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Northern Ireland

Homophobic attack victim condemns Iris Robinson

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 14 Jan 2010, 5:43pm

    “Scott said: “I would ask Peter to stay on, he’s done nothing wrong.””

    Well actually he defended his hateful wife by claiming that it was not Iris who called homosexuality an ‘abomination’ but that it was the ‘Almighty’ who had declared it so.

    He is not fit for office either. He is a bigotted, homophobic extremist who is as vile as his wife. I hope he does not return.

  2. The Pink Oboe 14 Jan 2010, 5:43pm

    WOW what news! Gay man says Iris Robinson is a bigoted idiot!!! I had no idea! What amazing journalism this is!! What will they find out next?

  3. The guy’s responses are rather restrained. Facing a brutal attack and then being demonized by an influential public figure must be a nightmare by any standards.

  4. @ Pink Oboe – I think the idea of the piece is not simply “Predictable gay joe public says Iris is a bigoted idiot”.
    This particular gay man was the cause of Iris’s bigoted comments in the first place, so I guess you could say it’s a right to reply piece.
    Iris rubbed salt in the wound by telling Stephen Scott he was an abomination and required therapy after he’d just been beaten up by homophobes, which is not only bigoted but supremely tactless. Talk about blaming the victim. If his response is somewhat predictable, so be it.
    As Riondo said, I would have said a lot more if I was recovering from a brutal lynching and had some sanctimonious harpy rub salt in the wound by announcing that I was an abomination on national radio the same week.

  5. theotherone 14 Jan 2010, 6:45pm

    Mr Robinson has done nothing wrong? How about failing to declair his and her interests in companies that where rewarded lucrative contracts by the council? What about the obvious lies he’s told the media about his wife’s suicide attempt (she tried to kill herself and he calmly went to work leaving her alone and supposedly seriously ill at home)?

    He’s a lying, corrupt, evil man worse than his wife as she only committed evil acts (seducing someone when they are suffering a bereavement is evil by anyone’s standards as is trying to ruin them financially when the affair ends) – he allowed evil to flourish and facilitated it by covering it up.

  6. Patrick James 14 Jan 2010, 8:56pm

    First, I agree of course that Peter Robinson is just as homophobic as Iris. I know this very well myself because I grew up in Northern Ireland and I remember very well Peter Robinson who has made his homophobia clear on many occasions.

    I don’t know anything about Stephen Scott but you must remember that he might well live in a part of Northern Ireland where criticising Peter Robinson is very difficult.

    The power that extremists like the DUP and Sinn Fein have in Norther Ireland is very great indeed.

    Many people don’t like them at all but would never openly say that because of the way that these parties influence the culture in Northern Ireland.

    I know very well how difficult it can be to criticise Sinn Fein or the DUP in some parts of Northern Ireland.

    It is why I think that Peter Robinson will return as first minister for the province. All of the blame will be put on Iris, and this will redeem Peter so that he can return.

    The DUP and Sinn Fein get away with things like this much more easily than a British party, even a party like the BNP, because of the power they have.

  7. And from Ratzinger, as Cardinal Prefect in the 1970’s et seq. we hear, of homosexuals and the homosexual problem, that “although the particular orientation of the homosexual person is not a sin it is a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil and thus the inclination itself must be seen as objective disorder..”

    When challenged that homosexuality cannot be evil if it is a given in Nature, Ratzinger in effect responded: ‘You have radically underestimated the impact of sin. ”

    Ammunition indeed and self-justification in bucketfuls for thuggery worldwide…’doing the Lord’s work’ of course.

    You can hear it now, “Yer gerrin a thumpin’ cos the pope says it’s ok.” -one and one clearly making seven in Johnnie Yobbo’s nut.

    If you or I were to come out with a statement like Ratzinger’s, we would soon be up before the beak.

    How come Ratzinger is not?
    How come Ratzinger will be coming here to the U.K.?
    Has he recanted those views..?
    Is he any different to Mrs. Robinson.?
    Why will he still be coming here then?
    Why is he any different to any of the other banned speakers of recent times?

    Many questions.
    Any answers..?

    Could cowards in high places have anything to do with it?

    Henry took on Clement.
    Why can’t Gordon take on Benedict.?


  8. Keith – We both know the answer to that. Iris Robinson is a bigot with an ever decreasing minority of supporters in Northern Ireland (and come to that, HAS she been banned in the rest of the UK? First I’ve heard of it!). And pious though she is, she is not actually the official spokeswoman for god.
    The Pope still has millions of supporters globally, although not all Catholics support him specifically. Most world leaders still labour under the illusion that banning Benny would be about as unpopular as banning Christmas.
    Until they start to see him as the sadistic bigotted old coot he is, he’s free to disseminate hate wherever he goes. He can say the kind of stuff that got Abu Hamsa deported with impunity.

  9. #8

    Suck-sinkly put, FLAPJACK.

    And thank-you for the wunnerful phrase, “sadistic, bigotted old coot” which I shall put into my little ‘MUST USE’ book and plagiarise with gay abandon; marvellous phrase, is that..!

    Why do so many follow this Vatican junk..?

    Is it the message they are following?
    Or is it the man; the ‘Cecil B. de Mille’, ‘Buzby Berkeley’, ’20th. Century Fox’ theatricality of it all, the setting, the costumes..?

    Would they follow so slavishly if he were in T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops and holding forth at a bar on Koh Samui, around – and with – the people..?

    It’s the unthinking sycophancy of it all..

    It’s the boot that is so frequently ‘put in’ as a result; and psychological ‘boots’ are just as bad.



  10. Flap-jack is right
    the Pope and others can get away with homophobia yet the Muslims wouldn’t – it’s cos so many homophobes are Christians and hypocrites
    the Pope and others are evil scum
    I’m sorry the victim of homophobia had to hear this from Iris or anyone

  11. interesting really because His Nastyness the Arch Homophobe of Rome and Mrs R are not natural bedfellows (EEEKK! I can’t beleive I wrote that?!for one thing he’s too old for her…..) what with her being a born again evangelical protestant whose political leader once called the last Pope the Anti Christ to his face. Funny how they both hate us gays is’nt it. So perhaps we deserve some sort of award for bringing them together in a common cause;-)

  12. Robert, ex pat Brit 15 Jan 2010, 2:29pm

    Simon, actually there is no proof that the “almighty” ever made the statement in Leviticus that homosexuality is an abomination. Jesus Christ certainly didn’t in the new testament and in fact made no reference to it, let alone condemn or judge us. Its all conjecture, nothing can be proved. Don’t forget, that reference was written by unsophisticated jewish cultists who had no concept of homosexuality.

  13. theotherone 15 Jan 2010, 8:50pm

    robert: not only was there no concept of Homosexuality but there was no way to describe it as there where no Gendered terms in their language (ie. he, she/ man, woman) therefore they never wrote about homosexuality.

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