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Pentagon lawyers advise delay on lifting military gay ban

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 15 Jan 2010, 3:52pm

    Obama is a joke. Just your average, garden-variety, 2-faced, lying politician who promises the world before election and then fails to honour his promises afterwards.

    It really is very simple. He could suspend the ban pending the outcome of an investigation or he could issue an executive order repealing the ban.

    Obama has until the next election to honour his promises.

    I don’t think any LGBT person should vote for his if DADT and DOMA are still in effect by the time of the next election.

    Why reward failure after all?

    By all means LGBT don’t need to vote Republic**t if they have some swivel eyed. religious lunatic as their candidate. But do not reward Obama for his failures by voting for him.

  2. Obama cannot repeal the ban with an executive order. DADT is a Federal law and it must be rescinded with a new law by Congress or struck down by the US Supreme Court. What he can do is just not enforce it. He could also make it a priority to fight it. But, Obama is a homophobe. He is a polite, liberal one, but a homophobe nonetheless.

  3. ‘A military official said the Pentagon was considering the “practical implications” of a ban being lifted, such as separate showers and locker rooms for gay service members.’

    From experience, straight guys were far more ‘gay’ with each other. I just got on with my job. Why does america still dwell upon insignificant points? take a leaf from the uk forces!! – which are much better than americas, if a lot smaller lol

  4. Simon Murphy 15 Jan 2010, 5:13pm

    Well the answer is obvious. If DOMA and DADT are still in force at the time of the next election then LGBT people should not vote for Obama.

  5. “A military official said the Pentagon was considering the ‘practical implications’ of a ban being lifted, such as separate showers and locker rooms for gay servicemembers.”

    This is one of the most homophobic statement I have ever read! Presumably the person who said this expects women to walk behind their husbands and blacks to sit at the back of the bus.

  6. Alistair Mann 15 Jan 2010, 5:52pm


    You suggest all LGBT people should not vote for Obama, (solely on the basis of his lack of action on gay issues.) You also say they shouldn’t vote for a “republic**t”. So are you calling on all LGBT people not to vote?

    Whilst I’m not Obama’s biggest fan and who can say whether his promises on environmental, gay, health care issues and the like are going to be fulfilled, he is a lot more progressive than McCain/Palin would have been and the next Republican surely, so what gets achieved by abstaining to vote for him?

    Also separate showers is ridiculous – nowhere in the world has separate gay and straight showers. Americans need to stop being so prudish about homosexuality!

  7. Brian Burton 15 Jan 2010, 6:01pm

    Pentagon Idiots intervene again. They should be ignored.

  8. Alisitair, do you seriously want to tell me that you do not get aroused by other naked men?

  9. ‘such as separate showers and locker rooms for gay service members’ Unbelievable! Talk about a step backwards. Why not return to having us banned altogether. Will there be black showers too, Jewish toilets, Halal dining rooms. Perhaps all the gays in pink uniforms. Get a grip US. Look at other countries that have openly gay personnel. Has any of their armed services collapsed because of it?

  10. Simon Murphy 15 Jan 2010, 7:40pm

    “So are you calling on all LGBT people not to vote?”

    Of course not.

    The fact that the US electoral system is structured to ensure that only a Democrat or a Republic**t can ever get elected, does not mean that the LGBT population needs to follow the herd. There will be other candidates to choose from.

    If Obama realises that he cannot rely on the LGBT vote (the Democrats always get the vast majority of LGBT vote seeing as the Republic**ts are so deeply connected to Iris Robinson style evangelical christianity) unless he abides by his pre-election promises, then it might give him an incentive to honour his clearly stated commitments.

  11. Bishop Ioan 15 Jan 2010, 9:16pm

    Yet another hypocritical statement in support of armed forces which allow felons to join. Just amazing. Pentagon, it’s the 21st Century calling.

  12. Alisitair, do you seriously want to tell me that you do not get aroused by other naked men?

    OFFS, I wish people like ‘niki’ could just bloody GROW UP! Just because you’re gay – this may come as news to you, ‘niki’ – doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being around other men, naked or otherwise, without being in a state of constant arousal. Not everyone is so desperately repressed that the sight of any or all nakedness is overwhelmingly exciting, I assure you. I seriously object to this BORING idea that homosexuality is just about genital excitement.

    The fact is that members (members) of the armed forces have been showering, whether they know it or not, with homposexual people for generations. It’s about time people stopped obsessing about trivialities and concentrated on what’s really important.

  13. Rehan, Iis not a Gay thing at all. Please do not take offence. Its a man thing. I mean, the average Straight man goes gaga over women’s exposed bits…
    As it is for Straight men….

  14. Promises. Promises. The promises of David Cameron will go the same way.

  15. Niki – those nations that knowingly include gay people in their armed forced haven’t, to the best of my knowledge, reported major problems with unwanted erections in showers and suchlike. Why should the USA be that different?

    (In passing it’s worth noting that some straight men these days can even share a bed with women friends without pouncing on them. Not every man is ruled by his dick, gay or straight.)

  16. Who has ever asked for separate gay showers? Showering with a gay male must sure be one of the most terrifying experiences a guy can make.

  17. Alistair Mann 16 Jan 2010, 5:28pm

    @Simon, yes but voting for a third party in the US, due to the dual party system, is a wasted vote. Whatever the faults of the Democrats and Obama, at least there’s a possibility of change and some improvement. Maybe they are shallow promises, may be he hasn’t done enough, but I know I’d prefer Obama to the only feasible alternative. If all gay people voted against Obama, it might teach him a lesson, but he might lose the race in 2012.

    @Niki, No other country has made separate gay male showers for their armed forces. Gym showers do not discriminate against gay males. Gay males are capable of showers with other straight and gay men without pouncing on them and getting excited.

  18. What I find funny is the top brass don’t mind a barrack room full of soldiers masturbating together. Yet a gay serviceman/woman cant be trusted in the locker room! Gay service men and women seem to of been able to control themselves while serving with DADT in place, so what’s the difference once DADT has been removed.

  19. Showering with a gay male must sure be one of the most terrifying experiences a guy can make.

    Yes, those poor soldiers, taking Taleban snipers in their stride but frightened of their gay comrades…!

  20. As to Mr. President himself: no, he will not! He could have, if he was truly interested in change.

  21. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Jan 2010, 11:31pm

    I’m no expert, but I am 100% gay and I was a volunteer Red Cross swimming instructor for more years than I care to remember. If there’s one thing I have seen plenty of it’s dick in the shower room, and no, it did not arouse me one iota.

    Whenever I saw a guy strutting around naked with a semi hard-on, I knew I was looking at a straight guy showing off. There are actually straight guys who will walk around the change room until they know for a fact that everyone has seen his dangling pee-tonker.

    The great majority of guys have a shower routine and stick to it with all the casualness of brushing their teeth, with no horsing around.

  22. Nudity among males is n o t the problem! But the shower issue clearly shows the pornografic penchant of certain people.
    @Jean-Paul Bentham
    I agree completely with you. Furthermore, I think that gays are unlikely to be aroused just by the sight of another nude guy – they know fairly well what a man looks like, so looking alone won’t make anyone horny,and in a semi-public situation at that. It’s all a silly fake problem.

  23. Maybe it’s just me, but since there are closeted gays in the army anyway, showering in the presence of straight men/women has clearly NOT been a problem thus far! Sure, 18,000 men and women have been forced out for their sexuality but imagine how many haven’t been and have stayed undercover WITHOUT molesting the other soldiers?

    Bigoted assholes.

  24. Niki:- as opposed to every straight women being the same when they see a man naked?

    A Very sexist comment you made missy! ;o)

  25. Not women! We are much more restrained. You will not find women objecting to being naked together, Gay or Straight. However we hear men boast freely of loving to see women’s bits. Thus, many womed would not strip in the company of men. So, I think that Straight men only project their own proclivities among women to Gay men!
    The example of countries in bashful Americans…

  26. Then your bigotted view you share with people who seem to think that all gay men just go round sleeping with every man they find is a tad out of date. Your clearly proof that you haven’t been educated and choose to stay in the realms of fantasyland that has damaged gay people. Just because you hear that straight are like it Must mean to you that all men are the same. Get off you (rather broken) hobby horse and get with the real world.

  27. Funny, sharing showers a problem? It seems like the discussion has focused on men only. Anyways, being gay or lesbian doesn’t make you attracted to every woman or man, afterall we are just as selective, if not more so than straight people when choosing our partners. Forcing gay and lesbian people to have seperate showers is just sad, I would not want to serve in a military that would treat me as a second class citizen just because I am a lesbian.

  28. What gets me about this shower business is that it’s all ok while gay and lesbians keep quiet to shower together (and proven to be without a problem) but suddenly when it can be that gay and lesbians serving in the forces can be out and proud All of a sudden everyone straight is in danger of sexual advances. How bizarre! Think that sums up the mentally low IQ of the Generals etc in the US!

  29. Squidgy,

    Your coment is clear proof of lack of good manners.. My comment was about men generally men, here- Gay and Straight, and not saying one are better than the other!

  30. A very narrow-minded and unhealthy view Niki!

  31. Mihangel apYrs 19 Jan 2010, 11:26am

    It’s just occurred to me why these lawyers are advising so: it’s because they’re scared of lawsuits brought by big, butch, brave soldiers, feeling oppressed by the posibility that a gay man may be looking at their cocks in the shower!

  32. What planet do these lawyers live on?
    I once attended a gym where straight guys openly admired each others’ partly or totally naked bodies and the gay guys, ironically, tended just to get in and out quickly and nervously. Men who I knew were pretty homophobic in their general attitudes and who knew I was gay were nonetheless totally unfazed about stripping off in front of me or my doing it in front of them. I have also attended a sauna where everyone, men, women, gay and straight, piled in starkers together – and discussed weather and politics.
    I have shared sleeping accommodation with straight male friends who knew I was gay and neither they nor I even thought about it. I am sure thousands of people reading this thread can tell similar stories.
    The US military and their lawyers need serious therapy both about their homophobia and their screwed-up all-nudity-is-sexual attitudes.

  33. I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost ipmsoislbe.

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