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Malawi defends prosecution of gay couple

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 19 Jan 2010, 12:15pm

    “Despite Malawi depending on international aid, the country is a sovereign country with its own laws and must not be influenced by the West in the running of its affairs of state.”

    Oh absolutely

    All aid to Malawi must stop if this prosecution continues.

    The disgustingly bigotted African countries can f*** right off with their demands for aid, if they are going to use that aid to to persecute minorities.

    Malawi should not get another penny of British taxpayers money if this trial proceeds.

  2. I doubt they’ll tell the homophobic Christians to go away when they interfere

  3. Simon Murphy 19 Jan 2010, 1:55pm

    If Malawi has the money to legally prosecute consenting adults for their private baheviour then it is quite clear that they do not need international aid. A country genuinely in need of aid would not be wasting money on such bigotry.

    Stop all aid to Malawi. The fact that this case is proceeding is a message from Malawi’s government that they no longer need our money.

  4. Stop all aid to Malawi. Soveregn counties dont need our sovereigns. Dont go to these counties on holiday either.
    This applies to any homophobic loopy land.

  5. Speaking from a Kenyan point of view, the Malawian government is doing only what it knows how – to prosecute under its Penal Code. I presume the law penalises for same sex sexual activity between consenting male adults (because it doesn’t mention females) and also probably the marriage law stipulates that only a man and a woman should marry.

    For us Kenyans, and Africans at large, we still have a long way to go in fighting for our rights as LGBTI and thus such a case about marriage is far from what we would like to see. The first thing is to remove all discriminatory laws against such marginalized persons and allow them to be.

  6. black afica discriminates on gays
    muslims africa discriminates on gays
    i am in south africa the only contrie in the region where we can reall live.
    STOP you biggoted racism against Us
    all civilised places should stop aid for these countries
    who do not respect thier entire populations

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