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Manchester police appeal for information over male rape

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Reader comments

  1. This is actually the second attack/rape of this kind in as many weeks.
    Two weeks ago two Gay men were set upon, drugged and taken by car to Leeds where they were then raped.
    The victims managed to escape to a near by residential home where the police were alerted. The victims were able to identify the house and the perpertrators arrested.
    The police have arrested for kidnap but not rape. As the older gay man offered himself in order to stop the perpertrators from raping the younger 19yr old gay man.

    Attacks on Gay men in the north west do seem to be on the rise, over the xmas period I was called faggot among other things by a group of young men while walking through the village. I am 38 and never have experienced this type of homophobic abuse before.

    My lodger was also physically attacked over the same period by a young Asian women.

  2. theotherone 15 Jan 2010, 8:37pm

    is nthis a problem with the Asian population in this area? Where the people who abused you Asian? I’d be interested to hear.

  3. What we need and deserve from the police is not just a bland supposedly re-assuring statement saying this type of thing is rare and we should carry on enjoying ourselves…… we need details of how the victim was persuaded to get into the car of a stranger, what sort of car it was and any other info they can give us in order that we can protect ourselves and report suspicious movements.

  4. BouncerMan in Black 15 Jan 2010, 9:01pm

    I was raped years ago when male rape wasn’t a crime! [Because a male could never be raped! sic] Thankfully it is NOW a criminal offence.

    Are these gradual increases in male rape a sign that Homosexuality is being subliminally accepted, especially amonst Asians or Muslims; or is it that the Police and Media are now more understanding and kinder, so that we now feel more comfortable and secure when we report this vile crime.

    I was arrested and almost charged when I was raped years ago as my attacker was aged UNDER 16! Under 16’s were not considered capable of commiting many/any offences, including Sexual Crimes and anyway, there was no such thing as Male Rape!

    I thought that I was going to be killed during my encounter and I suspect that this victim had the very same thoughts.

    I wish him every piece of my love available to help him reach some kind of closure.

  5. theotherone 15 Jan 2010, 9:09pm

    I think it may show a new level of homophobia as Male Rape is used by Hetro men as a weapon of terror against Gay and Bisexual men.

    I’m sad to hear of your experience but, alas, your treatment by the police was not unusual. I was raped by another woman a few years ago and the indifference the police showed was staggering: the woman in charge of the investigation went on a two week holiday the day after I reported the crime and no one interviewed the Rapist or continued the investigation in any way until after she got back. They then took another week to carry out any interviews and sent me a letter three weeks later saying they would not be continuing with the investigation as it was ‘my word against hers.’ They just don’t give a fvck.

  6. Theo

    Alarmed by your story, but nevertheless, Sexual Offences Act 2003:

    1 Rape (1) A person (A) commits an offence if—
    (a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis,
    (b) B does not consent to the penetration, and
    (c) A does not reasonably believe that B consents.

    How does this square with your report?

  7. As a very old gay man I do not visit the gay village but I often walk through it to the LGF on Princess St.What is manifest in the Bloom St,Canal Stret area are large expensive German cars loaded with young well-dressed asian males all talking on mobile phones.Quite often these cars are also driven around the area in a style that would scare Jeremy Clarkson and the Stig.My assumption is that these so very prosperous individuals are in the pharmaceutical industry selling opiates off prescription!They seem to do so with complete and arrogant openness and with a total disregard of the law – even, dare we say,of Greater Manchester Police.Chester House needs to get on this in an intelligent and discriminating way.The Manchester Gay Village should not be an open house to the drug dealers and their associated detritus who seem to think that Islamic rape of young gay men is also permissible in soft touch Britain.But then in my experience,so many GMP officers remain silently but resolutely homophobic.

  8. Rape no matter who is raped is all about power, domination and humiliation. Those who perpetrate it are not looking for sexual gratification, but are looking for total control.

    I would suspect in the above cases and the reported one it is an extreme form of homophobia

  9. theotherone 16 Jan 2010, 2:09pm

    Chameleon: i think you’ll find your definition is several years out of date. The Sexual Offenses Act 2003 [that’s seven years ago] defines Rape as penetration but not necessarily with a penis.

    Not only is it hurtful in the extreme to tell someone who has been raped that they have not but you are also wrong on a point of law.

  10. I find this revelation very disconcerting. There are apparently very few Asian gay men. Or at least, those are the statistics. However, we all know that homosexuality does not vary between races, so the answer must lie in the cultural differences. Check out Gaydar, or any other gay community site and you will see that most Asian men on there view themselves as “bisexual”. This is because they are forced to fit in with their families, get married, and “do the right thing”,when in reality, we all know they are gay, and that everything else is a sham.

    This desperation through lack of true sexual identity is forcing some of these people to commit these awful acts. I am in no way trying to support or condone rape, but one has to look at the core reasons as to why these attacks are perpetrated in the first place.

    Until the Asian community can accept gay men, this sort of thing is going to continue, and most likely, get a whole lot worse.

  11. theotherone 17 Jan 2010, 2:12pm

    I disagree RobN, I would still argue that (as another poster pointed out) Rape isn’t about sex and we have to separate sex from rape. These are Homophobic attacks plain and simple.

  12. Brian Burton 17 Jan 2010, 7:25pm

    Rape is a degenerate act and the rape itself is a violent degenerate act. Before my Partner and I got together on a permenant basis. He chauffered his employer to Caan in the South of france. During his stay, he went walking along the prominade in the evening alone. When suddenly, two or three men grabbed him and pulled him from public view and raped him. This incident he admitted to me when he returned home. We went to bed and I saw a nasty burn on his shoulder. How on earth did you get a burn mark on your shoulder, I asked him. He then told me of the Rape and said the guy who penetrated him had a lighted cigar in his mouth. I could just imagine the rest. That was in 1968/69 and we began to live together in 1970 and we are still together….Love conquers all!

  13. theotherone 17 Jan 2010, 7:28pm

    love does indeed conquer all BB. God knows where I would have been without my partner (I met her soon after my experience.)

  14. Brian Burton 17 Jan 2010, 7:30pm

    By the way Children of Pink…the rape of my partner in the late 60s didnot end there…he was contaminated with VD and sub-sequently passed it on to me.

  15. Brian Burton 17 Jan 2010, 7:34pm

    theotherone, How are you? Don’t be a stranger!

  16. theotherone 17 Jan 2010, 9:37pm

    what a horrible story BB.

    Diamanda Gallis said that rapists should be tied to a tree and tortured. I can see where she’s coming from.

  17. Brian Burton 18 Jan 2010, 8:01am

    All water under the bridge. We have lived very happily since but as one gets older medical problems like the cancer I had in 2005 and was cleared by late 2006. My Partner went through a by-pass opp. but we are well over things now. With cancer there is a five year follow-up system of checks to ensure the cancer has well and truly gone. But we have moved on and take lots of holidays…good job we can afford them!!

  18. theotherone 18 Jan 2010, 12:39pm

    you’ll be clear this year then so 2010 may well be a good year for you.

  19. theotherone: “Rape isn’t about sex and we have to separate sex from rape. These are Homophobic attacks plain and simple.”

    So by that principle, one can assume that all women that are raped are committed by misogynistic woman haters?

    You are talking absolute bollocks. I don’t deny there is often a deep-seated thing in rape that involves control and often degradation, but why would you rape another man if you find homosexuality, and the homosexual act, so abhorrent?

  20. theotherone 18 Jan 2010, 4:55pm

    because you want to control, humiliate and degrade. You want to destroy them.

    Rape is not sex, it’s violence. You seem distressed that it could be sugested that rape (against women) is a crime committed from a position of hate? What else is it – love?

    If you think rape and sex are in any way linked then you are a rather sick individual.

  21. I live ten minutes from the village and I am a regular on the scene being a young gay student. Violence is on the increase in this area and a number of my friends have recently been attacked on nights out. It is not the safe haven it once was for us anymore. I no longer walk around there alone as I would have done about 8 months ago. Crimes of this nature may be rare, but I get the feeling the police are trying to suggest that homophobic crime here is rare. It is most certainly not.

  22. theotherone 18 Jan 2010, 5:10pm

    it’s unfortunately on the rise everywhere Sammy.

  23. Indeed it is theotherone!
    And then my mum has the cheek to claim that homophobia doesn’t exist!

  24. theotherone 18 Jan 2010, 8:05pm

    Hets tell me that all the time: ‘homophobia doesn’t exist’ they say, backing away from me in disgust as they say it.

  25. theotherone: “Rape is not sex, it’s violence.”

    rape [transitive]: to force someone to have sex, especially by using violence.

    It is sex first, violence and control second. Hence instances like date rape, which are not violent, but were not consenting.

    Tell the judge he is a ‘sick individual’. He is the one dishing out the sentences. F_ckwit.

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