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Supreme Court bans broadcasting of California gay marriage trial

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Reader comments

  1. The Klu Klux Klan liked to hide their bigotry behind their white hoods.

    See any similarities here……

  2. what about the harm and intimidation that lesbians, gays and bisexuals face?
    doesn’t that matter?

  3. Mihangel apYrs 14 Jan 2010, 12:46pm

    i.e. they don’t want people to know who they are in case people boycott their businesses, refuse to work with them, refuse to have anything to do with them.

    It’s OK for GL people to give them money, it’s not OK for GL people to know that they’re hated.

  4. “Breyer added that all those who would be appearing to argue for the gay marriage ban had made extensive public and television appearances in the last year.”

    And have they been harmed since doing so? No, so I don’t believe this ban is necessary. If they’re so sure of their case, then they’d take every opportunity to allow the general public to hear and see their arguments. Or maybe they know they don’t have any real arguments (like that guy who couldn’t answer when asked how gay marriage would harm staright marriage) and they don’t want this to be revealed. That’s my opinion.

  5. *’straight’ – sorry

  6. The truth should be revealed! Let the homophobic pieces of excrement be named!

  7. You can follow the trial here:

  8. Those 5 judges will most likely rule that someone who supported Prop 8 did so with some intention other than strict animus and hence it is constitutional. In the New York Supreme Court it was the issue that straight couples could accidentally get pregnant and gay couples can’t. They are already using Obama’s words to show that he doesn’t want to keep marriage from us just because he hates us, but because he thinks straight people are better. It’s a shame Americans aren’t able to see this on their tellies, but I don’t think it will really affect the outcome. The forces that be in America have already decided. The biggest question to me is whether they will invalidate my marriage and whether that might force my husband and me to return to that evil place.

  9. Richard GS 14 Jan 2010, 4:57pm

    How ludicrous. As if the proponents for gay rights don’t share the same possibility of being “targeted” and hassled if seen in the broadcast. Let’s not forget these right wingers have a track record of killing people they dislike — with gay and pro-abortion individuals topping the list — and afaik the opposite has never happened to them. It’s saddening when people in positions of such importance are so ignorant of matters and, apparently, act according to their own personal feelings or those of the highest contributors.

  10. Vo Dong Cung 14 Jan 2010, 7:53pm

    I think Americans need the House of Representatives put their hand on the issue. USA have “Christian Supreme Court” not “US Supreme Court” at all

  11. Mumbo Jumbo 14 Jan 2010, 8:46pm

    Comment 1 by J Abrams

    Yes. Armistead Maupin made that point on the Today programme this morning. The KKK wear hoods to cover their faces because at some level they are ashamed and realise whay they are doing is wrong.

    It is the same here with the desire to ban broadcast. As such, it is actually a victory for LGBT people. It shows our opponents know they are doing a wrong.

  12. Bishop Ioan 14 Jan 2010, 9:04pm

    My heart bleeds for the poor wittel Prop H8 proponents–NOT. The right wingnuts in this country DO feel they have a right to kill anyone they see as a threat–Dr. Tiller and Harvey Milk being prime examples. Gay people have much more to fear from homophobes than homophobes would ever have from GLBT people.

    One of the proponents, Tam was moaning about being harassed and subjected to vitriol after it came out that he agitated for Prop H8. What have the homophobes and religious bigots ever done but spew their vitriol and commit violence, both overt and covert, against GLBT people? I am beginning to think this country IS a fundamentalist Christian theocracy-in-the-making. Good point on the Supreme Court, Vo Dong Cung.

  13. Actually, the last thing we want is for the US House of Reps to weigh in on the subject. Don’t forget, they are the people who passed DOMA and DADT. Let’s just hope they don’t stop DC’s marriage law from taking affect. The only way there will ever be a permanent, nationwide solution in the US is when it comes from the US Supreme Court.

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