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Northern Ireland

Homophobic Iris Robinson resigns from parliament

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Reader comments

  1. What a stupid cow!!!!! That is about the most sexist statement you will ever hear from me!!!!!!

  2. Simon Murphy 14 Jan 2010, 11:53am

    Q. What do Iris Robinsin and IKEA have in common?

    A. 1 dodgy screw and the whole cabinet falls apart.

  3. Ding dong the bitch has gone! :)

  4. 50 Bucks says she’s crying in a corner somewhere, whilst simultaneously masturbating & clutching a crucifix.. Wierd old witch!!

  5. and at the end of it all she is allowed the dignity of resigning – she should have been SAKCED in 2008 over the homophobic comments but it seems once you have landed an MP job yu have it for as long as yuo want, regardless what what you get up to!

    Another sorry day for poltics!

  6. Bye bye Iris you bigoted twisted teenager-abusing rancid old trout.

    We won’t be missing you or giving you 10p when you’re selling the big issue.
    Good riddance

  7. Toodles, you evil brainwashed bigoted thieving manipulative sack of filth.

  8. #5

    WITH the crucifix, surely…?

    Bye, Iris, chuck.!
    Close the door on yer way out.

  9. I find some of the sentiments offered by some commenters disturbing. Yes she was wrong, I don’t agree with her politics, yes, she’s a hypocrite and yes she’s made a fool of herself…. but to constantly abuse someone as “rancid old trout”, “sack of filth” and probably masturbating with a crucifix is pathetic. You do more damage to how others perceive gay men than anything that Iris Robinson could do. Pathetic and unbalanced.

  10. Simon Murphy 14 Jan 2010, 2:34pm

    No 10: Simon: You say: “but to constantly abuse someone as “rancid old trout”, “sack of filth” and probably masturbating with a crucifix is pathetic.”

    Just to reiterate Iris Robinson’s statement to a House of Commons Select Committee in 2008 : “There can be no viler act – apart from homosexuality and sodomy – than the sexual abuse of children’

    In light of that statement I think people are behaving with kindness towards Iris.

  11. Robert, ex pat Brit 14 Jan 2010, 3:04pm

    Robinson needs to be reminded by the LGBT community of her double-standard. Northern Ireland’s gay community should organise a huge demonstration outside her home to remind her that bigotry and hypocrisy have their consequences. She’s paid a high price for it and deserves everything she gets. I have no sympathy or compassion for her or her husband. Expect no apology either, she’s not capable of it.

  12. Although I’d be tempted to join in with kicking Iris when she’s down, I’m satisfied that over the last fortnight she’s been hit for her hypocrisy where it really hurts.
    Anything we say to her is frankly water off a duck’s back. She already classes us as subhuman scum, so it wouldn’t matter to Iris what we thought of her, but her congregation and her wider constituency, that’s another matter. She’s lost her job and everyone’s respect. That’s enough for me.
    The fact that she’s completely undermined what remaining integrity she had and can’t look her parishioners in the eye or take the moral high ground anymore will hurt her far more than us lot chucking a bunch of ad-homs her way, so I’m happy to leave her to scrape together the remaining shreds of her reputation now and shuffle off into obscurity.

  13. John Hesketh 14 Jan 2010, 3:34pm

    Very sad that she cannot resign and instead has to be ‘appointed to be Steward and Bailiff of the Three Hundreds of Chiltern.” So her constituents lose out on their opportunity to elect a decent representative, meanwhile, they have no representation at all in Parliament.

  14. Anyone know what kind of payout MP’s and MLA members get? If MP’s lose their seat at an election they get a ‘transition allowance’ to help them wind up their affairs (no pun intended). Does Iris qualify for even more taxpayers money as a result of not being able to keep her hand out of the till or her knickers on?

  15. Erroll Clements 14 Jan 2010, 4:00pm

    What goes around comes around………………how very true, a well deserved come uppance for a truly awful vile totty grabbing trout !

  16. uffff. I think we’ve all been, or will be, old vile totty grabbing trouts in our times. And a few commenters on this blog shouldn’t be throwing stones…

  17. So Iris is sane enough to resign?

    I hope she will not get the 30K resettlement grant MPs get when they leave parliament. Though I bet she will still get her 64K salary for the next 4 months as well.

    We are probably paying for her hideout in whatever country that is.

  18. I have dropped a quick email to the Treasury to find out if she would get any money. apparently not. here is what I was told:

    “There are no remuneration or other payments associated with the stewardship of the Three Hundreds of Chiltern or the Manor of Northstead [‘resigning’ MPs are appointed to each alternatively]. For the official explanation of how the system works I refer you to pages 57-58 of Erskine May Parliamentary Practice, Twenty-third edition.

    In terms of a transition allowance, I assume you are referring to the Resettlement Grant, which is available to MPs who lose their seat at a general election, calculated on the basis of age and length of service. The grant does not apply to an individual who has taken the Chiltern Hundreds or Manor of Northstead, as the application to leave Parliament is made voluntarily.”

  19. As per previous articles on PinkNews:

    “The couple were exposed in the expenses scandal for claiming almost £600,000 a year in salaries and expenses.

    She earned £63,291 for her position as an MP, £24,296 as an Assembly member and as chairwoman of its health and social services committee and £9,550 as a councillor for the Castlereagh borough in Northern Ireland.

    Her husband was found to earn £63,291 as MP for East Belfast, £71,434 for his role as first minister plus a third of the £43,101 salary for being an Assembly member because he is also an MP.” source

  20. Cheers Zefrog (19). Another piece of good news!

  21. Mumbo Jumbo 14 Jan 2010, 9:04pm

    I would’t worry about her.

    Soon enough she’ll have miraculously got better and will be earning a packet on the US evangelical nutter circuit saying how she sinned, repented was saved by the lord before being hounded out of her rightful place in public life because of her faith and it’s all the fault of a sinister, powerful, atheist homosexual adgenda that is taking over the planet.

  22. as i said before i do feel sorry for her and yes karama is a bitch her coments hurt and ofened a lot of people people who are equals in the eyes of the divine and should be equals in the eyes of all men and women after all we are all human gay or not im a gay pagan and i live in belfast northren ireland as a human i treat everyone equaly with love and kindness even the haters such as iris and while i feel sorry for her i also find it some what amuseing the song heres to you miss robinson comes to mind abd makes me laugh any way blessings of love and light to all

  23. She even offended people in Australia. Her vile ramblings were heard all the way down under. Yes what goes around comes around … don’t we all love Karma. Good riddance!

  24. Johnnybgood 15 Jan 2010, 8:59pm

    Look out boys n girls the local tabloid has been in Kirk’s house taking pictures of the domestic set up of him and his housemate (a man oh my good gawd! They were kicked out when the said housemate called the local police..

    Holding breath for the next episode, couldn’t be? Could it? Nah!we couldn’t get that lucky could we?

  25. I can’t help thinking those sympathising with Iris have overlooked one important fact: She is 60 years old. This isn’t some misguided teenager who has judged other people too harshly but will now see the error of her ways. She’s spent a lifetime as a homophobe, which shows that her ugly, twisted, hateful view of other people is endemic to her personality. This bitch is a psychopath whose role in the lives of others has clearly always been destructive.

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