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Hawaii to consider civil unions bill

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 18 Jan 2010, 7:52pm

    It’s about bloody time the whole of the US got it’s finger out and made gay marrage a normal occurance.

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Jan 2010, 8:01pm


  3. Well I’m never overly optimistic. there were huge crowds of people expressing Jesus-inspired hate, ignorance, bigotry and exclusion yesterday, in order to deny GLTB people their rights

  4. David in Indy 19 Jan 2010, 8:34am

    Oh yay! Gee whiz! Alrighty then! Another false hope. And this time for “civil unions”. And as we speak the religious right are already out there thumping their bibles.

    I’m getting tired of becoming elated and then deflated. Elated, deflated. Elated, deflated. Hopeful, depressed. It’s beginning to feel like we are nothing more than a bunch of hot air balloons. I don’t wish to get my hopes up again.

    Oh we’ll see same sex marriage and equal rights for gay people in this country. But unfortunately it will be long after the rest of us are dead and gone.

    Just my two cents…

  5. You are Right @David. But if we stay depressed and deflated and do not fight on, we will end up being dis-used and dead. Yea, it feels bad but we have to fight on and each deflation should gear us up further to strengthen & tighten up and go back stronger than before. It is that spirit that has brought us the little freedom & equality we enjoy today in certain countries. It is that spirit that created the platform for us to be able to even challenge these evils at all in this day. And like the LGBT of Stonewall fight 40years ago, we got to do something to leave a better time for those of 40years ahead though we might all be dead and gone.
    Fight on LGBT; fight and never give up. The conservatives are dwindling in number… and they know.

  6. “there were huge crowds of people expressing Jesus-inspired hate, ignorance, bigotry and exclusion yesterday, in order to deny GLTB people their rights”

    Which just proves again that making concessions to religious bigots by not calling it marriage, is a waste of time. They can’t wait to protest and fuss and pick on us.

  7. Keep at it Hawai, and everyone who cares about lgbt rights in the US. Religious reactionaries have terrible power in the US and it can be very depressing but it is a great country with a proud tradition of struggle for equal rights against dreadful odds and it is easy for many people outside America to forget that lgbt struggles all over the world have been inspired by you. Power to you!

  8. George Vye & Ward Stewart 19 Jan 2010, 8:45pm

    Our schools will become God’s schools; our community will become God’s community; our city will become God’s city; our Islands will become God’s Islands; our state will become God’s state; and our Hawaii will become God’s Hawaii.
    This frightening quote from our Lt. Governor. Apparently he’s never heard about separation of Church and state.
    We have been together for 54 years, wonder whose marriage we are a threat to.

  9. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 20 Jan 2010, 10:44am

    This article is wrong – The Hawaii House voted FOR civil unions last year, then failed because the Hawaii Senate Committee had a tie vote on civil unions so it never went to the Senate floor for a vote (remember it has to pass a majority of votes in both Committees before going for a full vote on the floors of both the Senate and the House).

    Even if it did pass both Houses – REMEMBER it has to get signed into law or become law without a signature.

    That bitch of a Republican I bet will veto it – because she is a Republican and Republicans always veto gay rights measures in any shape or form.

    I am not sure if Hawaii has an override system for vetoes????

    Remember 2009 in the US:

    * Vermont marriage bill was vetoed by a “same sex marriage phobic” Republican (luckely there was an override)

    * Nevada domestic partnership bill was vetoed by a gutless Republican (luckely there was an override).

    And remember this year in 2010 fresh in my mind –

    * Rhode Island funeral and burial rights domestic partnership bill was vetoed by a heartless Republican (luckely there was an override).

    I would never trust a Republican to save my life or anyone elses.

    Also I would like to mention my new word:

    We have universal suffarage, universal healthcare (or lack there of in the US), universal democracy, universal…

    Well I found this term:

    “Universal marriage” – meaning full marriage rights and obligations for ALL individuals!!!!

  10. Ashley Gail 20 Jan 2010, 4:32pm

    Love is an invoulentary action our soul has no control over

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