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Day to raise awareness of homophobia in football to be held next month

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 20 Jan 2010, 11:36am

    Good idea

    But I would prefer to see the FA implementing some practical rules for stamping out homophobia ie if the fans of a particular team are engaging in homophobic abuse against another team then the referee needs to suspend the match and the team being subjected to the abuse automatically wins.

    Football is like a religion. If fans know that their scummy behaviour will cost their team points then it will stop. Pretty instantly.

    These campaigns are a nice idea but evidence to my mind that the FA does not take homophobia seriously.

  2. John(Derbyshire) 20 Jan 2010, 12:59pm

    You are right Simon- the people who CAN do something about this are reluctant to do so-its like homophobic bullying in schools- a large part of the problem is the schools themselves and THEIR attitude towards it.

  3. Darren Ollerton 20 Jan 2010, 3:11pm

    To be fair their has been some movement from the FA recently in tackling homophobia in football. They are due to release an anti-homophobia video on the 13th February, so keep your eyes open for that. Campaigns like ours are effective in the sense that they put pressure on sports governing bodies to act on the issue. When they get it wrong of course we are then able to hold them to account.

    I agree with all of your comments Simon, hopefully the launch of Football v Homophobia will help demonstrate that internationally the majority are in dissaproval of homophobias prevalence within the sport – then we might see some practical changes to the way homophobia is dealt with in football.

    Darren Ollerton
    Campaign Director.
    The Justin Campaign.

  4. I was given to understand that Justin Fashanu commited suicide as a result of being relentlessly persued by the homophobic police. Given that there were four gay male suicides in Cornwall (UK) in 2008 (and a number of other attempted gay suicides), several of which had direct police involvement.
    A recent homophobic incident at the Lizard football club in Cornwall involving homophobic conduct of a number of police officers which Cornwall police diversity officers & CIOS diversity of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary yet again gone to great lengths to cover up indicates to me that police are still the primary homophobic hate crime problem.

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