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‘Homophobe’ expected to become South African ambassador to Uganda

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry, don’t do facebook but I hope this report is wrong.

  2. 19 Jan 2010, 3:25pm

    Since when do reputable governments appoint media personalities to positions of rank in their diplomatic service? Haven’t they heard of “tact and diplomacy”? Or does this go under the banner of “lying for your country”?

  3. What IS the matter with these people? Why do they have to make sure EVERYONE knows that they do not approve of homosexuality. Really raises some questions IMO.

  4. Im starting to care as much for African’s hetros as much as the kkk do.

  5. As a SA resident, i must admit that te current president is in no way gay friendly. He made comment last year about smacking any homosexual that speaks to him, for which he was forced to apologize.

    Its disappointing that Zuma is acting in this manner as the earlier government (still ANC) were the first to actually enshrine the right of gays and lesbians in our constitution.

    Critics have said, to which i agree, that the gap between the liberal law and the conservative society is massive.

    The problem is that the wealthy educated white minority have no problem with gays, but its the largely uneducated black majority that carry anti-gay sentiment.

    Its worrying to see SA head in this direction….

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 19 Jan 2010, 8:23pm

    Equality for LGBT people is written into the SA constitution.

    How can you be an ambassador for SA when you fundamentally disagree with this?

  7. The situation in South Africa, with a homophobic president who recently stated that ‘everything is up for discussion’ (including LGBT rights legislation and same sex marriage), should teach us that no rights or civil liberties can ever be taken for granted.

    I hope LGBT people, liberals, secularists in South Africa are on their guard against the influence of fundamentalist faith in society, and ensure the safeguards are there that ensure no religious belief enjoys any privilege in the public sphere. Constitutions can be changed, just like in 1930’s Germany.

  8. What do you expect. This is the ignorance of the African mind at work once again

  9. the SA constitution can and will be changed – there is a ‘flexible’ president (with fundamentalist supporters in and out of the church) coupled with ‘traditional’ views on procreation – we should not rest on our laurels. Zuma plays to whichever audience votes for him, and those voters are largely indigent, ignorant and extremely gullible.
    I fought to change a law in the Constitutional court in SA (successfully) but I am under no illusion about the ‘sanctity of the legal system’ which can and will be abused.

  10. “He has also praised Robert Mugabe for his “unflinching and unapologetic” views on homosexuality”

    Sounds like sending this cretin to Uganda is the best thing for him, he’ll love it over there. But surely there is a better stock to choose an ambassador from than a “writer” for the “Sunday Sun” rag??? Is there a shortage of candidates with brains?

  11. Qwelane supported Zuma when he was accused of corruption – says it all, really.

    @ Ken, post 9: racism is also the product of an ignorant mind.

  12. Thanks Rehan, for your post.

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