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US student newspaper apologises for ‘gay-bashing’ cartoon

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Reader comments

  1. I’m sorry, but I laughed out loud at that joke, and I’m gay myself.

  2. Victoria Manning 18 Jan 2010, 7:33pm

    I also laughed. It is a little bit funny.

  3. I’m a post-grad alumni of Notre Dame and it sickens me that they thought to publish this article in the Uni’s paper. Their excuse of claiming it was to address homophobia is total nonsense, because I know, as a gay man, how homophobic many students there are. This is partly because 92% of their student population are practising catholics, but thankfully there are a lot of them who are disgusted by homophobia and hatred, despite their catholic upbringing.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 18 Jan 2010, 7:55pm

    Sorry, but this is really offensive. Good to see that those responsible immediately said sorry and the assistant managing editor who oversaw that issue resigned. Rare these days to see someone being responsible for their conduct.

  5. Pumpkin Pie 18 Jan 2010, 9:42pm

    The “fruit-vegetable” word-play, which was the only part of this sorry affair that actually had any merit, had already been used in a much funnier and entirely hate-free gag in My Name Is Earl.

    In an attempt to snap Earl out of his coma, his trailer trash ex-wife puts his hands on her breasts and exclaims “squeeze, baby – you’re a vegetable, not a fruit!”

    There ya go. Now you can laugh at the amusing word-play safe in the knowledge that these simpletons merely stole it from somewhere else, so you’re not supporting them in the slightest by laughing.

  6. “I’m a post-grad alumni of Notre Dame”

    I’m sorry you didn’t stay there long enough to learn that the singular is “alumnus.”

  7. Sure, it’s completely hilarious if you’re a member of the KKK. Just substitute the word ‘fruit’ for ‘black’ or ‘jew’ (lame pun notwithstanding) and see how hilarious the whole package is then.
    “The three authors of the cartoon apologised, saying they had hoped to address the “ridiculous” mindset of homophobia…”
    I look forward to their next cartoon where they ‘address the rediculous mindset’ of racism: showing how to turn a blackman into an xmas bauble by stringing him up from a tree.
    Not so funny if it refers to a common hatecrime, is it?

  8. jonnielondon 19 Jan 2010, 1:41am

    This is a very sick joke…and again, judging from some of the posts here, it sounds like some of us are our own worst enemies. Thanks to organizations like GLAAD for holding this publication’s feet to the fire.

  9. “Sure, it’s completely hilarious if you’re a member of the KKK. Just substitute the word ‘fruit’ for ‘black’ or ‘jew’ (lame pun notwithstanding) and see how hilarious the whole package is then.”

    Well, the joke wouldn’t work if it was ‘black’ or ‘jew’ would it? It has to be ‘fruit’ and ‘vegetable’, because…

    Yes, I know it’s appalling, I know I should be shocked — shocked!!! but my first reaction was to laugh. Yes, on reflection it’s horribly, horribly tasteless. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing funny about the *reality* of gay bashing (and I myself was gay-bashed once). But a play on words is funny, and my absolutely spontaneous reaction was to laugh out loud. Humour is never going to be fettered by political correctness, you know. At least, I hope in Britain we never become as politically correct and humourless as the Yanks, who take their humour so darn *seriously* (they may have got their language from us, but they got their sense of humour from the Germans. On second thoughts, that’s unfair to the Germans).

    Oh, okay, I’m sorry for letting the side down, the great gay brotherhood of man! I know we’re all supposed to have exactly the same opinions, tastes, and reactions, and I’ll be sure to publicly recant in the morning!

  10. Pumpkin Pie 19 Jan 2010, 2:45am

    political correctness

    That’s where I stopped reading. What’s with all this “PC” bull****? Common decency is not “PC”, it is common decency, and has existed since the dawn of human civilisation. Hate is not “un-PC”, it is just hate, and has also been around for a very long time.

    Blaming differences of opinions on the indoctrination bogeyman is intellectually lazy and grossly mischaracterises those who you disagree with. “PC” is something politicians and large organisations do for the sake of PR. We are ordinary people and we think like ordinary people, so that is how you should treat our opinions.

  11. Cracking jokes about undesirable minorities is a special right for bigots and their sympathizers as Freud pointed out. The object could be women, gays, Jews, Blacks,etc.

  12. Clivejw (9):

  13. David in Indy 19 Jan 2010, 8:45am

    Oh good! It’s homophobia palooza, and this time from my home state of Indiana. No surprise there!

    For those of you who laugh at it, shame on you!

    For those of you shocked by it, let’s remember this appalling cartoon and “joke” came from an American Midwestern Catholic university.

    Case closed.

  14. These resignations are still sweeping the real issue under the carpet. The University’s administration needs to acknowledge that policies like banning a gay-straight alliance on campus fosters this type of behavior. They need to take responsibility and change their behavior.

  15. @ comment 6: No, I only stayed long enough to earn my PhD, not to be a moron like you.

  16. Clivejw, I imagine the sort of ‘British’ humour you appreciate is akin to the ex-forces clergyman a few years ago who said, in his parish magazine, that ‘a nip in the air’ is what they said when they hanged the Japanese after WWII. How we laughed. You’re right, it’s untrammelled by ‘political correctness’ – and intelligence and humanity too, for that matter.

    Pumpkin pie @ 10: well said.

  17. There is only one thing more shocking about this hateful cartoon and that is the fact that some gay people found it amusing to read a cartoon portraying violence towards their fellow gay brethren – beating a gay man or woman to a pulp rendering them paralysed and in a vegative state. This is not a make-believe sceanario this is a frequent occurance across the world. I am appalled!

  18. My beef with the joke is it doesn’t “address the rediculous mindset of homophobia…” one bit. In fact if anything it makes it socially acceptable.
    These days I shudder to think of the racist jokes which were common currency in the playground at my Primary school. Did they challenge racism? Not really, no. Did they make racism seem normal and somehow justifiable to a bunch of impressionable kids. If memory serves, yes.
    I once had the dubious honour of working in a workshop which made xmas displays for shopping malls, and the common currency amongst the male workforce were jokes about “Queers” and “N*ggers”.
    I wasn’t officially out to them, though they probably picked up on a vibe.
    When I mentioned that the lack of health and safety meant that half the workforce were inhaling carcinogenic fibreglass resin on a daily basis, the long neglected health and safety noticeboard aquired a new pamphlet on top of 20 years of accumulated dust.
    Not a pamphlet about “safe use of fibreglass in enclosed spaces”, but an alarmist pamphlet from the 80’s about “AIDS IN THE WORKPLACE”. The message was clear… “you have a problem with our health and safety procedures – we have a problem with upstart queers like you. Get back in your box.”
    I even heard through the grapevine that when one of the staff was asked what he was doing on the weekend, he freely admitted he was considering going “queerbashing”. This was only about 6 years ago.
    In that context I don’t find jokes like that amusing in the slightest, as I know they encourage some people to think being a rabid bigot is socially acceptable. Sorry if that’s too “PC” for you.

  19. BrazilBoysBlog 19 Jan 2010, 11:51am

    I have to say that I agree with comments 17 and 18. I am in no way ´PC´. I also agree that we often need to lighten-up, not take ourselves too seriously all of the time, and we need to be able to laugh AT ourselves occasionally. For example, I am not with the anti J-Ross brigade. However, this is just plain sick.

    Clever ´play on words´ or not, there is nothing funny about a gay person being beaten to a vegetative state… or a sick rag that prints such things.

  20. This story makes me feel that, given how quickly the newspaper’s editorship crumbled when there were protests, they had actually been seeing how close to the wind they could sail without risking a storm, like naughty children. Pathetic as well as nasty.

  21. I also am shocked that someone took responsibility so first off I would like to address that. It is jokes like these that at least, hopefully, make people talk and realize what is hurtful to a specific culture. Second, to those that laughed over it thinking it funny, go visit a gay man or lesbian in hospital who is connected to tubes and wires from a bat-bashing and read it aloud to them. Not so funny anymore is it?

  22. I thought it was pretty funny…offensive, but funny

  23. “..Jokes should always be at someone’s expense. But for that very reason they must also be highly amusing and—just perhaps—imaginable when told of one’s own “community.” ” (Christopher Hitchens)

  24. What I find most disturbing in relation to this article is some of the above comments. Apparently younger generations of gay men no longer find homophobia offensive, and are more than happy to indulge a direct attack on homosexuality as ironic “banter”, and play along under the fraudulent guise of it being “acceptance”. The underlying motive for this “topical” comedy and other street slang directed at gays is always, undeniably, rooted in homophobia. The only self-checking mechanism these bigots employ is whether they can get away with it on not, and absolutely nothing to do with political correctness – that other bugbear of queer bashers everywhere.

    So, to all gay people finding this sort of thing “hilarious” and that we should “lighten up” and not take homophobia so seriously, please remember the shocking rise in gay hate crime statistics last year alone. This is endemic in all so-called cosmopolitain cities – not just supposed cultural backwaters and deprived areas. Only an absolute idiot with no self-esteem would consider the link between homophobic launguage and violence as purely coincidental.

  25. That joke will be featured on Jimmy Carr or Jonathon Ross any time soon.

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