. But Oprah interrupted Adam and asked about the risqué stuff. Oprah…wow…sad.

  9. The poor kid doesn’t know which way to turn. One minute he says this, the next minute he contradicts himself. Why apologize? He says his handlers don’t run him, but it’s beginning to look more and more like they do.

  10. BrazilBoysBlog I like your website. It’s the epitome of consummate professionalism lightly intertwined with a humourous existential honesty not commonly found on the internet.

    I am so pleased with your website I have chosen to add it to my bookmarks and visit it daily. Nowhere else can I get such a cornucopia of intellectual stimulation and dry wit.

    Long live BrazilBoysBlog!

    Srsly, a dude kissing a dude needs an apology?

  11. BrazilBoysBlog 21 Jan 2010, 4:30pm


    I did not say that a dude kissing a dude ever needed an apology..

    I said that rehearsing one thing for the station to see, then performing something else live was unprofessional… (didnt it also include simulated oral sex?) I´m all for a bit of oral sex (simulated or not), but it might have been more professional of him to find out if the network did?

    Thanks for the comments re the blog, though I´m sure yours is just as entertaining and stimulating..


  12. I love the photo on this article – very beautiful. (^_^)

  13. SteveDenver 21 Jan 2010, 5:43pm

    The kiss was the unsexiest kiss ever. It was a face mash. His entire performance (career-to-date) has been a series of frantic grabs for attention. Nina Simone put it best: “Allow the audience to come to you, instead of invading them with your energy.”

  14. Who the hell is Adam Lambert? And what’s with the demi-drag??

  15. .
    [why won’t you post this???]



    The “chicken sh*t,” @Paul, is the crappy excuse for a journalist who used an ABSOLUTE LIE as a sensationalistic headline – obviously, just to stir up SH*T!
    [Too chicken sh*tted to even put their NAME on the article]

    “Adam Lambert [MOST DEFINITELY did NOT! say] AMAs gay kiss ‘went too far!’

    He was asked: If he had the chance to go back, would he change anything about the performance

    And not only did Adam NOT apologize (for ANYTHING), his answer was that, other than singing it better, he would NOT change anything – except maybe do it all in rehearsals first.
    He did NOT regret WHAT he did – only that he caught the network off guard.
    That, THAT was what he learned.
    As a professional courtesy, push the envelope in the rehearsals – then stay more consistent with THAT.

    All while acknowledging the real bigotry involved. [Even the more “lewd” crotch grinding had been done by Pink on the same stage a few years earlier – w/no uproar, of course]

    C’MON Pink News!!! What’s up with this lame lie of a headline?!!!!

  16. Bah! Had this happened in Europe no one would have bat an eye lid.

  17. Judy Cohen 22 Jan 2010, 7:21am

    At our progressive Jewish temple, we had a night of music for our student Cantor, who was leaving to become a regular cantor elsewhere.

    This included some performances by a friend of his who is an actor, and everything about him said gay. The student cantor, whose totally pregnant wife was there, went over and kissed his friend on the lips. And everyone roared and clapped approval.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the same sort of thing happened, eg with the Razi Pope in public, when a closeted cardinal kissed not the popes ring, but his lips.

    And the pope, probably, even at 82 still loaded with man juice, got a boner and a wet spot on the front of his dress.

    The photo of the century.

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